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Yotpo helps BigCommerce businesses generate tons of reviews, photos, and other user-generated content and use them to drive qualified traffic, increase conversion rate & boost sales. Yotpo's basic version is free, while premium features, outlined below, are available at additional cost.

Yotpo is plug & play with BigCommerce - Easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Join the 150,000+ stores using Yotpo today.

Generate More Product Reviews

Yotpo's signature in-mail form lets buyers leave reviews from within the body of review requests emails. As a result, Yotpo users generate more product reviews & site reviews than generated with other reviews solutions.

Increase Conversion Rate

Yotpo users typically experience a 30-120% lift in conversion rate when using our customizable widgets on product pages.

Optimize For Mobile

All Yotpo's features are made with mobile in mind. When we send a review request, mobile users can leave reviews without ever leaving their email app. Mobile users arriving from a Yotpo click spend 37% more time on site than other users.

Yotpo's premium packages include:

  • Social Curation - Social curation makes it easy for you to get more traffic and sales by turning your customers' Instagram photos into your brand's best marketing assets.
  • User-Generated Photos - Collect and showcase customer photos and embrace a well-rounded approach to visual marketing.
  • Full Social Integration - You and your customers can share 5 star reviews on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • SEO Success - We offer Rich Snippets, Google Seller Ratings and Product Listing Ads, which all dramatically increase click-through rate from Google.
  • Community Q&A - Answer customer questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.
  • Yotpo Ads - Turn reviews into paid ads on Facebook. Ads with reviews decrease CPA by 50% and increase CTR by 300%.
  • Coupons - Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews to increase purchase to review conversion rate.
  • Product Recommendations - Choose products to promote and upsell to likely buyers to increase customer lifetime value.
  • Comments - Respond to your reviews, publicly or privately, to say thanks or resolve issues.
  • And so much more!

Client Reviews (186)

Complete Rip-Off about 1 month ago by ada...net
As others have stated it seemed like a great idea but it's a bait/switch type system. They show you all the cool features about Q&A and images and what not but then when you actually install it and try to enable features, it turns out all of the features you HOPED for are ONLY available in a PREMIUM tier. Well the normal tiers top off at $99/month, and DO NOT include those premium features. Want the premium features... get prepared to pay $14,000 a year. $14k! Are you kidding me? That's obsurd. They list the features as if you can go to a slightly higher plan and get them but NOPE, you get the same features in every single plan, only more email/review alerts. To get the REAL features, you hafta pay over a grand a month. What a complete rip-off! Also as others stated, lack of documention. The installation links are broken and when you install it, you can't login. There is no password creation. You can't even change it as it looks for an OLD password, which does not exist. What a joke.
Heard about Yotpo from a fellow store owner! about 1 month ago by bar...com
Yotpo makes it easy for us to streamline our product reviews. I used to use it when I was on Shopify and loved it then. Still great and still love it now!
Too Expensive 4 months ago by vm@...com https://www.exhibitindexes.com
The app and review parts are good but to get the full benefit of Yotpo you need to spend several thousand dollars per month, in my opinion there is no possible way for it to generate enough revenue to pay for itself.
Terrible for Many Reasons 5 months ago by dan...com https://www.onlyleggings.com
We installed Yotpo for the obvious reason of trying to increase the number and functionality of out product reviews and it was a sloppy mess. The first frustrating issues was that it would not install properly. Every time we opened Yotpo it told us it was not installed. We uninstalled / installed it several times (which is what it told us to do every time) to try to resolve it, we could not. We could only get in by re-installing it and then we could actually get in that once. Next we found the entire system to be a sloppy mess. Very little actual direction on how it is actually going to work, the impact on our very large database of customers and a number of other significant issues that we had with the entire interface. We could not find any way to determine who we were sending emails to whether it was only new customers, legacy customers etc. Could we go back 30 days and send emails to these customers? We found no easy way to find answers and to get the Yotpo system up and running. There was only what seemed to be an antiquated ticket system of resolving issues. As well, our entire website now had no reviews, no site reviews and we looked like a new store that just launched with no reviews and no traffic. There are too many negatives compared to very few or no benefits of installing this app. The fact that it would not install properly is the first indicator that this was not going to be a good fit for us.
Great App 6 months ago by edh...com http://treasuremtndetectors.com/
This has been a great app to show both reviews for our store itself and also products. Definitely a good trust builder!!! :) A note to those of you who have themes built on Stencil and don't want to touch core files in order to install Yotpo and thereby lose all possibility of future theme updates. You can insert the installation code for the floating tab, the widget and star rating on product pages into the Footer Scripts box found in your bigc dashboard. Then use javascript to move those pieces of code to any area of your product pages. Seems to work well depending on what html tags your theme uses. :) Hopefully yotpo will post this alternate method on their Bigcommerce documentation/installation page.
Pretty Decent App 9 months ago by lil...com https://www.lilylaneclothing.com/
I just have the basic free version and it's a pretty decent app. It does what I want it to. I don't think it's worth it to spend the money to upgrade; just an extra fee to do a little more. What I do love about YOTPO is that it has helped get my store a lot more reviews than I was getting from my online store system. The email that is sent to my customers is super simple and that is definitely the key to getting reviews. It was a struggle getting the app synced with my store. I've used other apps with my store and this one was by far the most complicated. Luckily, the YOTPO Reviews customer support team helped me figure it out really quickly and I haven't had problems since.
cool but ugly and expensive 12 months ago by Juishy http://www.juishy.com
Yotpo was great at first but we have since found alternative options with better pricing.
Great product about 1 year ago by Ryan Weaver https://biobait.com
It works, it's overly expensive, instructions can be lacking and the tech support is SLOW about 1 year ago by tim...com http://www.atlantapostcaps.com
It works. I can't say if it has an effect on SEO or not, as we didn't run any before and after tests. However, assuming that google see's it as a on page content, it's a thumbs up for effectivity. It is, however, stupid expensive. The installation instructions can be lacking sometimes. My only real complaint, is that tech support is really, really slow. If another company comes along offering similar functionality, with faster support, I would seriously consider switching.
Review about 1 year ago by top....au http://www.topshow.com.au
Reviews are great for my on line store, a necessary additiobn Reviews are essential to my online store - if you have a great product then you need customers to let potential customers know - wouldn't be without Yot Po
Enhanced Reviews + much more... about 1 year ago by mar...com http://www.headsweats.com/
We added this app shortly after moving to BC and have not been disappointed. It's increased our reviews and given us great feedback from our customers on any issues. Very easy to install and get started. Looking forward to more upgrades in the future.
Great App, But You'll Pay for it about 1 year ago by aba...com https://www.megahobby.com
The functionality of Yotpo is fantastic, it installs simply with a few additions of code snippet to your site. It allows you a lot of customizability, in terms of your email to customers, how it displays on your site, etc. That being said, the price for the app is terribly expensive, and they try to charge you for a full year up front, which is exorbitant. It took a fair amount of negotiating to get them down to quarterly billings, which is still ridiculous. The app costs nearly as much as what I'm paying Bigcommerce's highest package to host my site -- something's wrong with that.
easy install and quick results about 1 year ago by ste...com https://rullocustomcycles.com
This app was a simple install onto our website. We had nearly instantaneous results with previous customers reviewing products that they had recently purchased.
Nothing but Problems for Me about 1 year ago by sal...com http://cladisprep.com
Have had nothing but problems with there App. constantly failing. I have opened tickets to try and fix the issues and it seems like right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I recieve multiple responses days later from multiple people telling me different things and they know nothing of what the other person has already responded with. I know there have been a lot of good reviews but they have been nothing but a headache for me. I will be removing, since its not working again anyway!
The free plan will irritate your customers if your store routinely has more than 50 orders per month about 1 year ago by sal...com
The free plan limits mail after purchase emails to 50 per month. Anything over that gets backlogged for the following month (regardless of your specified days after purchase ). This could create a long backlog over time, and customers can be emailed many months after purchase for a review. Instead of Yotpo clearing out the backlog of orders exceeding your specified "days after purchase" the solution from Yotpo was to upgrade to the premium plan.
Easy to get reviews about 1 year ago by geo...com http://www.gemsweddingsupplies.com.au/
Have received a lot of reviews on our site since using this app.
Great App about 1 year ago by inf...com http://shop.pushpopcontainers.com
Great app for reviews and comments. Lots of cool things about Yotpo. Way too pricey on the premium for adding customer photos. Actually I was shocked at the monthly cost and thought is was a mistake. Otherwise, the app works great on the monthly fee at around $30.00 bucks a month.
ok but expensive about 1 year ago by ais...com
I used there services for a year ... the paid version ... there was some interesting functionality but it is very expensive ... not sure its worth that much
Great about 1 year ago by Carlos Baldominos http://www.pintoranch.com/
Great product and great customer service!
Really Helpful App for Getting Reviews about 1 year ago by Mike Emerson http://www.prohealthcareproducts.com
Really like Yotpo. Easy to install and has been getting me many more reviews that the built in review system in bigcommerce. Would highly recommend to any business with a small to large team working in ecommerce.
WAITING TWO WEEKS FOR MY REVIEWS TO BE UPLOADED FROM MY OLD WEBSITE about 1 year ago by ser...com http://www.whipbar.com
My request number is (#98999). I am so tired of being treated like this--mostly ignored and then answered with incompetent responses. I am moving from shopify to bigcommerce and trying to take my yotpo reviews with me. Yotpo offers no way for me to do this myself, and they promised to upload my hard-earned reviews from my old site. TWO WEEKS, some ridiculous responses from them and NO REVIEWS. Prepare to be ignored.
No Customer Service about 1 year ago by jes...com
The service does what it says but don't expect them to ever provide any customer service. The customer service is non-existent. Marita Schneider in the New York office told me I was not paying enough money to get customers service.
So many more reviews! about 1 year ago by Geo...com http://inandoutdoordeals.com
After using Yotpo, we've seen a major increase in our reviews! it's amazing!
Fabulous about 1 year ago by Jon Alford https://www.organiccottonshop.ie
Fantastic app and fantastic support! I think ALL store should have this app. Very pleased
Good product, bad support about 1 year ago by mex...com http://www.mexicantrainfun.com
I like Yotpo as a product, but there is no way to talk to anyone there. They don't have live chat, and they don't do phone support. You send an email and they get back t you within one day. That is totally unacceptable.
Great App about 1 year ago by NuMercy.com https://www.numercy.com
This is a very useful app and we have seen sales increase from using this app. It's rather unfortunately that their premium price is expensive for some of the features we are interested in. This app is the main reason we have upgraded to the new Stencil Theme template. The Stencil Themes currently does not support this app and it so good we are not willing to let it go. Keep up the good work.
Great app HORRIBLE Customer service about 1 year ago by inf...com http://bytheseajewelry.com
We have had this app for over a year. If you can get it installed right, it works fine. Customer service is HORRENDOUS! Takes days and weeks to get anything fixed
Nice review app about 1 year ago by sal...com http://www.SaltCritters.com
Works well.
Yay Yotpo! about 1 year ago by cor...com http://newchristianstore.com
Installation was super easy and I've seen a marked increase in reviews. The fact that customers can review the purchase from within the email is amazing!
Yotpo is Great about 1 year ago by quo...net http://mindzai.net
This is a simple cost effective way to generate 100% positive reviews. Helps to retain customers as well. Strongly recommend.
review about 1 year ago by lmc...com http://www.peekscosmetics.com
i like yotpo! i done know who to work anything i hope it working for my store
Excellent job getting reviews and revenue from customers! about 1 year ago by Christian Staples https://www.arcticspastore.com
I am not sure how they do it but they get more reviews for our products than any other service we have used, not by a little but by a huge margin. That would be enough on it's own but we have also been able to generate revenue from their emails as well. More reviews and more revenue. Enough said.
Great App! over 2 years ago by MIA...COM http://miamibeachchocolate.com/
Not Happy after a year of using it over 2 years ago by tob...com

