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Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now

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Today, Instagram announced it is expanding its Instagram Shopping initiative, and we’re excited to announce BigCommerce merchants will be among the first to have access to the feature.

In November 2016, Instagram began testing a new ‘shoppable’ post format with 20 U.S.-based retail brands, providing consumers the ability to discover and learn more about featured products –– all without leaving Instagram.

Through the upcoming integration, BigCommerce customers will soon see Instagram as an option in the BigCommerce Channel Manager, allowing you to sync your product catalog with Instagram.

Sign Up for the BigCommerce + Instagram Beta

Want to be one of the first brands to test out the new Instagram Shopping feature? Sign up here to be added to the waitlist for Instagram approval.

Instagram by the Numbers

When it comes to Instagram, ecommerce businesses by and large recommend the platform. Whether you are advertising, building an audience or both – Instagram has fueled hundreds of thousands in sales. Here’s why.

  • 600M — Number of monthly active Instagram users. (Source: Instagram)
  • 400M — Number of daily active users (Source: Facebook)
    • Increased from 300 to 400M in just seven months*
  • 5X — Instagram growth rate compared to overall social network usage in the U.S. (Source: Inc.)
  • 25 — Percent more likely it is that Instagram users are in the top income quartile than average Internet users. (Source: GlobalWebIndex)
  • 5M —  Number of active Instagram business profiles (Source: Facebook)
  • 60 — Percent of people who say they discover new products on Instagram (Source:  Instagram)
  • 70 — Percent of users who follow a business on Instagram (Source: Instagram)
  • 75 — Percent of users who take an action after seeing a business post (i.e. visit a website, search, shop or tell a friend) (Source: Instagram)
  • 500,000 — Instagram advertisers (Source: Facebook)
  • 150M— Number of daily active Instagram Stories users just 5 months after launch (Source: Instagram)
  • 33 — Percent of the most viewed Instagram Stories come from business accounts (Source: Instagram)
  • 36 — Percent of B2C brands that consider Instagram to be “very important” or “critical” to their social media marketing, compared to 13% of B2B brands (Source: Inc.)

The data above makes it clear that when Instagram launches a new product for its users and business accounts, it gets used. And with a feature that both Instagram users an businesses marketing on Instagram have been asking for (i.e. product links in feeds rather than just the bio) – it is sure to take off.

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How Instagram Shopping Will Work

BigCommerce will be one of the first ecommerce platforms to integrate with Instagram. Through the integration, you will be able to build shoppable photos that feature your products, allowing followers (and others!) to discover and browse natively on Instagram, then easily access your online store to complete their purchase.

Once enabled, up to five products and their prices can be featured in any photo in your feed. To access, users simply click on a product to bring up a detailed view and description of it. From the product details view, shoppers can click a ‘Shop Now’ button to go right to your site and purchase the product, delivering you the most qualified shoppers.

Kate Spade Example of Instagram Shopping in Action

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

JackThreads Example of Instagram Shopping in Action

Jack Threads from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

At launch, only Instagram-approved merchants in the Fashion, Apparel, Jewelry and Beauty/Skincare categories will be able to use the integration. To get started, let us know you are interested, and you will be added to the waitlist for Instagram approval.

Here is how the process will work:

  1. Get approved by Instagram
  2. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile
  3. Connect Instagram to your Facebook business page
  4. Enable the integration through the BigCommerce Channel Manager
  5. You’ll see an option to tag products from your product catalog in the Instagram app on iOS or Android

The Instagram channel will be available to all eligible BigCommerce businesses starting in Q2 2017. In the meantime, we are working with select customers to test the feature and ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

For now, brands selling in the Fashion, Apparel, Jewelry and Beauty/Skincare categories should continue to build out their Instagram audiences.

To help you figure out exactly how to do that, we caught up with a few BigCommerce merchants — each with more than 30,000 Instagram followers — to get their advice on how to build an engaged, passionate Instagram audience.

33.8x ROI on Instagram Ad Spend


With more than 110,000 Instagram followers and $0.11 average cost per conversion across Instagram and Facebook audiences, Spearmint LOVE is one of the most successful Instagram advertisers on the platform.

