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Molly Mutt Builds a Better Shopping Experience for Dog Owners

Molly Mutt Customer Story

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Let’s face it — anyone with a dog understands the temptation that creeps in the second you start shopping for them. What’s usually intended to be a one-item purchase quickly turns into a full cart stocked with everything you need to pamper your furry friend.

While picking out new items for your pet is fun — seeing the final bill at the end is not. Many of these items are priced high without having the quality to justify the cost, and browsing can be inefficient and take much longer than anticipated.

Thankfully, there are retailers like Molly Mutt that offer high-quality and sustainable pet products that are built to last. 

The best part? They understand the desire to spoil your pup, which is why they offer a kitting and bundling feature that lets customers quickly stock up without emptying their wallets.

Through this feature, Molly Mutt customers can easily purchase multiple products at once, customize each bundled item based on their desired size and pattern, and receive exclusive discounted pricing.

Keep reading to learn how Molly Mutt turned this idea into reality and how it has drastically improved the customer experience for online shoppers — leading to a record increase in the company’s average order size.

Building an effortless and guilt-free way to shop for your pet

As Molly Mutt worked to re-platform its ecommerce store from Magento 1 to BigCommerce, it knew it wanted to incorporate a kitting and bundling feature that would enhance the customer experience. 

The team understood that with BigCommerce, the sky's the limit due to its Open SaaS capabilities. So they asked their trusted agency partner Modelic to create this functionality.

“We found a great partner — Modelic — that really understood the vision for our online store. We wanted a way to group items on a page without creating new SKUs or products for every combination so that customers could shop across categories from a single page,” Charles Combs, Head of Marketing at Molly Mutt, explained.

Together, they developed a plan to create a user-friendly way to allow customers to purchase multiple items at once — saving them the trouble of searching throughout the site to find everything they need. 

Additionally, Molly Mutt wanted discounts and special pricing to be automatically applied to bundled items, providing shoppers with an incentive for using this functionality.

Modelic understood the task at hand and created a feature that exceeded Molly Mutt’s expectations.

“We were able to build the bundle kit feature using an offsite database that communicates with the customer’s browser in real-time. This way they can choose items based on size, color, and patterns, and get exactly what they want instead of choosing from something that's prebuilt,” said Matthew Coles, Account Director at Modelic. 

Additionally, the team was able to easily incorporate BigCommerce’s Automatic Promotions feature, so special pricing and discounts are automatically applied once a customer adds the bundled products to their cart. 

Kitting and bundling make Molly Mutt the top dog

Through the implementation of the kitting and bundling feature, Molly Mutt offers shoppers a cheaper and more efficient way to purchase multiple products at once without any limitations. 

On top of this, the discounted pricing associated exclusively with bundled items encourages customers to add additional items to their cart — increasing the average order size.

By simplifying the shopping process and rewarding customers who bundle, Molly Mutt has enhanced its customer experience and seen significant growth. In fact, throughout its first three years on BigCommerce, the company increased its average order size by 13% due to the bundle kits and additional features incorporated.

“Customers are very happy with the kitting and bundling feature. They get exactly what they want instead of choosing from something that's prebuilt, and we've built it in a way that's sustainable and we've been able to add products to it," explained Coles. 

The final word

It’s no surprise that this customer-focused brand put its all into offering fellow dog lovers an efficient and affordable way to treat their pets. Incorporating custom features like kitting and bundling is a great way to create an unforgettable experience for your shoppers and establish repeat customers. 

Interested in implementing the bundle kit feature in your online store? Learn more about BigCommerce’s agency partner Modelic to see how they can take your ecommerce site to the next level.

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