First of all, I have a great following and a large percentage of very positive reviews. Sure, we all have the tire kickers but I have about 1% of those. After using Yotpo for a year, I can say that there are better ways to spend your marketing dollar and Big Commerce has a free ap for testimonials that got me 90% of the reviews that Yotpo got. There was a slight up tick of reviews, but the main thing they advertise is that you'll be able to push these reviews through your social networks. If you post to your Facebook business page, for example a Yotpo testimonial / review, that content it will only reach 1% of your customers organically without paying for FB advertising. So in order to truly use this ap like they sell you on it, you'd have to pay another several thousand dollars to Facebook on top of what you paid to yotpo. In my opinion that's not smart at all. I'll just use the Big Commerce testimonial ap for free and send them out via paid Facebook ads if needed and actually come out ahead. It's not worth 2k. Maybe worth $10 a month. 

I also contacted and asked how to work around these issues... well it took them several months to contact me to try to help me.. that is not customer service. Poor, very well sold ap. 

Too expensive over 2 years ago by bcl...com

This app is a great tool in its free version but very basic. Automated email and reminders are great. But unfortunately, if you want to use everything it offers (reply to review, social share, etc.) you have to pay... And it's rather expensive! Especially for a small or start up business...

Great app over 2 years ago by rei...com http://reidsboutique.com

I love the app works fine

Works Great! over 2 years ago by thu...com https://www.thunderheadvapor.com

We're very happy with Yotpo! Works and looks great.

Great App over 2 years ago by Daniel Frater http://www.exhalecigarette.co.uk

Great Review App, Works seamlessly with my Bigcommerce store. Always a quick response from the Support staff. Always getting new reviews for my store and products certainly increasing sales.

Not worth USD$ over 2 years ago by mic...com http://www.smartkart.co.uk/

I have tried this review portal for third time, but now it looks customers getting emails but does not open or care to write a review. And Yotpo does not follow up or encourage the customers to write or give star. 

I have to move to anther review company where they do make sure customers leave a review no matter whether good or bad. 

It looks Yopto only cares for $399x12 package and not 25$ pcm

Frustrating experience over 2 years ago by Lbe...net

They say you get what you pay for, and with the free version of Yotpo, that seems to be true so far.  The only support they offer is via a webform...and you may get a quick response at first, but you will need to respond to them, and apparently the new support requests get first priority, so don't expect your support person to respond to your reply in less than 3 or 4 days.  Then, heaven forbid, if he has more questions for you, you'll have to repeat the process.

It has been 3 weeks, and with the exception of having been delayed for 3 days on my end while manually building an excel file of the hundreds of reviews from my old site, I am still waiting for them to upload the reviews.   Every time I contact them, they answer with a request for more information or some other question...and then it's another 3 days till I hear from them again.

If I ever get these reviews up and working, perhaps I will be happier with their service.  If I hadn't had so many reviews to import (and had BigCommerce had the ability to import them) I would have happily stayed with the built-in review feature.

Update August 2016: Apparently (this isn't made clear) you only get 50 review requests sent per month. OK, so let's say you're lucky enough to get 80 orders a month. Wow. So it's a bummer that 30 of those won't receive review requests, but oh well.

Ah...but wait! That's not how it works! Those thirty people will still get a review request...next month. And next month only 20 orders will get their review request. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If Yotpo had an affordable option for entry level, I would absolutely be happy to pay for that. But I can't afford the entry level, and I do often have more than 50 orders per month. Small orders. Not big enough to afford Yotpo.

So basically they are set up to force you to pay for their service...

As I said before, if I *could* just load all my reviews into BC's system, I would.