Shari and John Lott credit the success to Shari’s expert eye for merchandising and design. Here’s their advice on how to grow an audience and advertise to them effectively.

Spearmint LOVE Sees 991% Yearly Revenue Growth

Get the details on how this brand broke the SMB glass ceiling.

What is your #1 priority in creating an engaging Instagram business profile?

If I had to pick the most important thing, I would say the pictures need to feel genuine. Posts that feel over “photo-shopped” often lack an authenticity that is really critical to connecting with your audience. Find a style that works for you and post often, i.e. 3 to 5 times a day.

What advice would you offer other online businesses looking to grow on Instagram?

The most important advice is be very particular about what you post. If your feed lacks a cohesive feel, your audience will have a hard time relating to your content.

Once you have a clear aesthetic that is resonating with your audience, network with other Instagrammers with a similar size audience. In our early days on Instagram, we did a lot of “friendly follows” with other Instagram accounts that we respected and that were a good fit for our audience.

What has your experience advertising on Instagram been like and what advice would you give to others?

Instagram is a great organic audience for us and we have run conversion ads using our most engaging posts.

We have had great results with acquiring new customers through Instagram advertising. Instagram is a great organic audience for us and we have run conversion ads using our most engaging posts.

Our best advice is experiment thoughtfully. Have a plan for what you are trying to accomplish and come up with goals for each metric you track (engagement, conversions, etc). Review your ads performance frequently while you are perfecting your audience and content.

Instagram has announced upcoming Instagram Shopping features. How do you think letting your customers shop your catalog on Instagram will change your business?

We have used a shopp-able Instagram feed for nearly a year now through StoryBox and it has been a good investment for us. That being said, we are really looking forward to using the native shopping functionality for Instagram marketing, as we believe that it will be one more way that we can make purchasing from us easier.

We have a highly engaged Instagram audience and we are anxious to make our Instagram shopping experience even more seamless.

Using Instagram to Drive 25,000 Visitors Per Day


With more than 210,000 Instagram followers, The Pink Lily Boutique has successfully turned their Instagram feed into a highly-profitable channel, helping to turn $1M in monthly revenue for the brand.

Here is how the Pink Lily team engages with their audience to grow a massive fan base and tons of sales.

How Pink Lily Handles 600+ Orders Per Day

With 600+ orders and 25,000 site visitors per day and $1M in monthly revenue, see exactly how Pink Lily Boutique scaled operations to meet their massive demand.

What are the top priorities in creating an engaging Instagram business profile?

There are many things we do to dominate on Instagram. Here are a few:

1) We post 8-10 times per day, 7 days a week, so there is always fresh content to be seen by our fans.

Some are product images, some are lifestyle shots, some are funny videos. We like to mix it up!

2) We offer Instagram photo contests and giveaways for customers to win free merchandise or a gift card!

A customer has to tag their friends and share one of our contest posts and we will pick a random winner every week! Everybody loves free stuff, so this is always a popular promotion for us.

3)  We ship all items to our customers in a custom poly mailer bag to drive user-generated content.

The bag has our logo and our own exclusive hashtag for customers to tag us on Instagram when they take a selfie in their new outfit.  If customers post a selfie on Instagram wearing our clothes and tag #pinklilystyle, they will be featured on the front page of our website. This has been a great promotion. Customers love the idea of being featured on a website that has 25,000 visitors per day.



4)  We let our customers choose which items we buy.

When shopping for new items or attending a market, we let the customers ‘Be the buyer.’ We take pictures of the items we are considering and then we post them to our social media pages, asking our fans to ‘be the buyer’ and let us know what they think about particular items.

For example we will post a picture holding a dress in each hand and ask the customer ‘Which dress do you like best? Left or right?”

This not only gives us a look at the specific buying habits of our customer, but our fans feel great knowing that we value their input and we try and stock our website based on the items that they truly want.


What advice would you offer other online businesses looking to grow on Instagram?

Keep your customers engaged! Ask their opinions, give away items, make them laugh, etc.

An engaged fan is more likely to turn into a customer. Make sure they know that you value their input and want them to be extremely satisfied with their purchase.

What has your experience advertising on Instagram been like and what advice would you give to others?

Look at it from the customer’s viewpoint and ask yourself, “Would I click on this ad?”

