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How to Sell Online: Your One-Stop Resource for Long-Term Success

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Whether you’re just beginning to sell online or looking to grow your brand beyond your previous all-time highs, ecommerce is not always easy.

Product sourcing and inventory management can make even a successful campaign go awry. Can you imagine too many sales being a bad thing?

Conversion rate optimization and site UX is constantly changing in an online world where customer expectations vary by individual, and much more so by cohort.

To say success is an art in ecommerce is an understatement.

But the best artists in the world are thieves. Not in the traditional sense of the word, but thieves in the sense of stealing and subsequent iterating on others’ ideas.

Steal Like an Artist

Shameless plug here for a quick read I go back to again and again through any given year. Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” book is full of great tips and inspiration to teach you how to find the greats, copy their tactics and make them your own.

Having trouble identifying the greats? Tim Ferriss’ new book “Tools of Titans” is chock full of them.

To that end, ecommerce success stories and best practices and expert tips help businesses of all sizes optimize their strategies and learn from those who have come before.

This article is here to curate those stories and how-tos. Here, you’ll find a plethora of knowledge spanning every aspect of business stage and growth. There are how-tos. There are success stories. There are downloadable spreadsheets. All of which can save you time, money and mistakes.

Dive on in.

How to Start Selling Online (Successfully)

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

As a budding online entrepreneur, there’s quite a bit of homework and first steps to take before you begin making money.

Each of the articles in these sections will walk you through how to set yourself up for long term online selling success. For a more in-depth curation of helpful tips for companies in the ideation stage, visit our guide on How to Start an Online Business.

Successful Ecommerce Business Basics

Designing Your Store

Accepting Payments

Enable Apple Pay Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Enable Apple Pay Now

Configuring Shipping

Protecting Customer Data

Make Your First Sale

Once you have your site set up for success, it’s time to start driving traffic and converting visitors into customers. Here’s everything you need to increase your brand’s visibility and then stay top of mind (and wallet) with customers.

Driving Traffic

Converting Shoppers

Retaining Customers With Marketing

Measuring Success

Sell Everywhere

The fastest growing business on the BigCommerce platform view themselves similarly to a stock portfolio: diversification is key to success.

Smart brands have multiple revenue streams. Better yet, modern consumers are agnostic to their final purchase destination. This means that a customer has no preference on whether they shop on Amazon or your webstore. A consumer’s only preference is convenience. So, if you aren’t selling across channels, you could lose the sale to a competitor who has better diversified.

Here’s all the information you need to know to expand your revenue portfolio and 10x sales.

Selling on Amazon

Start Selling on Amazon Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Sell on Amazon from BigCommerce’s Central Control Panel

Selling on eBay

Start Selling on eBay Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Now Sell to 165,000,000 Potential Customers on eBay

Selling on Google

Start Selling on Google Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Sell Smarter on Google Shopping with App Built by Google for BigCommerce

Selling on Facebook

Start Selling on Facebook Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Sell Seamlessly on Facebook with One-Click

Selling on Pinterest

Start Selling on Pinterest Now

BigCommerce Customers Can Sell on Pinterest Across Devices

Selling on Twitter

13 Ecommerce Success Stories to Motivate You in 2017

The best how-to articles come right from the source –– those business owners who have been knee deep in the day-in and day-out activities of success. Learn below from 13 businesses who grew exponentially in 2016 –– and read what they have in store for the year ahead.

  1. How a Gift Box Brand Selling Jerky and Nuts Grew 4,000% in 4 Years to $21M in Revenue
  2. How Classified T-Shirts Secretly Became the Fastest Growing Retailer in the U.S.
  3. How Pappy + Co Nurtures Customers and Turn Every Email into $4,162 in Revenue
  4. How Vivino Went from Store Launch to Profitability in 2 Months
  5. How to Build an Organic Baby Formula Empire in 2 Years or Less
  6. One Business’s Humble Attempt to Undo the Impact of Fast Fashion and Loose Labor Laws
  7. What Happens When Olympic Athletes Set Their Sights on Abolishing a Monopoly
  8. The Economics of Direct to Consumer Selling
  9. A Beauty Experiment for Beards Goes Viral – And It’s Badass
  10. Oh the Places Your Purchase Will Go –– and the 10,000 Girls It Will Educate
  11. The Significance of Sneakers and the Definitive End to Toe Creases
  12. A (Nursing) Bra of a Different Comfort
  13. The Adult Coloring Book Craze is Coming to a T-Shirt Near You

The new year is the perfect time to start a new business or sell more through your current one. What are you waiting for?

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