Works Well But..... over 2 years ago by Matt Barnes

I like the product. It simple and fairly easy to use. BUT the pricing on their paid side is CRAZY! It goes from $25 a month to $399 a month? No in between. Just seems like a HUGE jump. I am currently using them but may go to a competitor that is less expensive. Oh and to get the $399 you have to pay annually so over $4k up front.

yotpo over 2 years ago by dam...com http://www.travelerscornermybigcommerce.com


Wonderful app! over 3 years ago by ham...com https://www.bazaarsrus.com

Very helpful!  Free and easy to use!  This app helps with increasing sales.  How's that sound?  Good to me, a whole lot for free! ~ Lonnie (www.bazaarsrus.com)

Just Ok over 3 years ago by inf....uk

Didn't get the expected traffic or results.

Does not work over 3 years ago by sal....co http://www.audioshop.co

I connected the API key , placed the javascript in all files - but does not work.

Reason : you have a custom bigcommerce theme ,Yotpo only works on BigCommerce if you have a standard theme with no customisations? Unlikely story.

Very poor.

Seriously...the best! over 3 years ago by Blake Schreck http://www.gardentoolcompany.com/

We used Yotpo for the first time at another software provider and loved their reviews app there...hands down the best reviews app!  When moving back to Bigcommerce, we were happy to see the app was available here too. They bent over backwards getting all our reviews moved to our new site. Thank you very much Lucy and company.

Fantastic on-boarding and support over 3 years ago by wil...com

Switiching from magento and Yotpo helped on-boarded our old reviews. The technical support was fantastic. Of course the product is excellent also.

Best App for any E-Commerce Store over 3 years ago by ris...com http://www.musiciansmallusa.com

Guys, I have been using this app since 10 days now. I have very few paid apps but this is one of the them. Their system works very efficiently and their support team is awesome. It's a simple to use app and works very well with my website. I would suggest everyone to try this app for 6 months and see the difference. Nowadays every customer wants to read reviews before purchasing. If there are no reviews then many customers are deterred from buying the product. I love Yotpo...

LOVE this app! over 3 years ago by Kerry Comollo http://vermontkitchensupply.com

This app is fantastic! I didn't enter in the code correctly, so the Yotpo support team swooped in and took care of it for us. The design is exactly what we were looking for and we have loved seeing the reviews come in for our products. Thank you so much to Yotpo for helping us grow our business!

-Vermont Kitchen Supply

Great product over 3 years ago by Wilfrid Paulino http://www.daintiercustomjewelry.com

Love this product. Easy to use and great technical support.

Great Product over 3 years ago by zing.australia
Great product but super expensive for the premium features. You need to pay extra even if you want to send out more than 50 review requests monthly.
terrible support - conflicting information over 3 years ago by Jeremy Thurswell

I've been working on setting up Yotpo which has been very simple.  I subscribed to the premium version in order to benefit from the customization.  I have been unable to remove the Yotpo logo and branding from a lot of the components.  I don't like the look of it and feel branding from outside plugins cheapens the look of the website.  I found on a blog that a Yotpo rep said this customization could be removed, but when I emailed support, they told me we could not after waiting 24 hours for an answer.  I think that if their service was really dedicated to customer success, they would have phone support, faster e-mail response and I wouldn't have received the short email with conflicting information.  I tried calling their company, but it seems they are only interested in speaking to you if it is for the sales department, but once they have your money, they could care less to provide quality support.

Review over 3 years ago by pet...com http://www.bigbearpet.com

Sooooo disappointed in the "free" version of this ap.  After several attempts I finally got the ap installed, but still could not post the reviews to my site.  I would respond to the support generated emails and after having three tickets closed due to "lack of response" I finally was told during the fourth round of communication that the only support available to me was through email with the free ap, if I wanted live tech support I would have to upgrade my account -- have been so frustrated -- think the idea is great and had customers respond to review requests, but if they don't appear on my site doesn't do much good.  :(

Awesome customer service over 3 years ago by hol...com http://nipyata.com

easy install and awesome customer service. adds a whole extra element to your site- interactive plus content for customers to engage with.

Yotpo - a must-have! over 3 years ago by Marie-Helene Blackmore http://www.savons.com.au

I had been thinking of switching from BigCommerce integrated reviews system to Yotpo for quite a while but was not comfortable doing the installation myself. I contacted Yotpo technical support with an extensive list of questions; within 24h I received a very detailed reply and they graciously offered to install Yotpo for me. Yotpo is now installed in my store; it looks professional and sleek, and has already started generating new reviews. I am still discovering all the great features of Yotpo, and I especially love the fact that the emails are personalised with the name and surname of my customers. I can only praise the support team for their patience and expertise; I could not be more delighted! Thank you x

Terrible Customer Service over 3 years ago by gar...com http://www.spaandpoolhq.com

I have 4 websites and I get absolutely no help from anyone at Yotpo. Probably because they are in Israel. I have emailed several times and so has my IT department. I have been with them since inception and now they are offering paid features when they were free before. You would think they would want to hang onto existing customers so they right good reviews. No no one at Yotpo cares. They are just greedy. I would continue on and find another review service TRUST ME. STAY AWAY FROM YOTPO!

good app over 3 years ago by pau....ie
Nice reviews platform but way too over priced.
Love it over 3 years ago by lis...com http://accountantbesideyou.com

For a solid year I had not received a single review from the BigCommerce built in application, but just a few day, I've already gotten 8 YOTPO reviews .

Test over 3 years ago by ale...com http://w.com


I Like It! over 3 years ago by Posh

I give this app 4 Stars!!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that I wish the "stars" were a little less animated in look. Maybe offer a different color options on the stars and sharper edges for sites that are higher end. Otherwise it is fantastic! Support is good too! Thanks Lucy! Get it!

Everything is awesome over 3 years ago by sea...com http://giant-open-air.mybigcommerce.com/

Great app. Installed without issues. Does the job. 

YOTPO Review over 3 years ago by mar....uk http://www.handtoolsxpress.co.uk

After reading the amazing reviews of Yotpo and BC review system was not up to the job we installed this app.

Set up and install was easy peasy and after about a week moved onto the Premium package.

As not au fait with html and get by technical wise, we came to a position were after a few weeks the extras that the premium package gives you were not installed.

We put this down to time involved and savvy with the dashboard.

We had an email from Asaf from Yotpo (based in Israel, us in the UK) offering some help and advice and had noticed they we were paying for premium package and had not installed a few of the extras.

A few quick emails and an appointment made and i received a telephone call from Asaf.

Asaf, was brilliant, speaks better English than a UK Black Country lad, nothing to much trouble, even offering pointers and organising through Yotpo technical staff to get mini site up and running.

The few extras which we had missing was soon put right and the explanation of how it works was put across in layman's terms

so i could understand. So in the end no html knowledge really needed.

I cannot thank Asaf, Yotpo technical and customer support team enough, i felt and feel important and not just a customer paying there money each month. They really want you to suceed :]

Without doubt one of the best apps installed with BC worth five stars every time not just for app but customer service EXCELLENT

Thank you 

Great Review App over 3 years ago by dmc...com http://www.designsbydeeshands.com

Although I know I am not using the full features of this app I must say I am please with the features I am using.  Yotpo is assisting my site gain trust for future customer base.  Reviews buy verified buyer allows new customers to see that others are pleased with the products and services offered.

Great App! Great Tech Support! over 3 years ago by eli...com http://www.elipeycosmetics.com

I cannot say enough about this app.  I have had more reviews in the past month than I have in the past year.  The tech support is awesome also, going above and beyond to make sure it worked with my particular site settings.

Hats off to the team at Yotpo and a special thank you to Guy.

Fantastic service over 3 years ago by alo...com http://Faisean

Thank you for this app. I am feeling stress free now! This service is easy to use and install. Apparently, my friend was right about the product. It's very simple to set up without any technical hassle. Just get it installed and let it do its work. Well done. 