We currently are advertising on Instagram and the results have been positive. It’s all about the image and the message.

You only have a couple seconds for a customer to decide whether or not they are going to click on that ad.  Make sure you put a lot of thought into what type of picture, wording, design, etc that you will be using. Look at it from the customer’s viewpoint and ask yourself, “Would I click on this ad?”

Instagram has announced upcoming Instagram Shopping features. How do you think letting your customers shop your catalog on Instagram will change your business?

This is great! We currently use a third-party platform to turn our Instagram feed into shoppable content. It will be nice to be able to do it straight from Instagram and BigCommerce going forward.

Shark Tank Success to Instagram Fandom

grace and lace instagram

With more than 44,000 Instagram followers, Grace & Lace was skyrocketed to household name when they appeared on Shark Tank. Today, the team uses Instagram to connect with their audience and fans across the country.

Here is their best advice on how to grow a loyal base.

How Grace & Lace Manages Inventory Across Channels

Selling so much through Instagram and other channels including Facebook and Pinterest can be challenging. Here’s how the Grace & Lace team figured it all out.

What are the top priorities in creating an engaging Instagram business profile?

For us, we work to strike a balance between promoting our products, giving our fans a behind the scenes look at Grace & Lace, sharing my life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, and adding a little levity or inspiration to their week.

We try to build a valuable relationship with our fans so that when they’re ready to buy something they can’t try on first or see in person, they have had positive interactions with our brand online and they trust me and Grace & Lace enough to take that leap of faith.

What advice would you offer other online businesses looking to grow on Instagram?

Tell your story. Facts tell, stories sell.

Successful brands drive engagement with a story or an experience around their products. Stories enable us to create a connection not only with our fans but with a new audience.

Instagram is a powerhouse for you to visually tell that story and showcase that experience. It’s not about marketing your product; it’s about marketing the experience that comes with owning your product.

Most products we sell are shot on a mannequin first. We’ve tested and 100% of the time, a model photo, flat lay, or even a selfie photo gets more engagement than a mannequin photo.

It’s the same product, but a shot of the model walking down the street on a pretty day shows an experience. The flat lay complete with accessories shows an experience. The selfie shows an experience. And don’t get sidelined by ‘the gear’ involved in taking great photos. It’s not about the gear. It’s about connecting people to your story, to the experience, of your company.

What has your experience advertising on Instagram been like and what advice would you give to others?

Compared to Facebook, Instagram has much less clutter in the newsfeed which makes the ad feel more native and increases engagement.

Instagram advertising can be powerful and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Compared to Facebook, Instagram has much less clutter in the newsfeed which makes the ad feel more native and increases engagement.

The best piece of advice I can offer is to use the targeting to your advantage. Use current shopper data to create the ‘person’ most likely to engage with your ad. If your typical customer is a middle aged woman from the Midwest, target your ad specifically to that type of person so you aren’t showing the same ad to a male college student in Florida who will never buy.

Instagram has announced upcoming Instagram Shopping features. How do you think letting your customers shop your catalog on Instagram will change your business?

Instagram shopping is a game changer. Browsing and discovering things you love is very easy on Instagram. Finding more information on those things you love can sometimes be a task, especially on mobile. The more barriers you put between the consumer and your product, the better the chance they will get distracted and move on.

There are solutions that have bridged the gap well for us, but making that process more fluid will give Grace & Lace fans and prospective fans a more seamless way to engage with our brand. With Instagram shopping we can build on the piqued interest of a potential customer natively through Instagram and help customers move seamlessly from discovery to purchase.

Prepping for a Shoppable Instagram to Drive Sales


With more than 34,000 Instagram followers, Nickel & Suede admits they began on Instagram early –– and have long been awaiting shoppable posts to make Instagram advertising as successful as Facebook’s.

Here is their best advice on how to grow a large following and advertise effectively.

What are some tactics you’ve used to create an engaging Instagram business profile?

Our followers appreciate using IG as a platform where they can get to know us without scouring our website.

When we started Nickel & Suede, Instagram was still growing in popularity and we knew that it was somewhere we needed to have a strong presence. We started off by networking and collaborating with other brands that we related to and that was a big initial boost at a time when users were first creating IG accounts and choosing who to follow.

