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New BigCommerce Themes Offer More Options for Small and Mid-Sized Stores

John Yarbrough / 2 min read

Earlier this year we announced 67 new BigCommerce storefront designs developed by Pixel Union, a leading ecommerce design agency whose themes have been used by millions of people and brands, from budding entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Since then, we have gathered a lot of feedback from our community on the new designs and seen hundreds of stores adopt them to provide customers with an even better shopping experience. Today, four new themes are being released, each with four distinct variations (16 new theme variations overall), specifically tailored to support a wide range of product types and catalog sizes.

Key additions include eight long-awaited theme variations (Exhibit and Runway) which feature a sidebar navigation, in addition to four additional theme variations (Hero) designed for larger catalog sizes. Here’s a top-level view of the new additions:

  • Exhibit: Key benefits include sidebar navigation and featured content slots including multi-level categories, brands or pages.
  • Runway: Key benefits include sidebar navigation and support for full-width images designed to invite customer engagement.
  • Hero: Key benefits include a traditional drop down or a ‘mega menu’ capable of supporting very large catalogs.
  • Atelier: Key benefits include high-quality editorial aesthetic, unique navigation and stunning homepage product grid.

Exhibit Theme

Specifically designed for retailers with small and medium-sized product catalogs, this theme combines a “Classic” sidebar navigation with a clean, modern grid layout providing easy navigation for consumers. Each of Exhibit’s four variations are highly brandable, providing merchants with a malleable template to present their brand and products exactly as they envision.

The Exhibit theme can be purchased for $170 USD and comes in classic, organic, minimal and bold variations. It is recommended for merchants selling Electronics, Fashion/Apparel or Home Goods.

Runway Theme

Similar to Exhibit, the Runway theme also features a persistent left-hand sidebar making site navigation a breeze for first-time and returning customers. Additionally, each of Runway’s four variations takes advantage of full-width images in the homepage carousel, providing the perfect backdrop for your products. The theme also makes great use of space on both category and product pages, ensuring for a great browsing experience on all device types.

The Runway theme can be purchased for $170 USD comes in bold, bright, minimal and warm variations. It is recommended for merchants selling Fashion/Apparel, Gifts or Specialty products.

Hero Theme

Hero comes with added flexibility within the theme editor, providing merchants additional options such as additional granularity for color editing across the theme, carousel customizations and other features to help you with fine tuning your store. Each Hero variation effectively uses white space to call attention to your products, while seamlessly integrating editorial content to convey your brand’s story. Additionally, this theme features the ability to toggle between a traditional dropdown category menu and a ‘mega menu’ capable of supporting large product catalogs.

The Hero theme can be purchased for $170 USD and comes in minimal, warm, clean and bright variations. It is recommended for merchants selling Sports/Outdoors wares, as well as Clothing and Apparel brands.

Atelier Theme

The Atelier theme is unlike any other available in the market, featuring a unique navigation menu and high-quality editorial feel that puts a premium on stunning, full-width imagery. Ideal for stores with small catalogs and high-res images, each Atelier variation makes use of category and subcategory images, along with category descriptions, in lieu of a traditional carousel on the homepage, begging visitors to explore your collections.

The Atelier theme can be purchased for $235 and comes in minimal, bright, classic and modern variations. It is recommended for merchants selling home goods, boutique or bespoke handmade products, as well as clothing and apparel brands.

As with the previous releases, these new themes are unique to the BigCommerce platform and  fully-responsive so they look great on all modern device types and operating systems

For more information you can browse all available themes in the Theme Marketplace.


John Yarbrough

John Yarbrough

John is Director of Communications at BigCommerce where he is focused on telling stories about the evolution of ecommerce and the incredible brands shaping its future.

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21 comments on “New BigCommerce Themes Offer More Options for Small and Mid-Sized Stores

  1. Big C on

    “Hero” and “Exhibit” look extremely ugly in the way they handle multi-level categories or “mega-navigation”
    Both of them look complete mess when we try to apply them to our 5 levels menu depth catalog.
    You people probably completely forgot the main principles of software development, which are:
    1.Application must work
    2.Application must meet specs
    3. Application must be user friendly
    4. KISS

  2. Deniz Ibrahim
    Deniz Ibrahim on

    Hi Shirly –
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Our themes are currently in Early Access. As we move from Early Access into our full launch in the coming months, we have been (and will be) incorporating customer feedback to bring the best product to market (including greater html access).. For now, our base Cornerstone theme lets your developers access the files. We’ll have greater access in the coming months.

