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With one click you get a complete, automated backup system that keeps your BigCommerce store safe.

Rewind® gives BigCommerce store owners peace of mind by automatically backing up their most important store data. Rewind saves product, product details and product images, customers, orders and more in our secure Rewind Vault.

Why you need this app

When items are deleted from BigCommerce, they're gone forever. Rewind helps provides store owners peace of mind by backing up store data and allowing you to rewind it if something is deleted.

Items can be deleted for a number of reasons. If you give write permission to the apps you install, they can delete items. It can take mere seconds to delete all the products from an entire store. In addition, employees make mistakes, and can accidentally delete the wrong thing, or in rare cases even purposely delete items.

Get Started

Once the app is installed, select a plan. Each plan comes with a 7 day free trial.

Sit back and relax. Rewind will backup your store, and send you an email when it's done. We will also send you weekly emails telling you what's changed.


Automatic Backups

Rewind automatically backs up the data from your store and puts it in our secure Rewind Vault™. As your store changes, we store the new information securely in our Rewind Vault™. Real time monitoring is available, with items being updated instantly without having to wait for your backup to run.

Easy Undo

With Rewind you can easily undo any unwanted changes to your BigCommerce store. Rewind maintains a history of all previous versions of your products, and you can instantly undo any change you make to any product with a single click.

Instant Backups

As you save products in your store, Rewind automatically saves new versions in the Rewind Vault. There's no need to wait for your backup to run - we backup your products instantly as they change.

Full Backups

Rewind backs up products and product images, product categories, product reviews, customers, orders and more. For a complete list of what we backup, please visit We plan on adding additional items over the coming months.

Rewind Vault

Your data is stored safely and securely in the Rewind Vault, and available to you at any time through the Rewind app in your BigCommerce store.

Rewind Versions

When an item is changed, Rewind saves a new version during the backup. That way you can "rewind" a deleted product to any previous version, ensuring that you can restore to the exact date and time that you need.

Completely Secure

Rewind was designed from the ground up to be completely secure. Connections to BigCommerce are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™.

Flexible Restores

You can instantly search for any saved item in the Rewind Vault. Find the deleted item you're looking for and rewind it to a previous version in seconds.

Easy Setup

Install Rewind from the BigCommerce app store, select a plan and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically for your most important data.

Full Support When You Need It

For support, contact If you have questions before purchasing, contact us at


You can get full pricing details on our website at

$5 - $299 / month, 7 day free trial

Client Reviews (90)