Good product that easy to install and use over 3 years ago by Roslyn Collings http://www.petzympatico.com.au

I'm really happy that it works so well on my Big Commerce store and I'm sure I get more reviews now. I also like the Promoted Products feature but it insists on converting all my prices from AUD to USD which is not helpful. Been waiting some months to have that fixed!

Pushing for premium too much. over 3 years ago by dal...com http://www.lprtoolmakers.com.au

Was good to begin with then they pushed us to join their premium packages where you pay for new services. These new 'services' were previously available in the 'free service'.. Not good business guys.

Social pushes, publishing direct to website were in the past available on the 'free version' which is now basically useless. 

Thanks guys, time to find someone else.

Great app! over 3 years ago by Dental Store

Love it! After installing yotpo I got 13 new customers in 24 hs. Amazing!

My experience so far is positive in general over 3 years ago by Freedom Display Cases http://www.freedomdisplaycases.com/

I have been using Yotpo Premium on my BigCommerce store for the past three months and my experience so far is positive in general. I received very prompt and able help from Yotpo staff to install the app. So far, I have generated a good number of reviews for several of my products. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because the emails the system sends out do not display correctly for Outlook users and these users are asked to click on a link to do their reviews. This is an extra step for these users and might be dissuading some from filling out the review. Yotpo should solve this technical issue. Nevertheless, I'm happy that I added the Yotpo app and plan to continue using it. 

​Great support over 3 years ago by a.s...com http://www.tie-mosaic.com

Great support. 

Firstly I tried to install myself, however it did not work on 3rd parties design theme. After contacting their support, they fixed it up everything themselves. 

Love email feature over 3 years ago by rev...com

The email portion is a great feature, where the app automatically sends out a request for customers to review your product and they can write the review right from within the email. So, unlike BC, customers don't have to click onto your site and scroll down to the review section just to write one. The email makes it less cumbersome so customers can easily write a review and not waste much time during the process.

However, I still cannot get the program to work with my store properly, possibly because I had some custom work done. So, besides the email feature, I just have a tab on the very right side of my store that allows users to click on to view the review widget. If they don't click on it, my reviews are not located anywhere else! They're not located on product pages - and disabling the BC review code like Yotpo advises - makes it seem like I have no reviews on any products.

Still trying to get some help from their team so maybe once it works 100% it'll be a 5-star app.

Website only up for 4 months...over 80 Five Star Reviews....Thanks Yotpo over 3 years ago by Joe Moore, VP http://www.nativeamericantea.com

Next to JustUno, this is the app that drives more sales by allowing true and honest customer reviews.  Check out the send coupon to customer after they leave a review section.  So awesome- that feature has driven more reviews that almost every other.

You sell one and wins twice!!!! over 4 years ago by Dodô Audrin

Many tools in one app. With this app you'll highlight your store for success! Because everyone wants to know your customer experience! Fully committed to their customers with an amazing customer support!

Reviews and support over 4 years ago by Franz Lamers http://www.absoluteskin.co.za

I have installed Yotpo Review for just over a week now and it has brought in 53 reviews in this short space of time, an excellent achievement in my opinion. Then to top it all is the support team, I have been in the IT industry for 40 years and have never come across such an excellent service level. I highly recommend not only the review system but the company as well, Well DONE!!

5 Stars isn't enough !!! over 4 years ago by ram...com http://foreverbeautifulbeepollen.com

YOTPO is truly a must have app.  Integration had a couple of bumps that were quickly corrected by staff.  I personally felt that my site was the only site with YOTPO staff.  The best decision I've made.  Staff is amazing and truly interested in my success.It has made a difference in my sales to date and client confidence. MUST HAVE !!

Didn't work for me. over 4 years ago by ges....nl

Don't work with outlook online version, can't type in review area and mail will be automatically send to spam box.

Great App​ over 4 years ago by flj...com

We have been using Yotpo for several months and find support to be excellent and easy to integrate into your BC store. 

Yotpo rules ! over 4 years ago by jno...com http://www.principedeazahar.be

Great app.  Helps me understand about e-commerce.

Works as advertised over 4 years ago by hub...net

Installed without issue and works as advertised. Would recommend

Awesome app! over 4 years ago by Milena Nesic http://www.xxista.com

Super great app, really straightforward approach, simple to navigate, easy setup with the code. I absolutely love it, it definitely encourages customers to be more interactive with the site

very good operation on attracting review from buyer over 4 years ago by Lam Ngoc Minh http://www.ula.vn

very good operation on attracting review from buyer

Best App for Reviews...Ever! over 4 years ago by adm...com http://www.zenproaudio.com/

Before switching to BigCommerce, our old site would get reviews maybe once a month. The customer had to come back to the site and log in to leave a review. Needless to say we never built up many reviews. Now on BC with Yotpo, using the email review system we are getting reviews practically daily, sometimes more than one a day, which is just huge for us. Once installed and setup there isn't much else to think about. 

The BC review system is very decent, it even has an email reminder asking for reviews. However, with Yotpo your customer never leaves that email and submits directly from there in no time at all. In today's busy world this is welcomed!

Thanks Yotpo, very effective stuff and simple to use once implemented.

(oh, and if you need help they are all over it with great support)

Great app, great service over 4 years ago by pet...com http://www.abstractocean.com

I'm so impressed with Yotpo.  The BC review system is fairly crude (at best), so Yotpo is a huge improvement, and it's free! (I'll happily pay for it if I  manage to get more than 100 reviews a month).  I'm no HTML guy, so they had to help (i.e. do) me with some of the integration, and it took a few emails to finally crack it, but the support was good, and patient.  

It certainly drive more (validated) reviews than the native BC system, and it's really easy to share the good reviews via Twitter, which just helps me generate a bit of a social presence as well.  It's just me here, so I need apps that make my life easier, and this is certainly one of those.  As for future enhancements, if they could some how create a way to trigger the review request email once the items is delivered (i.e. integrate with one of the other shipping apps to get the delivery notifications), that would be awesome, as there's times when the email goes out before the item arrives (I ship globally, so the time can be anything from a day to 20 days).  Failing that, the option to have different time bands based on shipping destination would help too.  

It's a great platform, there's really no reason not to start using it.

Great app! over 4 years ago by my.....ru http://enact.ca

Great app!

Very Useful to my store over 4 years ago by eddie yang

Great APP

Great App over 4 years ago by sal....uk http://totallyvaped.co.uk

Very easy to use and integrate, excellent support even if your not 100% ok with HTML or CSS.

We increased our visitors through social sites (Twitter & Facebook) which is great,  customers review our products on the website and it can be seen on Facebook/Twitter. A huge improvement on built in review system we had.

Highly recommended, great service and great App.

