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Marketing Hooks: Using Taglines to Grab the Big Fish

Harrison Dromgoole / 2 min read
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    With the vast amount of competition swimming around online, a marketing hook not only distinguishes you from competitors, but it can also raise your chance of landing a customer. A marketing hook is a tagline, slogan or jingle that’s both memorable and aligned with your brand. It’s an effective extension of your brand, because it supports the product and helps lure customers into at least checking you out. Hopefully they bite.

    Get ’em hooked on your brand

    In this metaphor, your product is the bait, your hook is… a hook, and your brand is the fishing rod. Without your brand, everything else is just stuff. If you want to truly snag a customer, you’re going to want a strong brand as a foundation that keeps everything connected and allows you to effectively wave your delicious product in front of the consumer.

    Tackling your hook

    Since it only costs brainpower, it’s fantastic in terms of its ROI. Whether you think about it while driving, or sit down with a glass of wine and a nice view, do whatever gets creative juices flowing. You want to come up with something that will resonate with your customers and stick in their head.

    For example, let’s say you own a business called “Catbiscuit” that produces aerodynamic cat clothing and caters to the competitive cat racing scene.

    Potential hooks:

    “From house cat to cheetah – we aren’t kitten”

    “Pussyfooting around the track isn’t an option”

    “Not puss in boots; puss in hoofs”

    “9 lives, 1 race, 1st place”

    “First at the finish and first at feline fashion”

    To get creative, think about the words you’re using and how they apply to your brand. In the examples above, you can see that each is centered on the product and the type of person that might buy it (cat racers). Each one targets some aspect of cats, cat gear, or racing. It’s all about finding connections between words and your brand/product. All you need to do is put them in an order that gets the message you want them to feel across.

    Choose a hook that best aligns with your voice. For instance, if your brand focuses on your cats looking chic, you’ll want to choose the last hook listed above. If you want to present your brand in a clever, humorous voice, you may choose the first. It all depends on how you intend to define your brand’s voice.

    Hooks can be catchy

    The best thing about hooks is that they tend to get caught in peoples’ heads. It’s critical you stand out, and your hook makes this as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. If you look at the examples listed above, you can see that many of the words sound similar. This is how catchiness comes into play. Words that form a pattern in your head or out loud are the essence of catchiness. It’s exactly why jingles are so memorable.

    But it’s always important to be careful when creating your hooks. Take Meow Mix for example. You know the jingle, but, if you’re like me, you can’t stand it. An effective marketing hook can stick in people’s heads for all the wrong reasons. Know your voice and brand, and you’ll know whether your hook works.

    At the end of the day your hook doesn’t necessarily have to be catchy. Being memorable is more than enough. Just be sure that your hook lines up with your brand, voice and the message you want to get across to your customer.



    Harrison Dromgoole

    Harrison Dromgoole

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