We quickly found that the biggest struggle was having enough continually engaging, high-quality content. We’ve worked hard to create great imagery to share with our followers that is informative and personal. We try to keep our followers updated in real-time with information about new releases, behind the scenes and sneak peeks.

We also try to think of our audience as “new” every couple of months so we shift to introducing ourselves every so often or sharing little “did you know” bits about us. We think our followers appreciate using IG as a platform where they can get to know us without scouring our website.

What advice would you offer other online businesses looking to grow on Instagram?

It’s been interesting to find a balance for our business on a platform like Instagram because most of its users are there and have been there for personal reasons. They want to connect with friends and family there and so finding a way to fit your business into someone’s personal feed is a hard thing to do.

So, my advice is first, you have to have great images. Whether you take them with your phone or your camera, make sure they are interesting and high quality. What you say in your caption also matters, but the picture is what sells you.

Second, I would suggest finding ways to keep the platform personal to your customer. Find ways to make them feel like an insider. Offer behind the scenes shots or share something personal about employees. Don’t make it all about selling. Instagram users need a personal reason to follow a business.

That being said, Instagram has been shifting and changing over the last year. It is becoming more like Facebook in that it is slightly less personal and will soon have more ways to boost for businesses.

Follower growth is slower than ever right now, but we don’t think it will stay that way. We are sure Instagram will slowly become an even better and better place for businesses to be. And when they start offering more ways to advertise and easier ways to sell through the platform, it will be pay to play. It will be worth it just like it’s worth it to pay to play on Facebook.

What has your experience advertising on Instagram been like and what advice would you give to others?

We are currently advertising on Instagram, but only a little bit. Our Facebook ads run on Instagram as well, but we don’t see the same kind of conversion on IG as we do on Facebook.

We think that advertising on Instagram will eventually be very lucrative, but we don’t have a strategy for that currently. There are still more features we’d like to see added to allow shopping from Instagram.

Instagram has announced upcoming Instagram Shopping features. How do you think letting your customers shop your catalog on Instagram will change your business?

Speaking of adding features, yes, we’re excited about these! It has previously been so difficult to shop a specific item you see featured on Instagram that I think there is huge anticipation for this. We believe that our customers will really respond well to this feature and we’ll start seeing many more conversions from IG to our website checkout.

14 Experts on How to Effectively Advertise on Instagram & The Future Possibilities of Instagram Shopping

Instagram is a high-engagement platform and more and more brands are looking to it to drive much more than sales –– i.e. customer loyalty and lifetime value. Tracking Instagram ROI, though, can be difficult.

55 Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs to Measure

Smart businesses measure every aspect of their activities to ensure growth and find areas of opportunity. Here’s the full list of all ecommerce metrics you should be tracking, and a free document to get you started right now.

Here’s how 14 experts from across the ecommerce industry recommend businesses measure Instagram success and run Instagram campaigns.

Tara Johnson, Lead Reporter – Retail, CPC Strategy


A/B Testing will help you nail the right ads and target the right audience to get that coveted leap in conversions.

On Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping will be useful for online stores. If you think about it, there is an obvious risk if you don’t have a shoppable Instagram. For example, if a customer sees an item they like on the platform, but there’s way for them to buy the item or link to your site, you risk losing that sale.

William Harris, CEO, Elumynt


If you want to increase ROI on Instagram – or any channel for that matter – figure out how to use the platform the way consumers use it. If you’re salesy, people are going hate you. But, you’re engaging, it will go a long way in terms of bringing you real, lasting customers.

Johnathan Dane, CEO & Founder, KlientBoost


Just like Facebook, prioritize your audience targeting in this order:

  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Saved audiences

People who know you (custom audiences) are going to usually provide a higher and quicker ROI compared to the people who’ve never seen you before (saved audiences).

We try to max out the Instagram audience potential with custom audiences first, then lookalike, and then saved audiences last.

As we start targeting audiences that are colder and colder, we also focus on changing the call to action to match that audience temperature.

Someone who hasn’t of us before won’t pull out their credit card if our product isn’t novel, so our best bet is to get them to sign up for something that’s higher up our funnel.

On Instagram Shopping

If it’s anything like the success from Google Shopping, then it will be huge, but it won’t be the same.