Awesome App over 4 years ago by John Simmons

A must have for all online stores

Seams like a great service over 4 years ago by sal...com www.303cycle.com

I have just gotten into their product but from what I have seen it looks great. Had a little trouble getting it installed on our site but they were great to work with and get it installed they way it needs to be. Thank you

Excellent by Peter http://www.MeditationBench.com
Yotpo is excellent. We probably get about as many reviews in a month as we used to get in a year! It has been a dramatic increase. The social component has been great too, adding more traffic and sales. Yotpo even helped with the initial installation. In terms of reviews and social impact, this has been the best add on I've used yet for my bigcommerce store.
Yotpo Review from a happy customer by Kylie Http://www.genuinebaggage.com.au
I am a Bigcommerce user and recently added the Yotpo app to my website. In just a few days I already have some fantastic reviews to display on my store. I have a customised review tab that matches in with the theme of my site and reviews right under the products. I have seen an increase in visitors who have followed the links from reviews shared on social ( Facebook and Twitter). Very pleased and can't wait to see what happens next with this great app. Highly recommended.
re: Got reviews right away by Vivian
Yotpo was easy to set up and I got more reviews in 2 weeks then I had gotten in 6 months using just the big commerce system. Customers really responded to being able to add the review in an email. The reviews also alerted me to potential problems with my customers so I was able to contact the customers directly and address the issue immediately . Yotpo really helped me improve my customer service.
Yotpo by Brant
Very good app....it helps market our website, and its easy to install. no brainer.
Great! by Jay http://www.kettlebellkings.com
Yotpo makes it really easy for your customers to review your products, share those reviews and look professional!
Thank you works a treat by Darren Heaysman http://www.tornadotelephones.co.uk
I was a bit worried about installing this on my website not being a code person, but i found the instructions very easy to follow and it works a treat my first customer has left me a review. GREAT JOB YOTPO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Amazing app! by Ash http://www.outfitadditions.com
Set up instructions were easy. Support responded to my questions promptly. App works seamlessly...we are starting to accumulate reviews. Once we get more reviews, we hope to see a bump in conversion.
Definitely worth trying out!! by J.J. Bichard http://www.workgear.com
I have only been using Yotpo for about 2 or 3 weeks now but we have seen more reviews than we were expecting. It was very simple to get started. Thank you Yotpo.
Great by bob http://www.xotshoes.com
Easy to instal and get up and running. The reviews are coming in. Great!!
Love this App! by Erin http://www.irishtwinssoaps.com
Yotpo has been such an great asset to my website. Reviews are valuable to my customers - it's validation, it's description, it's independent people weighing in. This tool is easy-peasy to use and thus has been used a lot. Thank you Yotop!
Easy Installation by Jon http://www.bluecosmo.com
Installed Yopto a couple day ago and we started getting excellent feedback immediately! Works as advertised.
Awesome App! by James Meek http://www.thesoapshackbaby.com
This app is so awesome. Easy to use. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.
Great FREE app! wouldn't buy the paid version by Lindsay http://www.worldclasstiles.com
I love this app! It's my favorite app on BigCommerce so far. The support has been great, and the reviews have started really coming in since I installed this. The only downfall I have with this is that their premium version of this software (which allows you to choose to send emails only for shipped items, and you can stop emails from going to specific customers) is $150 a month!! Are you kidding me? I would gladly pay for this service, but that price is just outrageous! It is almost double the cost of my platinum membership for BigCommerce, and they handle much more than just reviews! I definitely think it's a must-have app for every store. I just wish they would consider lowering their price to something more affordable.
Great Free Product - Paid Has Best Features by Addison http://www.mypotsandplanters.com
This is a great alternative to the BC internal reviews engine, primarily because of the "review-by-email" feature that boosts review conversions big time. Highly recommended.
Awesome app! by Gaston Oquendo http://www.windycitycigars.com
We all know how important is to have reviews on our products online. They can increase your sales and conversion rate significantly, when I started at my company we had no reviews! i thought it was crazy not to have them, so i decided to look for an app that would do this for me and that was when I found YOTPO! The process was so easy simple plus if you have any questions they are there to help you. I was up and running in no time and in only 2 weeks I went from 0 reviews to over 150! my sales increase significantly, we are now at almost 500 reviews and growing. So yea I would definitely recommend this app. Oh and did I mention its FREE!
Best review app for BigCommerce by Charles
This is the best product review app for BigCommerce and beats their built-in review system by miles. We now actually have customers who leave reviews! Not to mention it is free! They have a paid plan coming out with more features. We'll definitely look into that too.
Great service by Sicilia's http://www.siciliasonline.com
way above expectations
Great Product & 5* Service by Daniel Frater http://www.exhalecigarette.co.uk
I dont normally write reviews, but i felt a need to say what great service i have had, i had a few issues (my fault entirely) the support staff were quick to respond and guided me through everything i needed. The app works seamlessly, and i am getting double the amount of reviews i did before. As Yotpo is a fairly new company i was slightly concerned. Not anymore and you shouldn't be. They look after their customers 100%.
App Works by Max http://www.nutriverse.com
Within 1 week of installing I have generated 36 reviews. It's paying for itself with conversions and adding that sense of sociability within a site that BC's custom review system could not do alone. Just waiting on the development team to fix a small glitch but despite that I'm happy.
Great! by tcellis
I have had this app for a week and absolutely love it! It was super easy to set up, has assured new customers we have great customer service, and has been so much fun seeing all the great review coming in. Highly recommend!
awesome! by Sandi
We just started using this but so far, it seems pretty awesome. We've already gotten a couple of reviews from the "mail after purchase" feature. I also really like how the reviews show up under the description instead of on a separate tab like Big Commerce used to have it.
All Big Commerce owners should have this app!!! by Dennis. D
I highly recommend this app for all Big Commerce sites owners, this is really a fantastic app and well worth the time it took to install it. The features and capabilities the app has to offers is beyond doubt incredible, and most of all, it adds such great value and insight to your business which is essential if you want to grow your business. Within 24 hours after installing this app we started to see reviews roll in which we didn't expect to happen so quickly, whilst reading the reviews with such big smiles on our faces, we couldn't help it but to brag a little by posting the reviews using the Yopto social media connector, it so easy to use that we may have gone a little over board on the first day bragging on facebook, but it was worth it! Yopto I can't thank you enough for delivering such a fantastic product and for making such a positive difference in our everyday business!
Great reviews app by Jayden
Excellent, I would have given a 5 star rating, the only thing that has stopped me is that the stars don't yet work for products listed in your shopping cart. I've no doubt that one day this will be fixed. Thanks guys.
Good but needs rich snippets! by Sherika
I really like all the nice features that come with Yotpo like: reviews directly from a customer's email inbox, automatic emails requesting feedback, auto-posting the best feedback to social media and so on; however, there is one big piece of the puzzle missing and to me it is a deal breaker - rich snippets. For an app this awesome, it should never have had this crucial SEO tool missing; not in 2013. Come on, Yotpo! Some other (weaker) platforms have the capability but not BigCommerce, why not? If I could have this feature enabled there is no way I would switch from Yotpo. But, at this time, if I find an equally great app, or even one that's a little less great, that offers rich snippets for BigCommerce I will be switching. Definitely!
Using it less than a week and reviews up! by Ryan Mercer
My site is 3 months and a few days old... prior to installing I'd had a little over 100 orders and no reviews. Installed 4 and a half days ago and now have 9 reviews from customers, all positive too (yay!) very satisfied with the app!
love this app! by Cathy
great program and love the customer service. cant wait for more upgrades.
Wow, what a great program by Cathy A
I had a few issues with coding and yotpo's customer service was outstanding and got it fixed immediately. The program is more than i expected especially for free! Thank you Yotpo!
5 Star Rating All Around - Excellent Product by Chris
Turn off standard review, and install this module ASAP! This review system is superior, and will enable you to create a better customer experience with a higher retention possibility. Customer service is outstanding as well!
A Must Have!!! by Chris
If you're looking for a solid review platform to include ease of use, functionality and "FREE"... Yotpo is for you! Easily integrate into your Bigcommerce site, with additional features that will only help you gain sales, traffic and credibility. Do not pass this feature up! Chris
Great Product and Outstanding Customer Service by Bright C
