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Download 52 free images for your Easter and spring sales

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Design plays a huge role in e-commerce success. In just .05 seconds, consumers will form an opinion about your website, and 94 percent of those first impressions are based on visual elements. To turn shoppers into buyers, you need to inspire them with great graphics, fast!

To give you a leg up, we have a special design gift for our clients, partners and friends. We created a beautiful collection of 52 free graphics for your spring and Easter sales. This is our present to you — no fees, no royalties, no strings attached. You can use these images for social media campaigns, blogging, site banners, your homepage carousel and more.

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To get your customers to shop ’til they hop, just click here to visit our free spring and Easter image page and download the .zip file. Below is a quick preview of some of our favorites, but you’ll get a full range of themes and sizes when you download the entire collection. Enjoy!

spring sale samples

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  • Deb Kruger

    Thanks Julie. Anything editable would be great even if the fonts allowed change on the layered version. Those of us using Adobe CC can easily buy new fonts anyway.

  • Thanks for the suggestion Deb. We’ve had a couple requests for this, so I’ll bring it up for discussion again. There are some copyright and font issues that would prevent us from sending out fully customizable graphics, but I’ll see what we can do.

  • Deb Kruger

    PLEASE give us the layered files so we can customize the message, font colors, etc to match our themes as well as create additional collateral for complete campaign coverage.

  • Thanks for the feedback Stuart. Now that some of our newer themes have the expanded carousels, we’ll look at including those sizes in future giveaways.

  • A shame that the PSDs were not included – our banner is 1200px x 375px. May have useful for future campaigns :)

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