rewind 1 day ago by
a must have app. if or when you screw up you know everything will be ok!!!!!!!!!
Great Service about 7 days ago by
Great to have this service, Rewind backup every time you update or change the data in all different areas that help you to go back to different versions in the past.
Nice to have this service about 7 days ago by
Both the installation and the Rewind platform was very easy to install and use. Having the Rewind platform gives me great comfort in case data is lost. I haven't had any data lost yet but it's good to know I can easily get the data back using the Rewind app.
Review about 8 days ago by
It is nice to know that my site and all of my hard work are backed up daily without a problem. One less thing to be concerned with and there is comfort in knowing that a back-up exists should it be needed. The Rewind team is also very approachable and responsive to questions and concerns. Thank you for your product!
current view of your services about 9 days ago by
I have only been with you a short time but so far new items are showing up daily in the vault I have had no sales yet so customer/sales info have not been check yet But so far I can say in app is positive so far Thank You for your help Tony Santoro AA SAVING General Merchandise 4/15/18
Good backup about 10 days ago by
Wasn't always good at making manual backups, so this seemed like a great solution. Install was simple. Everything looks good. Hopefully nothing ever happens, but now I feel covered if it does.
Backups are IMPORTANT about 11 days ago by
Does what it says, seems very effective and as a techie, I definitely appreciate a good backup!
Simple and cost effective about 11 days ago by
So far does just what is advertised. No worries this is taken care of.
One less thing to worry about! about 11 days ago by
Low-cost piece of mind. While their service didn't exactly sync w/ our store off-the-bat, Mike Potter and Sarah-Lynn fixed the issue by the end of the day - and kept in constant contact throughout the entire process! O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G Customer Service!
Does what it says about 11 days ago by
We have, thankfully, never had to call on the backup, but I love the peace of mind that comes with having one.
Top Notch Back-up about 11 days ago by
Amazing app, easy to install & use. Offers peace of mind that everything is backed up.
Worry Free Backup about 12 days ago by
Rewind does a wonderful job of worry free backup! The Company does still have some glitches, but the results are undeniable. It is nice to not have any worries about losing valuable data.
Worry-free solution about 12 days ago by
It was easy to Install. Rock-solid performance.
At ease, we have Rewind about 12 days ago by
Hope we never need you, but really glad to have you on our team. Easy to use and great customer service.
Great Communication from this company about 12 days ago by
Having an automatic backup give me peace of mind. The Rewind team are great communicators also.
I needed Confidence about 12 days ago by Mike Gatton
A a multi-million dollar company IT guy who is responsible for making sure if a crash occurs in the system, I am able to get things back up and running as though nothing happened. Rewind has given me the confidence in data backup that I have long been looking for. Thanks REWIND-Mike
Rewind Is A Must about 12 days ago by
Fancaps, trusts Rewind to backup our store and its products, ensuring our assetts are protected. Rewind is a brilliant App which we trust, highly recommend and speak very highly of. Super efficient and dead simple to operate and to establish the content being backed up. Its rather simple, click, register and enjoy piece of mind that Rewind has you protected. Highly Recommend.
The best backup solution for BC stores. about 12 days ago by
Rewind will really give you a peace of mind. Everything is automatically backed up. It's also super easy to restore to earlier version of anything in your store. We just love it! A++++ to the developers of this app.
Great piece of mind! about 12 days ago by
Its great knowing that I will always have a reliable backup if I screw something up! Thanks Rewind!
Peace of Mind about 12 days ago by
This app is easy to use and leaves us with peace of mind that anything can be fixed. Awesome product.
Rewind about 12 days ago by
Solid App that is easy to use with excellent customer service.
Happy to know we're covered about 12 days ago by Horacio Ruiz
We've never had to backup but it's great to have Rewind backing us up. I can't imagine the amount of work that would have to be invested again with no backups. Totally necessary!
Install Once...Backup Forever about 12 days ago by
The installation process is painless. Although we have not had to restore, it's nice to know our most current data is always backed up. I would recommend Rewind to any Big Commerce user.
Incredibly Simple about 22 days ago by
The setup was so easy. We needed to make some changes to our database and at the last minute found rewind to back everything up. So far we having had to restore any part of our store, but its great to know rewind has our backups, just in case the time ever comes.
Amazing install about 29 days ago by
Took 30 seconds to install - no kidding. Spoke to customer support to get the story behind the story. There is none! They really know what they are doing. Totally seamless.
Everyone Needs This App about 1 month ago by
We signed up with Rewind and couldn't be happier. Rewind Backups provide the critical business function that every business needs in today's unpredictable technical environment.
Saves a lot of time about 1 month ago by
We've had to use this a few times - saves a big headache. The backups run seamlessly without any real setup required.
Rewind about 1 month ago by
Great features.
easy to use about 1 month ago by wayne lin
It is so easy to use and it gives a piece of mind
Great Backup Service about 1 month ago by
I use this app to have a daily backup and prevent losing data