Yotpo is Best of it kind i ever come across, with easy to follow install guide and integration of social media and customizable look and positioning placement what else does a business need to get rolling, -Ability to remind customers to review products days or weeks after purchase -Integration of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Foursquare to post a review -Great customer support if you are looking to reduce bounce rate and abandon cart and increase your conversions, i will highly recommend Yotpo best of all is FREE
Great app! by Lucy
I have used this app for a month so far and really like it. It was easy to setup and customize. Business has been slow lately but even still we received some reviews and one extra sale as a result. Thanks for a great app!
Yotpo by Ran
I am truly amazed at how this program. Being a doubting Thomas, we decided to try it and now I'm glad our website is using this program. It really works! Ran
Very useful app by David
Initially I thought this is another product reviews app, and I was surprised to find out about the extra features, making this app to a complete marketing solution.
Best Reviews App ever!! by Janice
This has got to be the best app I ever used and unbelievably it's free! Easy to install even though I'm not very technical and when I did have a question or two their support was so responsive and helpful that it made everything a cinch! The best thing though is I started getting reviews immediately (the same day I installed it) I would definitely recommend this app!!
Great reviews! by Jennifer
I started using Yotpo a week ago and already am seeing positive reviews coming in! The product is very easy to use and the support is great! 5 stars.
WOW! Amazing App! by Jony
Love it! After installing yotpo I got 13 new customers in 24 hs. Amazing!
Best reviews app out there by Jason Brown
I've tried a number of reviews apps for my online store but most either don't work or are too complicating. Yotpo just works and thanks to the extra traffic I now get from Facebook I make a few hundred bucks extra each month. Highly recommended.
This is the best app you can add to your store. Period. by Lucy
I was amazed by the easy integration, and even more by the quantity of reviews I received from day 1. The best thing about this app is that it actually leverage the reviews into new customers from the social networks and other channels. Thanks Yotpo!
Fantastic! More than 5 Stars! by Carola
We looked at Yotpo to integrate with our BC store and it works seamlessly. Simple code placed in templates and you have a widget running on your store. After running for 4 years on another platform, making the move wasn't easy and with over 600 reviews on products we also had to think about moving those to our new store. Yotpo did the job, they even imported everything for us. I wish other companies would offer wonderful quick customer service and a great product like Yotpo have. We have another two stores and will be using Yotpo there too, no questions asked! Thanks to the Yotpo team for making our lives easier.
Awesome App......just go for it by NAIR
Yotpo is a review app that integrates into your store pretty easy. This product has lots of potential.
Great Service from Yotpo by Russ
We switched from a Magento platform to a Big Commerce platform (much lower operating costs) and used Yotpo to import and manage the reviews. The process went flawlessly and Yotpo's technical support responded immediately to our request for assistance.
Amazing app and customer service. by Murtaza
This is a fantastic review app. It has much more features than the built in review app. Installation was very easy. The customer service was also brilliant when i had any questions. Looks very nice and works perfectly. This is highly recommended for you store.
Excellent App by Becky
Yotpo is easy to install. I instantly started getting review from my customers. The reviews look great on my website. My customers were eager to share their opinions.
YotPo App by Ran
I have got to say this is my very FIRST time using any programs to enhance my website and Yotpo made it so easy. In fact, they even gave assistance in the installation process. What a great team and what a great program! I highly recommend it and you will too! Ran M
Feel sorry for waiting so long to try by DirectAdvert
We recently switched from BigCommerce commenting and customer feedback system to Yotpo and immediately started feeling sorry for not trying it earlier. The results so far have been great and already considering switching to premium edition so solution can be further customized to our needs. simply, A+++++
Great App, Responsive Support. by Kevin
Had this review app on my website and it actually delivered what I was expecting. It's neat, can be customized and very user-friendly. What I liked most is the customer support. They were very responsive and had given me exact solutions just when I needed it. Great app, would definitely recommend it.
Fantastic for social proof by cindy kent
Yotpo is so easy to use, i had no issue setting it up as they have step by step instructions. Ive only had it a few days and already have 50 reviews. I think its great for showing social proof and now my customers can see what others like or dislike about the products. HIGHLY recommend this.
Make customer reviews REALLY work for your business! by Rodrigo Herzberg
Our website has been running for over 10 years, and we have always been proud to receive "many" spontaneous customer reviews praising our products and service and recommending them to others. However, since we installed Yotpo two weeks ago (a smooth and streamlined process like few applications I know) we have received 10 times the normal amount of reviews! I think the strongest points are: - invitations to review products are sent automatically and can be nicely customized - unlike on the standard BigCommerce templates, where customers have to dig in really deeply to find the reviews of the products, now the reviews are highly visible and can be found intuitively on the right of each page - reviews look more "trustworthy" because reviewers are labelled as "verified" or "buyer" - the best reviews are automatically posted to your facebook and/or twitter pages in intervals you can set according to your site's needs. In addition to this there is a brand new coupon reward system, that still needs some work due to the complexity of integrating it with the store coupon system, but we are using it on a trial basis. All our support requests have received personalized answers within 24 hours. Highly recommended product!
Great app by Michael
I am using it a few days only but packed with social sharing and rewarding my customers with coupons for posting their reviews on their twitter/facebook pages it looks an excellent idea and very promising. I have received 7 reviews and one facebook sharing just in 36 hours of initial setup. I would have got more in sharing If I had noticed this feature from the beginning.
Seamless integration; fast, easy and very powerful by Mike Wuellner
We're still in the start up stage of our ecommerce site so, consequently, the priority of efficient, easy ways to build activity and traffic on the web site and build our social media presence are of utmost importance. Yotpo has greatly assisted us in achieving just that. We received three reviews in two days after implementing the app - and that's pretty impressive since we're only getting about 100-150 visitors to the site a day right now. Being able to link to twitter and facebook is a big plus for us as we are getting great traffic to our site from facebook. Easy implementation of the app, great features and so far it's working perfectly. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Yotpo. Great job.
I tried to give it a chance.... by Michael
But it just does not work. The app kept emailing customers who never placed an order - I assume it was emailing abandoned carts, or something - thus giving non-customers the ability to leave a negative review for an item that they did not even purchase. We had to disable it - it's a shame, I would PAY for an app like this. But only if it worked...this one does not.
Awesome by Mark
This is BY FAR, one of the best apps I have added to my website. Very smooth install complete with detailed instructions. I will definitely stay attached to my site!
Best extension you can have for your eCommerce store by Terry
Seriously. Literally helped us to increase the sales by around 5% with no effort at all. And the installation was a breeze as well. You must use it!
Easy and Effective by John
This app makes getting real product reviews incredibly easy. It's mail after purchase feature is perfect for automatically following up on customer purchases and the review form in the email invites customers to quickly write a review without jumping across several links. Love this app!
not very safe by Londoner
A bit disappointed really. At the moment with CAPTCHA and Bigcommerce way at least we can prevent spammy reviews before they hit the page but with Yotpo we have no chance of intercepting spam. A big big downer really.
Retrospective reviews ++ by Heidi
I recently upgraded my Bigcommerce template to one of the new designs and found this to be a great oppurtunity to review some other aspects of my store. My small eccomerce business needed something more than aesthetics, descriptions and SEO to get more traffic and conversions. Our products main benefit is fragrance - Unfortunately something very difficult to convey to potential customers unfamilar with our product via an online medium. Yotpo has brought a level of social trust to the store and our brand. The reviews validating what WE already knew. One suprise was the almost instant influx of reviews after the easy install. I later found out that Yotpo had sent out reviews to customers who had recently transacted with us. It was instant gratification that Yotpo works! The ability to add a small customised message to the review request is great, and the ability the customer has to leave a review simply, without leaving their email client brings it all together. Well done, love it!
Brilliant app by Jenny
Very easy to install and customize, looks amazing on my website. It is the perfect way for customers to leave reviews and be converted to returned shoppers using the Yotpo coupon integration. Love it!
Fantastic App! by Jessica
First of all this is the easiest app to install and once I had it going I started to generate reviews like magic. I can't believe this app is free. I've paid for apps like this that did nothing for me. I love Yotpo!
