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Get It to Their Door: How to Configure Shipping

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    While shipping may be low on your list of priorities, it can make or break your business. That’s why we offer a lot of choices (including USPS, UPS, FedEx, to name a few). Plus, you can give your customers real time shipping quotes.

    Shipping is one of the top reasons US shoppers abandon their carts, including:

    • Shipping costs made the total purchase more than expected
    • The order value wasn’t enough to qualify for free shipping
    • Shipping and handling costs were listed too late during the checkout process

    The right shipping solution can save you thousands by not undercharging or overcharging your customers.

    Decrease abandoned carts, earn repeat business, and cut operational costs by developing a solid shipping strategy.

    We’ll walk you through it here.

    Once you’ve decided on a shipping strategy, it’s time to choose your shipping zones and methods. Learn how to select free shipping, flat rate shipping, or create rules for shipping below:

    Already logged in to your BigCommerce store?

    We’ll take you to the exact spot you need to be to set up shipping.


    BigCommerce Success Stories

    BigCommerce Success Stories

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