Spark Shipping

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  • Automated Inventory Management
    • Spark Shipping will process feeds from your suppliers to automatically update your inventory. Keeps your inventory in sync with all of your vendors. Can process feeds using uses CSV, FTP, XML, API, manual upload, etc.
  • Automated Order Routing
    • Automatically route orders to vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers. As orders come in Spark Shipping will intelligently send orders to the correct vendor.
  • Auto Tracking
    • In real time Spark Shipping will automatically update tracking in your Bigcommerce store when vendors send you tracking updates.

Client Reviews (6)

Life Saver over 2 years ago by impactconsumer

This App is the backbone of my drop shipping store. I mainly send orders via email through this app but they also do custom API integration for a little extra. Great service, great team, highly recommended!

Spark Shipping is awesome!! over 2 years ago by

I use spark shipping for not only my bigcommerce store but for my Shopify stores also.

They are awesome and amazing. Their customer support team is the best.

They have not only managed to accommodate and make every request i have had of them happen but they made it happen quickly.

I had some unique needs for my fulfillment files and they worked with me to make them happen. They went above and beyond in my opinon.

I could not be more pleased with my experience with Spark Shipping.

If you are looking for a company to handle any of your needs for a bigcommerce or shopify store do not hesitate to go with Spark shipping.

Amazing over 2 years ago by

Been using this for a while now, and although I was almost deterred because there's not too much in way of tutorials, man is this software amazing.  After working with the developer and setting everything up, It basically runs my entire dropship business for me.  It's dropped my expenses and time I spend working in my business by over 80% and my customers and vendors are extremely happy.  highly recommended.

Great over 3 years ago by

I tried another company and it was a DISASTER. Came to Spark telling them exactly what my issues were and they promised we would not have those problems. They were right. Their product does exactly what it says it does and flawlessly. Super easy to use and the customer support is great!

WOW is right over 3 years ago by Steven Peruch http://cbradios4you

Wow, no instructions, no contact info, no tutorial, NO WAY........ UNINSTALL

Wow What a Lifesaver! and Time Saver over 3 years ago by

Where do I begin?  I unfortunately wasted my time with another BC app that did a similar process of automating orders to the vendors.  I spent about 2 months trying to integrate it until I gave up on it.  I gave Spark Shipping a call,and Charles answered the phone.  I told him my issues I was having with the other system and he assured me we wouldn't have the same issues.  Within 3 days we were already extracting information from 1 of my dropshippers which took 2 months with the other guys and it never was correct.  He even contacted some on the dropshippers to find out how they can get the information to Spark Shipping, to speed up the process.  So currently I have 4 dropshippers set up on my website, I have added 3 more websites now because of the ease of use of the software.  The reality is this, the amount of money that you are paying in credit card fees to return money to customers because your dropshipper is out of stock and the customer doesn't want to wait (This app can pay for itself!) For instance: if you have an item and it links to all 4 dropshippers and all 4 dropshippers happen to be out of stock on the item, then the customer will not be able to put that item in their cart to even check out.  How much time are you wasting emailing customers back saying "Sorry this item is out of stock"? then when they demand their money back you paid @3% to take their card in the first place then another 3% to return the money.  So on a $100 sale you paid $6.00 for the inconvenience.  I challenge you to go through all of your backend shopping carts and start adding up your return fees and see if this app alone would pay for itself, (Or atleast half).  Now that is not how you make a decision to purchase an app or not by itself, every situation is different my websites have anywhere from 9K items to 44K items, so it is a far stretch to assume the dropshippers will have everything in stock all the time, so this app is a huge benefit. 

I didn't even get to the beta feature that they haven't gone public with, not sure if I'm allowed to even say it.  But they have integration with BC and only BC right now that when they are pulling down the inventory levels and pricing every hour on the hour from your dropshipper if a price changes (Your cost goes up for instance) you can set a specific % Mark Up so your website will be updated immediately.  NO MORE WAITING TO SELL SOMETHING BEFORE YOU  FIND OUT YOU HAVE TO RAISE YOUR PRICE!  this feature is AWESOME!  You can rest assured that every time you sell something you will always make money on the item.  Installing this app will update your website to current pricing from your dropshippers!

Then there is the automation of the orders, whether your dropshipper will take an email as an order, or allow you access to a specific FTP folder, or they are more sophisticated and use a API, or XML format, Charles will integrate into their systems any way he can.  Best yet, if the item you sell is at multiple dropshippers, Spark Shipping will automate the order to the "Lowest Cost" Dropshipper so no more worries that your employee (Or Yourself) are making the right decision on where to ship the item from. 

Then every hour on the hour Spark Shipping is linking into your dropshipper looking for the tracking information, when the information is posted Spark Shipping will put the tracking number on the Backend of your website and automatically change your order status from "Awaiting Fulfillment" to Shipped.  This Integration will then automate the BC email to the customer with their tracking information.  

Imagine driving to the grocery store and selling something on your website, then while your shopping an order has been sent to your dropshipper, then your cruising down the produce aisle checking out how ripe the apples are, while your dropshipper is pulling the item that was sold and prints a packing slip and shipping label, as you get into your car with six bags of groceries and start driving home, your order and shipping information is posted from your vendor and the tracking information is automatically sent to Spark Shipping and BC has sent an email to your customer updating their status.  That was a long (Run on Sentence) But you get my drift!

So do I recommend this APP??  With this long review I'm assuming you are getting my drift that this APP is the best thing in the APP store. With constant inventory management, with pricing updates, with auto orderfulfillment, they are not kidding that this app works "AutoMagically" <- their words not mine.  - Aaron