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Technical Support: The Team Dedicated to Providing 24/7 Top-Tier Assistance

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As a BigCommerce customer, you can engage a variety of resources designed to assist with developing and managing your ecommerce site. One of the most valuable resources we offer is access to our Services teams.

We understand how much goes into having a successful online store, which is why we maintain a team of experts to support customers as they grow their ecommerce business.

To show customers how to maximize these teams’ benefits, we’ve launched a blog series that breaks down each team’s role, how they can help you, and best practices for working with them.

In Part 6 of our series, we interviewed Meredith England, Senior Manager, Technical Support at BigCommerce to gain insights into how her team helps BigCommerce customers see success.

What does the Technical Support team do for customers?

Meredith England: “Technical Support’s number one priority is helping businesses that use our platform succeed. Our team is made up of several global tiers of support that provide different levels of assistance. Tier 1 Support is the first point of contact for most customers.

“Tier 2 Support is the first level of escalation from Tier 1 Support. If an agent is unable to resolve the issue, they escalate it to the Tier 2 team. This is also the first line of support for Enterprise plan customers with an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM), as well as agency and tech partner support. 

“If Tier 2 Support is unable to resolve the issue, they escalate the case to our highest support tier, Product Support Engineering. This team acts as the liaison between our customers and BigCommerce’s engineers and handles the most critical issues.  

How can customers get a hold of your team if they encounter an issue?

England: “Our support teams are available via online chat, phone call, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s important to keep in mind that there are times of the day when our support lines are busier than others. On average, we answer live customer contacts within two minutes or less. We try to respond to emails within twelve hours. 

“If you need immediate support, be sure to call or message us via the chat, as this will give you the fastest response.”

What type of training does the Technical Support team receive?

England: “We go through a full month of training. Everybody in the company generally starts with a two-week product training. Agents who are going on to be Tier 1, Tier 2, or on the Product Support Engineering team go through a two-week-long training course in which they learn more about technological components. They’re also shown how to support customers using tools like Salesforce and conduct mock phone calls and chats. Post onboarding, we ensure agents are given supplementary time to review new product updates and changes.”

What advice would you give to a customer preparing to work with your team?

England: “One of the things that we see most frequently is customers contacting us through a channel with a slower response time, like email, when they need immediate assistance. Always call in and talk to a representative if something urgent happens. You can also use the online chat feature for immediate support.

“Another piece of advice is that you should always know your support PIN when contacting us. It's located within the Control Panel under the Help section, and it is how we verify the account. Without it, we can only give general answers about BigCommerce and cannot look at anything specific to a customer.”

What are some of the most common issues customers call in for? 

England: “One of the things that customers tend to contact us about is importing and exporting products. If you don't do it correctly, it can affect your inventory or product catalog.

“I always recommend using our support resources as much as possible. We have endless videos, tutorials, and articles designed to help. We also offer a partner directory so customers can find an agency to assist with their build.”

What is your top tip for customers to be successful on BigCommerce?

England: “Take advantage of the different apps available on the platform. The one we recommend most in Support is Rewind, which is very inexpensive. If a customer messed up an import or somehow altered their store unfavorably, Rewind allows them to go back to a specific time to undo all that without losing their customer orders or anything else. It's definitely something that we suggest to everyone.”

The final word

Our Technical Support representatives take pride in offering top-tier service designed to quickly troubleshoot any issue you may encounter. Be sure to take advantage of this resource if you run into challenges with your site so you can get back to offering a seamless shopping experience and growing your business.

Check out our other Professional Services teams and join the BigCommerce Community on Facebook to collaborate, share advice, and learn from the success of other customers on our platform.

Annie Laukaitis

Annie is a Content Marketing Writer at BigCommerce, where she uses her writing and research experience to create compelling content that educates ecommerce retailers. Before joining BigCommerce, Annie developed her skills in marketing and communications by working with clients across various industries, ranging from government to staffing and recruiting. When she’s not working, you can find Annie on a yoga mat, with a paintbrush in her hand, or trying out a new local restaurant.