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Data is the gift that keeps on giving, especially during the holidays. Bigcommerce clients are rolling in the good stuff, pulling data from our platform as well as analytic tools like Google Analytics. (If you have not set Google Analytics yet, get moving!) They are able to study referral sources, click-throughs, the pages people viewed on their site, how long they stayed, where they bailed and more. Combine those seemingly boring numbers and you can get inside the mind of your customer. Exciting, right? Analytics will help you in making informed decisions, rather than acting on assumptions, and empower you to improve your website in ways that will increase sales.

But even the biggest data geeks may be missing out on a key piece of information—why people actually came to their site. Yes, you can look at reports on the top 10 pages and know what people saw, but how do you know what they really wanted to see? If you know what potential customers were looking for when they arrived to your store, you can be proactive in helping them actually find it. A small yet mighty tool you have available out-of-the-box with Bigcommerce is in-store site search. This feature provides that missing ingredient in the e-commerce success recipe by showing you a potential customer’s intent.

As consumers, we have all been trained to get online, type what we want into a box and literally press “search” to find it. So we provide a search box on your e-commerce site for your customers to utilize, and you should absolutely be tracking how people use it. Each time a visitor uses the in-site search on your website, they are telling you exactly what they are shopping for in their own words. Think of it as a “Dear Santa” letter addressed to your store. Additionally, this information can help you figure out if your site navigation needs a little work. By being able to see what visitors are typing into the search box, you may uncover ways help potential customers get to what they want.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many consumers are in a hurry and shopping at warp speed. By utilizing site search insights, you will be able to understand what your users are really attempting to find on your site. Overall, you will be able to improve the customer experience by helping them find what they need, and turn those searches into actual sales.

How do I implement in-store site search?

Our seasoned technical support team provides clients with step-by-step tutorials on how to best use our platform. The following Knowledge Base article will help you set up in-store search so you can start tracking data and taking action.

Once I get site search installed, how do I customize it?

Here is a great guide to help you get started. But please know, like many things e-commerce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This resource is a good place to start, but realize you will likely need to make adjustments to best address your business needs.

How do I track my internal store search data?

We have insights inside the Bigcommerce platform that can help you identify number of searches, average searches per day and most popular terms with results as well as without. From there you are able to find out your best and worst performing keywords and even the typical mistakes people are making as they type. Your mind just exploded, I know! We even have a guide that will help you with your in-store search analytics so you can understand the data and then take action.

Give me even more!

You can learn even more about internal site search and visitor intent with this video provided by Google Analytics. If you can’t tell, we really think you should start using this tool. There are loads of tutorials and articles on the power of Google Analytics and how to harness it to sell more.

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