A must have solution for every ecommerce by Joey Keirls
Hello, I have established my shop around 4 years ago. I am at the pillows and sheets business, based on the US. Business wise, it has always been fine and we enjoyed from the global growth of the ecommerce industry and in particular in the US. More and more people are shifting to buy online. The only thing that has dramatically frustrated me along these last four years is the lack of community and user generate content in my website, and it seemed like these are privileges belongs to giants sites only (Amazon, Ebay and so on). I then installed Yotpo. I read in some reviews that Yotpo guarantee 5-9 percent conversion from shoppers to buyers, meaning that I can have hundreds of reviews per month. I had to try it out. Today I can report back on 6.8 conversion from shoppers to active content creators - reviewers. I have about 150 reviews on my site and reviews are keep piling up. Now, telling the truth, I only care about conversion. TRUE conversion, from site visit to payment. Yotpo helped in that too. I can report that products that have more than 10 reviews are 10 times (!!) more likely to be purchased, and that overall conversion in my website jumped from the industry standard (i had slightly higher conversion of about 3.6%) to about 4.1% that's about 15% improvement. Really recommended solution.
Amazingly powerful app by Tom
Yotpo is the best app I have ever used for generating reviews. It took me literally 8 minutes to install and was easy to customize to match my store. In the first 2 weeks I had over 30 reviews and started to see traffic from Facebook thanks to the shares of the reviews to my page. Some of my customers have even told me that it was thanks to some of the positive reviews on my site that they made purchases. Thanks Yotpo, you guys are amazing.
Very happy with the results by Andrew
The number one thing you need to know about YotPo is that you will see results almost instantly. Their system is MUCH more effective than the built-in option by Bigcommerce. The email that is sent out has an actual form in the body of the email that a customer can fill out to submit their review, which makes it easy and effective at acquiring new reviews. The best parts of YotPo in my view are: 1) It's FREE. 2) It works! You will be amazed to see the amount of reviews coming in by comparison with the once in a blue moon reviews we were getting through Bigcommerce's built in email request. 3) Despite being free, YotPo offers excellent support. 4) "Verified Buyer" badge Here are the few drawbacks to their system (and the reason I'm only giving 4 stars): 1) If you are using tabs on the product page, it is difficult to get YotPo reviews onto its own tab. 2) Installing their "Bottom Line" feature across your site can be somewhat challenging if you aren't familiar with HTML and CSS. I've yet to figure out how to display the ratings on the products listed on the category pages. 3) Their reviews don't affect the "Sort by Avg. Review" sort by feature on the category pages. 4) Just like Bigcommerce's built-in option, the reviews are somewhat basic (name, title, review, date), unlike a paid service like PowerReviews that has many more features for their reviews like pros/cons, pictures, ways to sort reviews, etc. 5) The email that customers get is just for one product on the order, so people often review all the items on their order instead even though it's posted to a single product.
Very nice by Matilda
A week since installing it and we have 63 reviews and counting, which is a vast improvement over the rate we were getting with BC's native system. Top notch execution. Biggest disadvantage is that you can't import existing reviews in from Bigcommerce (because BC hasn't made the reviews a reportable table.) Currently this system is free for small guys like me, but I think when they finally monetize it you'll be stuck paying a monthly fee.
This is a must have app! by Stephan
Literally help us to increase sales by word of mouth marketing. The amount of reviews the system helps us to generate is amazing, and I also love the integration with Facebook and Twitter that help to use these reviews in order to attract new customers. GREAT job guys!!!
Fantastic Service and It Works! by Adrian
Just installed the plugin on my site a couple of days ago. Had a problem with install and these guys did it for me :-) 24 hours later...2 reviews! Brilliant!
Very Happy So Far by Magnifier
We installed Yotpo recently on our website and have already had a few customers leave reviews. We like how their thumbnail comes up next to the review, it looks very clean and professional looking. This is a much better solution than the already installed review module which in our opinion needs an update. Definitely recommend this for your store. Its very easy to set up and there are step by step instructions. You really can't go wrong with this App. A++
Excellent App for your online Store! Highly Recommended.. by Daisy
Love this review system, App works great, Fast and easy to install. Highly recommended!!
YOTPO by Robert
Great App, perfect customer support.
Increased my traffic and reviews! Love the Yotpo app by Diana
In just a few days my I got ~100 reviews, the traffic from Facebook and Twitter increased substantially and the integration was extremely easy. I highly recommend it for every store owner and this is for sure a must have.
The Best Review Software Out There on The Internet by UK Greeting Cards
I had to add my review of Yotpo service I think this is the best I have used so far! I used the built-in Bigcommerce reviews and I had enough of it as I was getting tons of spam reviews all they wanted to do was add there rubbish links in fact it got so bad that I was getting around hundred a day - not good. So I gave Yotpo a go and I am so glad I did. Yes it was a bit tricky to setup but the staff there were well superb and its working like a dream. AND NO MORE SPAM REVIEWS thank goodness not one single one!!! So give them a go you will love it you having thing to lose but more to gain. Michael
Awesome App! by Josh
This app rules, easy integration with the store and plenty of customization that gives the extension the look and feel of your site. Works seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter with the option to either manually moderate your reviews and post to Facebook, or set the app to automatically post all reviews. The only disadvantage is Bigcommerce's inability to export existing reviews and allow customers to see these as testimonials. However, going forward it gives your customers a professional looking window where they can view reviews of your site and your products. Support is great too, quick response times and very helpful. Would highly recommend this to another store owner, 5 stars!! Thanks Yotpo!
Simply Amazing with Surprising Results! by Alvaro Pastor
I'd heard of Yotpo from an industry e-mail, when I saw that it was available for BigCommerce I figured we should give it a try. I was a bit hesitant since there is no way to import the existing Product reviews..and we had so many that it seemed like a shame to lose them, but *Do it Anyway*! You will not regret it! Within a few days we already had dozens of reviews for the products, their automated e-mail system is so much better than the integrated one on Bc (sorry guys) because for some reason people really respond to it. They've left us honest, helpful feedback that has helped us tend to our clients in a much better way. The social feature is a handy bonus, and frankly I am completely amazed at how exceedingly well Yotpo has performed as a Review management and gathering system...and to think that it is Free, well we could not be more pleased! We're fans... and if the Bigcommerce app store used Yotpo, this review would already be posting to BigCommerce's Facebook Fan page ;-)
Yotpo added a jetpack to our product reviews campaign! by David
Yotpo has this amazing feature, where they automatically email your customer for a review. The kicker is that they allow the customer to leave the review without ever leaving the email. This has increased our rate of getting a review by hundreds of percentage points. It integrates easily with Bigcommerce. The only downsides right now are: 1. They email customers any amount of days from when the place an order, not from when the order ships. This leads to issues such as orders that have been canceled still getting the review emails. 2. For some reason orders that are incomplete are still emailed even though the order went through. 3. If we were able to filter orders by Country (US vs Other) so that we could email our domestic customers and International customers a different amount of days after the order is placed. Overall Yotpo is unbelievable!
Highly recommended by Ben
The installation guide was perfect and made everything very easy. App looks and works great in action.
Great app by Leo
Very useful app to boost customer review
I Love This Review System! by http://www.buysoapnuts.com/
This is a great review system with social sharing. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is how to set up the reviews page apart from the ones that appear with your products.
Great extension! by Hillary
I installed Yotpo on my shop two weeks ago and began generating reviews almost immediately. I used to have a different reviews system that didn't generate any reviews at all. I'm very pleased with the Mail After Purchase feature, which I think is what's helping me generate so many reviews, so quickly!
Finally I have reviews on my site! by Amit
I used the Bigcommerce default system and couldn't generate reviews. Since I've started to use Yotpo reviews are coming every day. Thanks Yotpo for this great free app!
Great app, Excellent support by Gaz
App was very easy to install and get working, when I had a question about integrating the app in a different way to the norm then support got back to me within only a matter of hours with step by step instructions to resolve my problem. Thanks Yotpo, so far I am more than happy with the app and the company.
New to Yotpo by mVua