Backups you can count on about 1 month ago by
It's a piece of mind knowing everything is backed up.
It works about 1 month ago by
Easy to install and affordable. We would recommend the product.
Best way to save my tiles catalog! about 1 month ago by Henry Maia
I like having peace of mind that our entire catalog is being backed up daily. Excellent customer service!
Works about 1 month ago by
Nice to have peace of mind knowing you're protected.
So far so great! about 1 month ago by
I am happy to say that we haven't needed to use our backups but knowing they are there is a huge relief. We have thousands of SKUs that would be devastating to lose, and manually backups just weren't cutting it (mostly because I would forget) - thanks Rewind!
Rewind Back-up about 1 month ago by
We lost our website and all the accumulated data a few years ago. It was a disaster and took me weeks to fully recover. Once we ran across the Rewind app it was a no brainer. You have insurance for everything else why not your website? Great service and peace of mind.
Rewind about 1 month ago by
So easy to use and install - loved the simplicity and communication. A big tick from me.
Peace of Mind about 1 month ago by bia...lub
This app just allows our team to progress without worrying about loosing our products or important information. The price is fair and it's definitely worth the peace of mind knowing our data is protected.
Review of Rewind about 1 month ago by
This seamless app does what it says it will, and all for an affordable price.
Very Useful And Reassuring about 1 month ago by
My team puts a lot of effort directly into the BigCommerce interface. There's a constant concern that we'll loose our work. The most common occurrence is multiple people working on the same product page at once. If one person submits an old form, it'll over-write some-one else's work. With Rewind, we can correct those issue immediately. With Rewind installed, my team is much more confident to constantly improve our BigCommerce site.
Simple Smart App about 1 month ago by Bradley Rosen
1000% Easy and worth not losing sleep that I'll lose my data. Very simple!
Rewind about 1 month ago by
Easy to install, wonderful to have the safety of knowing our content is available if necessary. Communication with the company has been helpful.
Rewind - Backups about 1 month ago by
Easy to install, Rewind is THE must have BigCommerce app to backup all your products, web pages, etc.. of your website. The powerful and simple interface allows you to control, browse and retrieve archived products with a few clicks. Their team is also very friendly to answer any of your questions.
Rewind Backup Review about 1 month ago by
Rewind is a great tool. When we first launched our website, we were manually backing up data because Bigcommerce did not have an automated solution. Every month we had to copy over all of the data; orders, customers, templates, images, name it. If we did not back it up manually and lost data, then we would lose months of work. Thanks to the Rewind app, we no longer have to spend the time and resource. I'm also glad Rewind is continuing to add additional items that it backs up. - Thank you
I think I found What I needed about 1 month ago by
We've been doing manual backup since we started. Now that we hire extra help to increase our product catalog we needed a way to backup our entire store (Orders, Prodcuts, etc.) without a time consuming process. Rewind does it all! and right away. We add a product and it is backed up instantly. We are very satisfied with the app!
Takes the pressure off... about 1 month ago by
Takes the pressure off knowing I can pull back products if they're deleted or an import has gone wrong.
Rewind Review about 1 month ago by
A must have if you update products regularly on your site.
No-brainer backup about 1 month ago by
Installation and setup is basically instantaneous. Just add the app to your store and signup for a plan. Now that a couple of weeks have past since activation, I see that all critical data was safely backed up. If it will ever come to a restoration need, then I hope the process is equally simple and painless. Highly recommended!
Backup for BigCommerce 3 months ago by
We chose Rewind for a backup system for the new store we will be launching later this month. They are still working on their product for the BigCommerce platform, but when I ran into a problem and needed items restored, the team at Rewind got me up and running quickly. It is added security knowing our site is being protected and that if we have a problem the Rewind team provides quick response to resolve it.
Rewind is the Smart Choice 4 months ago by
I did a lot of research on which backup system would work best for our ecommerce store. I personally spoke to three sales reps and wrote multiple companies. After careful scrutiny I discovered some small but very important holes that could ultimately lead to disaster if you chose the wrong backup company. Rewind had covered their bases by thinking through the process and strategy, this in turn protects our data which is our life and blood of our growing business. Rewind also is working on future solutions in anticipation of growing business needs and this is a critical part in long term data security and success. ***REVIEW UPDATE 3/5/18: Now that I have been using Rewind for a few months I can absolutely confirm it is excellent and a critical part of our business model. As webmaster for our store I encourage other webmasters to not risk it and to install Rewind now before something disastrous happens to your hard work. It is not worth the risk and Rewind is the smart solution. Also, Rewind has added important new features and they are improving the app always- A+ thank you.
Rewind Just Works 4 months ago by
Having Rewind take care out of back ups makes life easier, it just happens & the backups are complete, lets me concentrate on my customers knowing that when I need it a back up is on hand, happy we chose Rewind.
