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Leverage the Power of Composable Commerce with Contentstack

Composable Commerce with Contentstack

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Coined by Gartner in June 2020, composable commerce has already entered the mainstream, leading businesses to rethink how they structure their ecommerce tech stacks. 

Amid ever-changing consumer behaviors, modern enterprises require the ability to quickly adapt and deliver cutting-edge shopping experiences. However, legacy technologies and monolith platforms often limit what teams can accomplish, resulting in more challenges than innovations:

  • Lack of scalability for growing businesses

  • Inability to keep pace with changing customer demands

  • Gaps in critical functionality

  • Inability to keep up with growing complexity

Luckily, the solutions come in the form of an ebook: “Five Retail Challenges Overcome by Composable Commerce.” 

A collaboration between BigCommerce and Contentstack, this ebook outlines how composable commerce can overcome common retail challenges and ultimately help enterprise businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Headless isn’t the only solution

Before composable commerce emerged, another buzzword took the ecommerce world by storm: headless commerce.

Together, headless and composable commerce have grown in popularity as flexible commerce approaches. However, while the two terms are often used interchangeably, headless and composable have some important distinctions.

By decoupling the front-end from the back-end, headless commerce allows businesses to make changes to the customer-facing experience without impacting essential commerce functionality.

However, since headless architectures are built on all-in-one platforms, this flexibility can only go so far. As business needs change and new technologies emerge, brands remaining on monolithic solutions may lack the agility to innovate on the fly.

The power of composable commerce

Composable commerce, however, takes this flexibility even further. 

Rather than simply decoupling the front- and back-ends, with a composable architecture, all components of the system are independent. This means that businesses can assemble and deploy best-in-breed technologies, which can easily be added, replaced, or removed to suit their unique business requirements. Based on a MACH architecture, composable commerce enables brands to not just implement their preferred front-end application, but to completely customize their end-to-end shopping experience.

In the face of common retail challenges and inflexible monolithic systems, composable commerce proves to be a powerful solution. This approach offers:

  • Ultimate scalability as your business grows

  • Freedom to develop and deploy customizations without affecting other commerce components

  • Ability to build unique customer experiences across various markets and audiences

  • A simple replatforming process that avoids disruptions normal operations

Creating a top-notch ecommerce system, together

With the powerhouse partnership of BigCommerce and Contentstack, creating a top-notch ecommerce system has never been simpler.

As a leading headless content management system (CMS), Contentstack delivers ultimate flexibility, empowering businesses to effortlessly create, manage, and distribute personalized content across marketing channels. 

Pair that with BigCommerce, one of the most powerful and scalable ecommerce platforms, and you have an unmatched team. 

Combining the agility of Contentstack's headless CMS with the robustness of BigCommerce's ecommerce capabilities, businesses can experience the full agility, scalability, and innovation of composable commerce — all on one platform.

The final word

Amid ever-changing shopper behaviors and turbulent economic conditions, modern commerce requires the ability to quickly adapt and innovate on the fly. However, legacy monolithic platforms often come with frustrating retail challenges and hinder retailers’ ability to remain competitive.

Luckily, Contentstack’s new ebook offers a solve for these challenges — and it all starts with composable commerce.

Download “Five Retail Challenges Overcome by Composable Commerce” to learn more about how your enterprise business can not just survive in a changing ecommerce landscape, but truly thrive

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