ChannelUnity - Multichannel Integration

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ChannelUnity takes your existing Bigcommerce products and allows you to Sell. Everywhere. By taking your existing product data, there's no need to re-enter these details again and again to list on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten. Simply choose which of your products you want to list and click 'Enable Listing'.

When a customer on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten places an order, ChannelUnity spots it within minutes and displays it in your Bigcommerce admin panel, so you can treat just like any other order. We can even let the customer know that it's been dispatched and send any tracking details too!

ChannelUnity automatically checks your Bigcommerce account for changes every couple of minutes. Sold an item via your Bigcommerce site? We'll pick up that change in stock and update the marketplaces, so you don't oversell. The same goes for changes to anything else, like your prices.

Setup is a breeze! Create your 14 day free trial, and our Customer Service team is on hand to help 7 days a week.

Features our sellers love:

  • If you already sell on marketplaces, great! We have tools to link to your existing listings, some of which are exclusive to our Bigcommerce customers!
  • We can monitor the selling prices of your competitors on Amazon and reprice your products to make you the cheapest seller and help you win that Buy Box! That's Repricing+
  • Manage your marketplace listings from within Bigcommerce.
  • Our Listing Theme Designer helps you to make killer eBay listings using template tags to pull in your product data.
  • Support via telephone in North America, UK, France and Germany. E-mail and Live Chat support worldwide too
  • Discounts are available to high turnover merchants - talk to us, we don't bite!
$25 / month + 1% OR Flat Fee Available

Client Reviews (5)

Syncing with Ebay, changing categories about 28 days ago by
Not that easy to use, does offer more than Inkfrog, whom I left to come to Channel. Not excited about using their app either, and like one reviewer mentioned it might just be easier to create your own listings on ebay, rather than trying to use these apps to sync with Ebay I have to change my categories, and every time I make an update I have to reload all of my products again, so it's like I'm going in circles. Right now I'm on a trial period, but don't think I'll be signing up.
Making channel selling pretty easy 3 months ago by Andrew Gill
We're a UK business using Channel Unity to sell on (with 70 GSP countries added), (with currently four European countries added), Fruugo (internationally, 30+ countries) and recently added Etsy for our own label products. CU offer more besides. We chose CU because we wanted to channel sell and keep control of our inventory. We didn't want a complete product listing and shipping solution, there are other excellent providers for that sort of thing. Where CU scores for us is that they pull our product data out of BC in real time and push it into the channels, then manage all sales and inventory between our store and channels. It's a simple route to channel selling and we maintain catalogue control in BC which is where we want it, and use another app for shipping. CU hooks up to all of that with one or two minor limitations (such as weight transfers from channel sales through to our shipper). CU also offers us a re-pricing tool built in for Amazon which is pretty effective and a template format for ebay. Also very important is the ability to set variable pricing by channel. For us it's great to have a UK based provider, so much of what we do is with partners overseas and all the time differences etc that impact on communications. There are real people at CU to help with channel problems if they occur. The fixed monthly fee is low but there is a small %commission - however you get what you pay for and in our case CU opened the door to sales we would not have had otherwise, and if you don't get those channel sales you'll not pay for them! Channel selling can be very frustrating, ChannelUnity make it pretty easy and have been a big factor in helping us grow our volumes.
NOT WORTH YOUR VALUABLE TIME over 2 years ago by James Wheeler

I tried it and could not get rid of it fast enough. During the time I had to make it sync with my site/products I was charged for orders coming in that I WAS STILL MANUALLY ENTERING myself. They are quick to take your money, but no service or support that I experienced. Would not explain why it happened and/or give me my money back. When I asked to cancel they asked "Why?", that was the only communication I had with them.

I will have to try something else, but would keep doing manual entry of Amazon/Ebay orders hands down if it meant going back to Channel Unity. My grade for them is an F-

Does not work, PERIOD! over 2 years ago by

Channel Unity can't handle variations, at all. I was unable to list on either Amazon or ebay with their service. Their staff has terrible communication, they are technically incompetent, and worse, they could care less. In a day I am almost totally set up with another vendor after over a week of messing around with these clowns. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Big promises NO DELIVERY.

Not The Best over 2 years ago by AJ Dallas