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Improve Fulfillment and Delivery Operations with ShipperHQ’s Shipping Insights

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Shipping Insights, a new Advanced Feature on the ShipperHQ platform, is now available to BigCommerce merchants using ShipperHQ. 

Shipping Insights bridges the gap between a customer’s checkout experience and the merchant’s fulfillment process, by providing easily accessible shipment details for each order. 

With Shipping Insights, the shipping process — from the rates delivered in checkout, to fulfillment and delivery — becomes a more seamless experience

Why Shipping Insights Help Ecommerce Stores

Shipping Insights helps optimize fulfillment strategy and improve operational efficiency by providing all of the shipping details behind the shipping rate selected by a shopper at checkout. 

Now, merchants are armed with the right tools to fine-tune their shipping strategy and enabled to meet the time and cost promises made to the customer at checkout.

Depending on what applies to each order, Shipping Insights can show you: 

  • Delivery Date displayed to the customer.

  • Dispatch Date required to meet the delivery date.

  • Customer selected date and time for pickups or delivery .

  • How ShipperHQ packed boxes for each shipment; including package weight, dimensions and items included in each box.

  • Shipping carrier and method selected by the customer.

  • Pickup locations for orders where the customer selected in-store pickup.

  • Customer’s shipping address type (residential or commercial).

  • LTL Freight Accessorials.

  • Shipping costs, handling fees and total charges.

  • Shipping origins and the items included in each shipment for multi-origin orders.

  • Breakdown of carriers, methods and costs per shipment for multi-shipment orders.

Here’s an example of what merchants see on their end:

How Shipping Insights Work Within ShipperHQ

Shipping Insights works seamlessly with the other key features within the ShipperHQ platform to completely support even the most complex use cases.

Time-sensitive delivery.

During the holidays and special occasions, many customers’ online orders are time-sensitive. The dispatch date provided to meet the delivery date shown for the method that a customer chooses at checkout enables merchants to meet high customer expectations for on-time delivery.

Cost-effective packing.

When Dimensional Packing and Shipping Insights are enabled, merchants can easily access packing details used to calculate the shipping rate shown to the customer at checkout. 

This allows merchants to actually pack each product in the right box ensuring that the actual shipping cost is in line with what the customer was charged.

Multi-origin fulfillment.

ShipperHQ’s multi-origin shipping logic automatically pulls in the rates for the most efficient fulfillment center for merchants using multiple shipping origins. 

With Shipping Insights, these merchants can now see exactly which items should be packed and shipped from each origin to streamline their fulfillment processes.

Pickup orders.

Self-pickup options for online orders like In-Store and Curbside Pickup are becoming increasingly popular with customers. Shipping Insights automatically displays the customer selected pickup location for each relevant order for merchants offering these convenient pickup options.

What Shipping Insights Mean for BigCommerce Merchants 

Here are just a few of the benefits that BigCommerce merchants using ShipperHQ can see when enabling the Shipping Insights feature:  

Improved customer retention and satisfaction.

Delivery transparency is one of the most important components of keeping customers happy and coming back again and again. 

With Shipping Insights, merchants are getting precise, accurate and complete shipment information based on each customer’s checkout decision. With this data, you can better answer customer queries and implement process changes where necessary. 

Reduced shipping costs.

Since Shipping Insights include information like shipment costs, fees and carrier details — along with those dimensional packing details — merchants can have a better understanding of their shipping margins. 

Shipping Insights also acts as an automatic feedback loop, which means that every time a merchant uses the insights to update their shipping settings, the entire process gets more accurate. This allows a more efficient fulfillment process that enables merchants to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Better quality control.

Along with giving merchants immediate access to all order details, Shipping Insights also includes the storage of information to help create even smoother shipments in the future. 

This means ShipperHQ can help you improve your overall shipping strategy across all of your active fulfillment centers and warehouses, while helping to save you money on shipping costs. 

The Final Word

If you are a BigCommerce merchant already using ShipperHQ on the Standard, Advanced or Enterprise plan, then you can get started by simply turning on the Shipping Insights feature in your ShipperHQ dashboard, and by clicking the Shipping Insights button from within each order in BigCommerce, which will appear after you enable this feature. 

Not using ShipperHQ yet, but interested in trying it out? Sign up for your free 15-day trial by installing the ShipperHQ app from your BigCommerce control panel or in the App Marketplace. Installing the ShipperHQ app will not have any immediate impact on your BigCommerce store’s checkout flow. This gives you the time you need to configure your shipping settings. 

Contact the ShipperHQ team directly if you have questions about Shipping Insights or any of their services.

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