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Editor’s note: Bigcommerce just announced our plan to even the analytics playing field and give all online store owners a #BetterBackend—and we’ve taken our show on the road, helping ecommerce entrepreneurs get fit at If you can’t make it to the conference, here are some fitcommerce tips from Duke, our very own Backend Expert.

Want to run with the big dogs? You’ve got to get a #BetterBackend. To help get your store ripped, Here’s my workout tape. Scroll down to find four more tips to get your SaaS in shape.

1. Track every move for strong growth

The only way to meet your fitness goals is to track every step, set and rep. Whether you’re trying to cut pounds or gain muscle, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Similarly, The first step towards an ecommerce #BetterBackend is to start measuring what’s happening on your site, and then you can cut the dead weight and gain bigger sales.

2. Get ship done EVERY day of the week

You skip a workout, you miss out on massive muscle growth. Likewise, you don’t want to miss out on massive sales because you can’t get packages out the door on time. An ecommerce #BetterBackend means that you get ship done every day without breaking a sweat.


3. Don’t overtax yourself, bro.

Amateurs overtax themselves and get fatigued too quickly. True pros know that to avoid burnout you workout smarter, not harder. A #BetterBackend makes taxes simple so you can amp up sales.


4. Gotta work that core daily

To truly win any race, you need to do more than just pump your pecs. You need a comprehensive workout that includes a cardio plan to crunch your core and take you endurance to the max A #BetterBackend has a powerful core order management system, rock solid security, and built-in conversion optimization to set your store up for success over the long haul.


If you’re at, Tweet us @Bigcommerce, and we’ll hook you up with a #BetterBackend. Can’t make it? Share this post and let the world know you have a #BetterBackend.


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