I see this more of a Pinterest-style rollout that will certainly be very interesting to test, but will require stores to rely more on talent of photography and not shopping feeds.

Kunle Campbell, Founder, 2X Ecommerce


Besides your visual creative, finding and narrowing down on a highly engaged audience is key to driving success on Instagram. I like to start off with retargeted audiences, then scale up to a lookalike audience of the base retargeted audience and finally use Facebook ads’ demographic and interests targeting to create custom audiences that I split test.

On Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping will be especially useful for retargeting ads and for shopping cart recovery. I think conversions from impulse purchases by audiences that have just discovered your brand via Instagram will be low. But the big opportunity will likely come from audiences that have initially engaged with ecommerce brands on their websites.

Drew Sanocki, Nerd Marketing


Experiment with some of the apps that let you tie photos to product pages. This makes Instagram more of a direct path to purchase, which is easier to track and assess ROI.

On Instagram Shopping

The success of Instagram Shopping comes down to their execution. Twitter announced ecommerce years ago and it was a dud. I’m optimistic here, though, because the medium is so visual. I think they will make impulse priced items a real possibility. Where else today can you really sell an impulse item other than on your own site to your own traffic?

Emil Kristensen, CMO & Co-Founder, Sleeknote


Use images of real people. It’s super simple, but it has a huge effect on your click-through-rate which in turn increases your relevant score. Also, the more clicks you get, the lower your cost-per-acquisition will be, and thus your return on investment will increase.

People are gregarious, and we rely heavily on what other people do and tend to follow the crowd. Using images of real people along with your product establishes a more personal relationship between brand and consumer which makes people more inclined to click the ad.

On Instagram Shopping

I really love Instagram shopping. You now have the possibility to show images of your products without having to link to them in your bio. This is a feature I’ve really been looking forward to.

I used to work as an ecommerce manager at a furniture and interior design ecommerce store, where we would show beautiful images of our products in different environments to illustrate how you could use them. The problem was that people couldn’t just click the image and buy the product. We had to list every single item on the image correctly according to the product name on the website. This quickly becomes a problem if you have many products in one image. Moreover, users had to click the link in our bio, and search for the product on the website and then buy it. That process is way too complicated, and most users will drop off before completing the purchase.

The new feature allows you to tag your products in the images and then users can click on the product on the image and be sent directly to the product page where they can buy it.

Instagram advertising now has the potential to become more than just a retargeting platform for ecommerce. You can do push advertising and reach out to cold leads with awesome images of your products in use.

You should always use images where you show your products in their “natural” environment instead of just showing a simple product image. For instance, if you sell furniture, you should decorate an entire room with different furniture to show how everything goes together, which can also increase additional sales.

Alex Birkett, Growth Marketing Manager, ConversionXL


Make it a no-brainer to try it out. If you have a physical product, make it a “free trial” where you send a sample and the customer only covers shipping. This works even better if you’re selling a subscription.

It’s unlikely someone will make a decision to spend a lot of money based on an Instagram ad, but if you can give them a taste of the product it’s a lot easier to convince them of the big purchase later on.

On Instagram Shopping

I can’t speak for their effect on anyone else, but I can say anecdotally that Instagram ads have been far more effective for me than any other social media advertising. I’ve downloaded something like four apps and bought health supplements because of Instagram ads.

The easier Instagram can make it to capture both attention and money within the app, the more powerful the service will be for retailers.

Jason Quey, Founder, The Storyteller Marketer


Develop a content strategy for Instagram on what you will post, both for organic and paid ads. You should be able to answer what value your audience will receive from you. Will your pictures educate your fans? How so? Will you strive to entertain them? In what ways? Or will you seek to inspire your audience?

On Instagram Shopping

I believe Instagram Shopping is going to be huge for ecommerce businesses. Pinterest has already proven this to be a successful model. The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50. Thinking about that in terms of Instagram, Yotpo found Instagram engagement rates were 45% longer than visitors from Facebook, 62% longer than visitors from Pinterest, and 40% longer than visitors from Twitter.

Jessica Thiele, Marketing Manager, Virtual Logistics


Pay attention to the trends. There are hashtag days, like #TBT (throwback Thursday) for example, that can help augment the reach of your brand if you leverage the right tags at the right time. But make sure the audience using the tag matches your target audience!

