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BigCommerce Shipping Achieves Discounted Rates for Merchants; Partnerships Expand for International & Third-Party Logistics

Halie Adams / 2 min read

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of BigCommerce Shipping for U.S.-based merchants.

BigCommerce Shipping is powered by ShipHawk and Parcelcast and provides merchants with a combined in-cart rating and label printing solution, all for free.

All from BigCommerce Shipping, merchants can access the best pre-negotiated rates with top carriers, print their shipping documentation from labels to end of day manifests, and define exactly which rates and shipping options they want their shoppers to see at checkout.

Why BigCommerce Shipping, Why Now?

U.S. consumers are conditioned to expect standard delivery to occur in shorter time frames due to the investment that Amazon and Walmart have done into streamlining their fulfillment services to offer options such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Now, and Walmart ShippingPass.

For instance, Amazon Prime Now, the ultra-fast delivery service (within an hour or less for $7.99, or at no cost for a two-hour delivery) is available in 29 cities and is estimated to reach ~11% of the U.S. population.

This consumer expectation is further reinforced by smaller localized operations such as Amazon Flex (operates in 3 cities across 3 states within the U.S), Postmates (operates in 100+ cities across 25+ states), UberRUSH (operates in 3 cities across 3 states), Shyp (operates in 4 cities across 3 states) and Shipt (operates in 5000 cities across 46 states).

Further, free shipping is considered to be one of the top levers retailers pull for online conversion. According to Statista’s Online Shopping in 2018 report, more than half of consumers will abandon their shopping carts if they discover they have to pay shipping costs at the time of purchase.

Shipping Stats

And yet, setting up an optimal shipping experience and offering fair and competitive rates to shoppers has remained elusive for brands lacking the size of some of the larger retailers.

BigCommerce has solved this issue in two ways:

  1. By offering BigCommerce Shipping, powered by ShipHawk and Parcelcast
  2. By partnering with some of the top shipping solutions like ShipStation, ShipperHQ, EasyShip and WebInterpret for merchants that have more complex shipping needs for shipping internationally, selling on multiple channels, dealing with regulated products and more.

BigCommerce Shipping Features, Functionalities and Benefits

BigCommerce Shipping gives BigCommerce merchants pre-negotiated, industry best rates, access to multi-carrier bulk label printing, and the ability to define exactly which shipping options they want their shoppers to see.

1. Lower costs, improve shipping margins and grow your bottom line.

  • Shipping rate discounts with USPS and DHL Express of up to 70%
  • Shipping insurance discounts of 25% or greater
  • Merchants save 10% in shipping costs on average

2. Offer your shoppers a better shipping experience to improve conversion and build brand loyalty.

  • Dynamic, real time rates in the cart with all the major carriers
  • Ability to display multiple shipping options at checkout, so the shopper can choose which option works best for them
  • Faster shipping times with the ability to fulfill from the closest warehouse to your customer

3. Streamline your shipping workflow and save time.

  • One dashboard to compare rates, print labels, manage orders and reconcile shipping bills
  • Bulk-label printing capabilities for multiple carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL Express
  • Customization of the shipping dashboard, so each employee can choose what is most important for them to see when fulfilling orders

BigCommerce Shipping is free for BigCommerce customers on all plans.

When to Use BigCommerce Shipping vs. BigCommerce’s Shipping Partners

BigCommerce Shipping is intended as an additional shipping solution option for brands alongside BigCommerce’s partnerships with EasyShip, ShipStation, ShipperHQ, ShipBob, and Webinterpret.

Here is how each breaks down to help merchants make the right decision for their needs:

When to Use BigCommerce Shipping vs. BigCommerce’s Shipping Partners

Next Steps

BigCommerce merchants can now download BigCommerce Shipping directly from their control panel. If you have questions or need help deciding which solution would be best fit for your business, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-699-8911, and someone from BigCommerce can help.

For online sellers not on BigCommerce, get more information about BigCommerce Shipping here or connect with a solutions expert at 1-888-248-9325 to chat through your options.

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