Works seamlessly, could not be easier:) 5 months ago by
Rewind is exactly what Texas Aeroplastics needed. The backups are completely seamless and happen automatically. Now we can focus on making plastic airplane parts instead of worrying about's online security or failures. We are happy with Rewind!
You can't buy piece of mind like Rewind! 5 months ago by
We used to run manual processes for backing up our information. Cost savings is a huge deal for us on doing our own maintenance. However, as a 2 person/family owned shop, time can't be bought back. While we could continue to do our manual processes, the minutes we get back by using Rewind allows us extra time to cater to our customers and be with our Familia. Rewind even reached out to us to learn more about our business and our needs. This goes hand in hand with our business on making sure people's needs are met and they feel like family. Pleased we made the choice to go with Rewind!
Rewind App 5 months ago by
Rewind app is great for backing up your website.
Piece of mind! 5 months ago by
Definitely a great investment to ensure all your products are well protected.
Rewind App (ease of use) 6 months ago by http://rarebird-coins2
Great app. All the heavy lifting is done in the background while you work on fine tuning your site. On less thing to worry about.
Value Well-Understood 6 months ago by
Definitely good to have and hope to never need! Keep up the good work, team.
Easy and Effective 6 months ago by
This was easy to install and provides peace of mind knowing that backups are happening in the background.
Simple and easy 6 months ago by
Simple and completely effortless install - Works in the background with no issues.
Great peace of mind 7 months ago by
Rewind give our company peace of mind knowing we can get our data back just in case of an accidental delete. We have had this happen in the past and it took weeks to fix so knowing we have this protection is great.
Rewind app review 7 months ago by
We had an issue where we had to re-enter all of our photos for all of our products and were told about Rewind. Super happy we have a back up now so we don't run into that issue again!
Rewind works Great! 7 months ago by Pam Older http://http:/
This app backs up my website data so I can rest easy It’s very easy to set up and cheap! Worth it!
hmmm.. 7 months ago by Team KiraGrace
After reading the review below this, I am going to have to search for a better back-up solution.
Rewind is the best!!! 7 months ago by
We are very pleased and have piece of mind since we purchased Rewind. We recommend this app to every ecommerce store.
Has Potential, but not quite there yet 7 months ago by
Very critical review, let me first say they have excellent customer service and quickly reached out to us explaining they do plan on improving every one of the shortfalls mentioned below within the next few months. Rewind has the Right idea, I hope they succeed in soon developing what they say because if so, i'll be back because traditional backups are a hassle. But at the moment basically there's not a chance id depend on this app to save us in an emergency situation. This will NOT do anything close to what Bigcommerce recommends you do for 100% site back. $120,000K in monthly sales revenue generated with our Bigcommerce store but if you're a hobbyist type business this might be fine for what you need. Any company using Bigcommerce as an important or essential part of business operations, Rewind is not your answer. If you're unfamiliar with how to create CVS backups .... than you better figure it out because this Rewind App isn't capable of "rewinding" more than 50% of your stores most important information. Just ask, they'll tell you the same thing If you have a real emergency, what good is 50% of your information without the other 50%??? Imagine a fire truck showing up on scene to put out a fire with no water, nice of them to show up but with only 50% of what you really need, it just doesn't cut it. Any stored data with this app is not viewable, only time stamped for a restore point by date. Sometimes you don't exactly know when things started to go wrong, it would be a guessing game to pick the best restore point. Great reviews for this app and it's why I tried Rewind but immediately after you make an account they ask for these reviews because if you leave them a review, its helps boost your stores SEO, and its true, but also why this app is way overrated. I felt the need to write this review when I realized after your signed up, they make you jump through some basic hoops to cancel Unlike other Apps. Ok totally my fault for downloading an App I thought could do more than what it actually does, at least give me an "Cancel Button" so I can just move on rather than wasting more of my time.
Rewind app 7 months ago by
Rewind is an excellent app that has given us the backup capability on our BigCommerce store we have been looking for. It backs all our products, categories, IMAGES (!!!), and even things like bulk pricing and option sets we were not able to back up before. It runs automatically or we can tell to do a manual backup at any time. Highly recommend it for BigCommerce store users so that you don't lose products and spend hours and days trying to recover the information.
Rewind Backup App 8 months ago by
We are SO happy to have this App for automatic backups. What a relief! We definitely won't miss the drudgery involved in making full manual backups of our Big Commerce site. While we will still occasionally make a manual backup version to keep for emergencies, the time savings and peace of mind is HUGE!
Works very well! 8 months ago by
Very Intuitive backup solution. Works perfectly.
System Backup 8 months ago by
After losing my website and having to rebuild, I now have peace of mind with Rewind! No more worrying about losing time and money with a costly start over.
This backup system works perfectly for our needs. 8 months ago by