Doing keyword research on Instagram is absolutely necessary. Don’t just assume that hashtags from Twitter will be the same conversations on Instagram –– they’re often very different. Also, make use of the new features Instagram releases, like the recently released scroll function that allows you to use multiple pictures in a set.

Give your audience exactly all the information they need right in the app itself (including payment processing, if you have items to sell). The more work you make your audience do, the more barriers to buy you’re unintentionally creating.

On Instagram Shopping

Shopping on Instagram as it exists today is a bit cumbersome. Importantly, there’s one huge barrier to buying: no PayPal integration! This means that users making an often impulsive purchase decision in the Instagram App don’t have the ability to 1-click-to-buy. Instead, they have to have a physical credit card on them to input during the checkout process.

A smoother purchase funnel will definitely alleviate this pain point, and lead to a smoother buying process for brands on Instagram selling their goods.

Zach Heller, Marketing Director, Zach Heller Marketing


Share images a user would share. Instagram is an environment where people engage with friends, not brands. Images should not only grab attention, but they should look like they are coming from a real person. No stock photos or produced graphics/charts/logos etc.

Nancy Badillo, Digital Marketing Specialist,


My #1 piece of advice for brands to increase ROI from Instagram ads is making sure to target the right audience. Instagram lets you target by demographics, location, interest, and much more.

On Instagram Shopping

I’m actually quite excited to try it out for myself. I love how seamlessly integrated it is and how you can showcase the product and price upfront. Many consumers want to know as much about the product before they head to buy. In a world where many people have a short attention span, this HELPS!

Jason Dea, Director of Product Management, Telus Health


Instagram is all about engagement. The platform gives users a peek into the daily lives (albeit a highly stylized version) of others. So from an advertiser standpoint building engagement means presenting a view into the lifestyle that your brand represents. Your product will resonate if viewers see it fitting into their imagined day to day. The trick is to paint a picture that’s not too out there, but just a touch more exciting than their current reality.

On Instagram Shopping

When it comes to retail, especially online, distribution is king. The products with the best and widest distribution models may not always win, but they often have the best odds. Instagram Shopping is yet another highly engaging direct to consumer distribution channel that may prove very fruitful for savvy brands.

David Feng, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Reamaze


The key to generating more ROI from Instagram ads is to make sure your relevance is backed up by a well curated collection of content that’s in line with what you’re promoting. Your ads are designed to summon engagement from a particular group of targeted users so it behooves you to make sure their follow-up actions lead to more engagement either on your Instagram profile, website or maybe even your page feed. Focus your attention not on the ad itself but also the entire lifecycle of the ad.

On Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is yet another reimagining of how retail is evolving and how merchants must adapt their resources to access customers. Instagram Shopping will likely become very successful for established brands with large followings.

For smaller and less established brands, the process of acquiring followers, adapting the actual store to handle checkout workflows, order abandonments, adjusting the customer lifecycle funnels, and creating enough content to make Instagram Shopping successful still needs proof of concept. For the majority of stores in the marketplace today, Instagram Shopping should hold as a very interesting feature for now.

Ben Cahen, CEO, WisePops


Test a micro-conversion on your Instagram landing page. And if you’re not creating a landing page, optimized for mobile, which is unique to your Instagram offer, start there.

Once you have your LP, the micro conversion has two possible ROI boosting benefits: 1) Data has shown that micro conversions imitate the conversion in a less threatening way and increase overall conversions. 2) If you get a contact method you can remarked to those leads later and potentially boost overall sales.

Final Word

All in all, Instagram continues to be a high-growth social platform for many online brands. High-quality imagery and A/B testing of advertising that inspires and engages (rather than just sells) are what take you to the top.

The Instagram Shopping feature will be a valuable addition to your Instagram arsenal of tools to grow your fanbase and get your products in their hands.

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  • We sell hand made beer tankards and steins – in terms of category that could be gifts? There’s a great homebrewer community on instagram that we interact with.

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  • Great news! Please do use whatever influence you may have with Instagram to open this up to more categories though, as I’d love to use it. I’ve had success with Instagram despite a fairly modest number of followers, and this would be a game-changer.

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