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Last month, we chatted with Adam Teague about his technique for shooting impeccable, branded product photos. Today, we’re chatting with Andreea Ayers, owner of organic soap retailer,

When she first started her business, Andreea not only wanted her photos to be onbrand, she also wanted to get them in magazines. She started out on her own, shooting in the back of her home on the grass in natural light. Although they looked nice, she learned quickly that the quality was not what she had envisioned. And after not getting any responses from magazine editors, she decided to switch it up.

Looking for inspiration, Andreea first tapped her web designer. Although they shot with consistency, great lighting, and positioned the products well, Andreea still wasn’t satisfied with the magazine response rates. In examining her photos she realized she was missing a key component to her rustic brand: the environment didn’t fit the mood she wanted to convey.

Finally, she asked her sister, who had some photography experience, to shoot for her. Together they were able to find the perfect background for her image, and she quickly got rave responses from magazine editors.

To Andreea, images are a great way to generate brand awareness and set your products apart from the competition. Here are her tips to take great product photos that will get into magazine.

1. Get inspired

Get out there and scout out your top targets. Look at the photos in your target magazines, then determine what works best for your type of product. What do you think will compliment your product the most? What do you want to do differently than the competition to set yourself apart?

2. Don’t settle

The first shot is very rarely the one you will use—so take a lot. You may have to try again to uncover your brand and what concoction of tactics works well for your business. Remember that it’s free to shoot and you will learn from every click.

3. Start an image portal

As Andreea says, “Your products may sell themselves but not as well as your brand will sell your product.” Make it easy for reporters and editors to browse your photos and potentially choose pictures for their magazine. Create a press page and place a variety of high-quality photos with different background options on it. Be sure to have contact information easy to find.

4. Get yourself out there

Andreea worked to get her products out there from the very start. By doing this she made connections with magazines and learned the areas in which she needed to improve. You might have to take a lot of rejection before you get a bite, and sometimes the feedback you receive will help you refine your tactics.

Although Andreea has put the store on hiatus (you can read why here), she still continues to innovate in the ecommerce space. In fact, she currently coaches stores on best practices. You can follow her adventures on her blog, Launch Grow Joy.

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