I recently added Yotpo to my Big Commerce Website. I love the fact that the reviews/comments received are automatically fed to your Facebook and Twitter account, if you so choose to set it up that way. This gives the opportunity for those who may not think to have an interest in, or may not have even known about your website, to see reason as to why they may have interest, and therefore, they are more likely to take a look at you website and discover what your products/services may have to offer to meet their needs. I did have to contact Yotpo in order to get everything set up but everything was set up once we went through the process. I'm looking forward to the results that using Yotpo will bring to the awareness of my brand.
Best Personalized Service! by Teddy
Got some minor bugs with the app but was fixed in manners of minutes! Great app and service overall. App drives traffic to my website and most of all NO SPAM.
Highly recommended, great app! by Mary
I have had this app on my website for the past 3 months. A week or so ago I received an email from Dov at Yotpo announcing the release of the new version. The new widget allows customers to give their review without having to access their social account. Wow is it ever dandy - my reviews started coming in bang bang bang. I am impressed with the increase in reviews and also with the great customer service. Dov responded to my inquiry promptly and explained how the new widget works. I like this app and would recommend BC merchants consider adding this app. This app works well and has great potential to grow your business.
Very nice app and great support! by Alessandro
The app is very nice and a particular praise to the support, really very helpful and fast to give all the explanations to our questions. Thanks to all the Yotpo Team.
absolutely great value by James
most definitely one of the best apps for any given BigCommerce store. These guys helped me all the way to up and running system within my store. The best part is that the Yotpo solution, takes care for everything for you. It handles the reminder emails that are so important for creating reviews, it publishes reviews to social accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter), and it even takes care of the SEO of the reviews. The last thing to emphasise is their support. There is this guy there, named Dave, he really knows his way around customer service and how you should treat your customers. Nothing but someone to learn from. Thanks for all the help.
I don't see any reason why don't use it on every eCommerce store by Gil
If you don't use is you just lose engagement with your customers and a super valuable content by them. They've made some changes to the product recently which suddenly increased dramatically the number of reviews on my site. I think the best changes they have made is : 1. A review form inside the email sent to the customers, so the can leave the review within the mail. 2. They now allow to leave a review using the email and not only the social account. Great job guys!!
Great Product and Excellent Customer Service by Kathy
I'm really happy with this addition! looks great and fast helpful customer service. Easy to install, easy to use! Well worth it!
Great app by Allison Andrews
Yotpo presents the reviews I get in a beautiful layout. I've been able to customize the look and feel of the plugin to fit my store perfectly, which was great. I asked their customer support for help with this and they got right back to me, and it took no time at all. Really like this app so far, my reviews are just great!
Great app and service! by James
I installed the Yotpo app on my site about a week ago, and love it so far! Yotpo reviews are 1) beautiful 2) social - whenever I get a review it automatically posts to my Facebook 3) free All in all, a MUCH better alternative to the built in reviews. I LOVE it.
Highly recommended! by satisfied show owner
After talking with the guys over there it took me 10 minutes to install the system. I already have reviews and I had the chance to talk to their head of support. They are releasing new features that I really love! BTW, it is fully customised to my website which is great, highly recommended!
You got to have this one by David
Have an amazing customer support with installation but that is not the point. The system actually looks amazing and it works!!! I have reviews and my customers are truly happy. Would recommend it to any store owner.
We installed Yotpo on the online store by Dynamic Systems
We installed Yotpo on the online store https://www.rxwhey.com/. It allows us to collect visitor feedback not only from the customers who register at the store, but also from anybody who can enter by his/her Twitter, Facebook, etc. account. It really is a comfortable tool, because these days nobody takes care to register at a store or forum, whereas everybody has a Twitter or Facebook login to use here. Yotpo allows us to integrate this social aspect into the store. The store in some sense becomes a part of the “social network”. Installation was clear and understandable. I followed the installation steps at: https://www.yotpo.com/install Only one thing need be taken into account. If the store is BIGcommerce store, you need activate the reviews module via the admin area additionally. Nicky at the Yotpo Support support team helped to solve this problem, and now the store is running fine.
Great App and even better customer support! by Dre
I love the functionality of this product and the fact that it is fully customized. Had some questions for their support during the (short) installation and they were very responsive and nice. Thanks!
Outstanding Customer Service + Great App by Jonathan http://www.tdu.com.au
The app is great, it is a lot cleaner and looks much nicer than the standard review system. It allows customers to login to Facebook or twitter so the review is automatically shared with friends meaning that there is much more publicity! The team is also great. The installation manual was very easy to follow and took about 5 minutes to setup. I had a couple of issues but the YotPo team replied in literally a few hours and had it all fixed. Greatest feature is that it is 100% FREE. Love it!
Great app, like it by Mary http://www.PersonalizedStoryBooks.ca
Yotpo is an excellent system for any website that wants to grow by means of social reviews. I recently added this application to my Big Commerce website. Once I set up my account, within a short while after the staff at Yotpo voluntarily looked at my website and alerted me that the widget was not set up properly and gave me instructions to fix this. Great service, I like that someone is watching out for me. I like the idea of the social media aspect in that the customers review go right on Facebook for all to see. Once a customer review was posted on my website, I was immediately notified via automatic email by Yotpo. This app works and has helped me to once and for all be done with all the unsolicited spam reviews that I used to get before. No I get real reviews from real people. Way to go. Thanks Yotpo!!!
this great addon by flemming
I am so pleased with this great addon and I must say that I got so much help from Nicky ( thank you very much) He made sure this addon was installed on my site, because I am not so hot to all that code, But Nicky made it all for me and it is now implemented. All of us with a ecommerce site that today the best SEO avaible is the Social sites that is where the good traffic comes from and this review ap is going to help me a lot getting more visitors from these sites Thanks again to you and the team at Yotpo. many regards flemming
Loved the product by jimidu
I chose to install Yotpo, after finding out that Bigcommerce current review system doesn't do the job. After reading in many places on how important reviews are, and good they suppose to do to my conversion rates, I decided to put some weight on the problem and to invest some time and effort on integrating a more professional solution. After signing up to the service, I installed their widget in no time. I had little problems with integrating all over the shop, but what can I say, Yotpo's splendid support really took a good care of me. After short correspondence I had the system up and running. I gave 4 stars, because after all they do consider themselves a self-service, easy to install solution, but I did have some troubles in the process. But important to emphasise, that over all I am very satisfied and will most definitely recommend Yotpo's review system to a friend, as it really took the reviewing experience in my website to a whole new level. Thank you guys.
2 in 1 by Angela
I knew I wanted a reviews system for my store and I stumbled upon yotpo and was very pleased to find out that they have the social connection already built in and what really got me sold was that just like amazon they have that email thing that is sent automatically to buyers after they got something in the store and ask them to come back and review it again.
Top-notch service by Dana
I am not much of a techy person so I had my doubts when I first wanted to integrate Yotpo's app. Once I decided that I needed their app, their amazing support truly blew me away! Don't worry about the cumbersome process, once I talked with their experts they supported me throughout the whole thing. They are fully committed to their customers and the app works really great!
by Charles
Yotpo is a review app that integrates into your store relatively easy. All you have to do is put a line of code in the header and add a couple blocks of code to the product reviews html file. They say to remove the BC review code but I just commented it out instead. The basic plan is completely free and does not require payment information to be on file. The free plan lets your customers publish up to 100 reviews a month and works in one store. The customer just logs in with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Foursquare to post a review. This helps put a person behind the review instead of possible spam review. The only downside is that you need to have a social media account to post a review, but that is the whole point of Yotpo. The closest alternative is power reviews express but that costs $100 a month and doesn't have any social media interaction. Yotpo is constantly improving so if you are using it and have a suggestion feel free to mention it to them. Yotpo is a relatively new startup company with lots of potential. I prefer to support small companies compared to larger corporate businesses because that is usually where the new great ideas come from and your opinion matters. Yotpo is still in the beginning stages but they have great potential to be a game changer.