We use an app that in worst case may delete some of our onsite SEO work on product pages. After installing Rewind, I feel much more at ease. Now that we have a great backup system we don't need to worry about losing countless of working hours and a lot of money spent!
Peace Of Mind 8 months ago by
This gives us a huge peace of mind. We are nearly 10000 individual sku's and knowing rewind will back them up and show when the item was changed is a huge peace of mind- thanks
Easy + it works = peace of mind 8 months ago by
We've just finished the week trial and have used it to restore several mistakes when updating photos or descriptions. No stress, just go to your apps, click Rewind and look in your vault - the most recent work is right there. Open what you need, see the timeline and click the version you want - no more worry! Each and every item is backed up in real time as any change is made - inventory changes from staff or orders, updates to the item or anything else. Your entire site is backed up daily as well. This is what peace of mind looks like!
Safety Net 9 months ago by
This app gives me the peace of mind to know we have a safety net in case of hackers or any data problems down the road.
Brings Peace of Mind 9 months ago by
After losing info, I got Rewind and for $5 a month, I worry no more. That will never happen again! Thanks Rewind!
Simple. Effective. Affordable. 9 months ago by
Plug, Pay and Play. Peace of mind in just a few minutes.
Peace of mind 9 months ago by
Great to know that our key information is being backed up automatically! Incredibly easy to install and very helpful team. Thanks!
Quick to Install, Easy to Use and It Works! 10 months ago by
The thought of recreating over 1000 products has been a source of anxiety for years. This great service ensures all the work you have done on your website will not be lost, for a price that is almost unbelievable. One click installations is simple to use, in minutes we could view all our products in Rewind, so we were sure that the backup was complete. Quick, Easy and Affordable for everyone!
Easy To Set Up 10 months ago by Graeme Olsen
Literally set up within minutes and then you can completely forget about it while it does it's work...
Set, go and forgot! 10 months ago by
As soon as we came across rewind we knew this is something we need and will use! Great product with one click installation which makes it super easy to use! Oh, and the price. The price is way too good compare to all other backup services. For just $5 you are getting great value and great service. Thank you Mike and the rest of the team!
Set it and forget it. 10 months ago by
So far this app is doing great. Easy to install and it gives you peace of mind knowing your products are all securely backed up. Looking forward to new developments and expansions for this app.
So far so good! 10 months ago by John Ciarlone
I am happy with this so far. I have been told that there are more great things to come with this app, so I am looking forward to that. I personally would like to see 100% full backups like templates, sku's, etc. I like it that it's basically baked into BC so restoring looks very simple.
So pleased to have my products backed up! 10 months ago by
I have spent 2 years getting 600 products onto my website. My worst nightmare was to lose 2 years of work! When I stumbled across 'Rewind' it was a no-brainer. For just $5 per month I had all of my products backed up every night. It was easy to install, and the products were backed up almost instantly. It's brilliant, and gives me great peace of mind. Looking forward to enhancements to back up 'Reviews' and 'Categories' too! I thoroughly recommend this product. Paul @ Body and Mind Studio, UK.
Rewind App 10 months ago by
This app fills a big hole in Bigcommerce (backup). Easy to set up. Have not had to restore anything yet but it seems to be working well. Hope they can add more items to the backup such as content pages, blogs, etc.
Cool App = Peace-of-Mind 10 months ago by Alan
Easy to use app that gives us peace-of-mind knowing that everything is backed up. It's funny how Bigcommerce doesn't provide this service by default...
Great Product And Piece Of Mind! 10 months ago by Patti Fabrick
Great product and piece of mind. No more manual back-up of products, images and descriptions. Excellent!
Easy Setup! Great Support! 10 months ago by
The installation of this app was a breeze. So far we are so happy with it and how it seamlessly takes care of everything in the background. Their support is very good and Mike responded promptly and was very engaging. Looking forward to more features this Summer. Thanks! UPDATED 06/29/2017 - Please see my detail comment/reason why I changed my rating from a 5 to a 2 here:
Simple function 10 months ago by
Easy to install, seamlessly runs in background. Great way to ensure your files.
Easy Setup 11 months ago by
Easy and simple to setup. With the thousands of hours poured into making a website, this is an obvious choice for insuring that your hard work isn't lost. Hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I am certain that I will be happy that I have paid for the service. I love that everything is automated and runs without anyone having to do anything at all.
Rewind Backup 11 months ago by
I've wanted a service like this for years as a BigCommerce customer. If you make a lot of revisions to your product, and especially if you use bulk update tools which can wreak havoc if you make even a minor mistake in the upload, you will wish you had a service like Rewind. I haven't had to restore any products yet but glad to know I can now. It would be great if they add backups to our Bigcommerce web pages like category pages.
Rewind automated back-up 12 months ago by Gene Constant
I found this much needed back-up app to set-up very easily. No problems whatsoever! Price is awesome and the customer service is first rate. I have been an ecommerce user since 1998 and there has never been so easy to use and inexpensive service in my 20 years of being an online merchant. I give it 5-Stars!