    I’m a little confused by your feedback on the product page. All our product pages have an “Add to Cart” button, or some other CTA. Which theme are you using?

  3. Shirly Cong on

    Problems with PixelUnion theme:
    Carousel is not mobile responsive, It says fully responsive
    No call to action buttons, ie: Buy Now on product overview pages
    No html access – major issue as we need some changes

    Basically we regret ever using this theme. The theme looks great but no functionality and no support from Pixel Union. Big Commerce blame them and they blame BigCommerce.

  4. Johan Watson on


    Both brilliant themes. But again the best of the two themes Hero can not handle multi level categories. If Pixel Union can just bring out 3 or 4 great themes with Multi level categories it will be great. The themes Pixel Union design is the best I have seen and no other company comes even close to these designs! Great work and I appreciate your message. Thanks for great support!

  5. Deniz Ibrahim
    Deniz Ibrahim on

    Hi Vegas_Sirk and C Ley- As the themes are in early access, we will continue to launch new functionality, one of which will be ability to have a developer modify the Pixel Union themes to ensure the best experience for your customers. For now, your developers can access and edit the code for the Cornerstone theme.

  6. Deniz Ibrahim
    Deniz Ibrahim on

    Hi C Ley – Thank you for the excellent questions and helpful feedback!

    Yes, we will be releasing additional themes this year from our partner Pixel Union. The themes do work with a number of apps, but as the themes are still in early access, we are working on adding more and will have them shortly.

    We developed our new themes with the goal of making them the most beautiful themes on the market. For greater advanced customization needs, our existing themes remain the best bet, but over the course of new months we will be adding more and more functionality to our new themes. We will not be discontinuing support or anything like that for our existing themes in the near future.

    For experts in BC customization, please check out our partner expert marketplace who are qualified to help you customize BigCommerce themes – both existing and new.

  7. Deniz Ibrahim
  8. Deniz Ibrahim
    Deniz Ibrahim on

    Hi Johan -I’m glad you like our new themes! What do you think about our new themes “Hero” and “Exhibit”? Hero features a mega-navigation that helps manage mid-large catalogs and Exhibit has multi-level categories.

  9. Vegas_Sirk on

    I hope this gets fixed soon. The guy I talked to on support said Summer and we are only a few days away from June. Asking in the town hall is a good idea.

  10. Vegas_Sirk on

    Support told me that customization has been requested but was not implemented. There is currently a theme I would LOVE to switch my store to, but due to the lack of being able to edit the areas around the “Add To Cart” button, and using some Apps that require code installed in the footers/headers I have held off. In fact I came to this blog post hoping that was what was being announced.

  11. chandru sharma on

    The Themes are very nice to see and looking stunning designs. Thanks for sharing it

    Chandru From Ecbilla – Ecommerce portal

  12. C Ley on

    I did read somewhere that said the old ones would be removed from list of available templates, but that if you wanted to go back to an old one, to contact BC. So I”m not sure, maybe they can restore them. If I get answers to my questions, I’ll update this.

  13. Sandi Keller on

    Thank you for asking these ?’s, I have had the same ones :) Only been with BC a couple of months and purchased one of the old templates – I had seen somewhere during setup that if you switch your store to one of the new ones, you can’t go back to the old if you don’t like it.

  14. Sandi Keller on

    Johan – nice site! very clean, modern and easy to navigate! What theme is that and where could I see more like it?

  15. C Ley on

    We’re in process of choosing a new template, and I have some questions regarding the distinctions between the older vs the newer templates before making the decision.

    It sounds like there are more limitations with the newer templates. Can these templates use apps such as chat, shipping, or loyalty apps? If not, will they ever have this capability and if so, eta?

    Can any customization be done on the new themes at all, like adding a country field to the newsletter sign up for example?

    What is the technology behind the old vs the new templates? ie PHP vs Java Script?

    Is BC moving toward eventual removal of all the old themes? Will there be disadvantages if we stick with an old theme?

    When will the remaining templates that are in progress be all released? Is Pixel Union doing all of them? I would love to buy our template from a developer who is also an expert in BC customization and solutions, but didn’t even see a phone number listed, which doesn’t make me too comfortable.

  16. Johan Watson on

    The themes are nice that is coming out! The only problem I find with the themes is that basically none of them can handle large catalogues and they can also not handle menus with sub categories. Can Pixel Union not build some themes that can handle menus with sub categories? See my current theme at

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