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Now you can connect your Bigcommerce store to ShipperHQ, the industry's most sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine to provide accurate, real-time shipping quotes to your customers.

Get started today with a free 30 day trial.

ShipperHQ provides you with the ability to fully control and customize your shipping rates like never before. You define the carriers to use, the shipping methods that apply, and the unique rules of your own rate structure. We've created enough flexibility to easily generate and manipulate rates at the country, state, and even postcode level, with additional options for specific attributes like product or cart quantity, value, weight and dimensions.

You'll get access to powerful features and tools like:

Fully customizable rate management:

  • Use Carrier Rules to control what rates are shown and when
  • Define preferred carriers, shipping methods, advanced surcharges and discounts
  • Offer shipping rates and methods based on product, category, cart quantity, value, weight, dimensions and more
Multiple carrier support:
  • Easily use one or multiple carriers within a single interface, including UPS, FedEx, USPS and other major carriers.
  • Use base rates for each carrier or add your existing carrier accounts to automatically apply negotiated rates.

Enterprise-grade logistics:

  • Get sophisticated shipping tools like LTL freight, dimensional shipping, multi-origin and dropshipping.

Give customers the shipping info they need:

  • Reduce customer support calls and increase conversion rates by telling your customers when to expect their packages using ShipperHQ's sophisticated time in transit and estimated delivery date functionality.
Find the plan that's right for you

ShipperHQ's plans start at $50 for merchants who just need the Essentials of advanced shipping rate management.

Our Standard plan at $100 monthly offers additional, advanced functionality for merchants who ship from multiple origins, use multiple carriers, or need support for our more advanced features.

For merchants who dropship or have other complex needs, our Pro plan at $300 monthly offers a full suite of capabilities to make it possible to offer the right rates and options to your customers.

And, for larger merchants who need priority support and all the features of ShipperHQ our Enterprise plan fits the bill. Contact us to discuss which plan is right for your unique needs.

For a breakdown of what features are included in each plan please our plans page at

Need an extra hand getting started?

ShipperHQ's team of eCommerce shipping experts are at your disposal offering consultation, hands-on configuration support, and even full implementation services. Contact ShipperHQ to discuss your options at

Note: The Bigcommerce ShipperHQ integration is now available and comes with a 30 day free trial. ShipperHQ is included in select Enterprise plans at no extra charge. Merchants not eligible for a free ShipperHQ account will have the opportunity to subscribe to one of ShipperHQ's pricing plans directly in the app.

Client Reviews (28)

Plan on having to upgrade plans to fix bugs about 6 days ago by
It seemed robust enough at first, but ShipperHQ is not well integrated with USPS API's so their system gives customers the options to select lower cost options/smaller boxes than are actually available - so you either have to lose money on shipping or pay a lot more for an upgraded plan to fix their bugs yourself. Another place it falls short is if the product has size options that change the package size in actuality, there is no way for ShipperHQ to adjust this. It is a decent app, with friendly customer service (though it is sometimes hard to get them to respond), but the only solution to their bugs seems to be paying them more which is simply not acceptable business practice.
Rules & Groups about 1 month ago by
Although a bit confusing to set up at first, it is a breeze when you have Quentin stepping you through the first time changes need to be made. We use multiple customer groups so rules can get tricky at times. Great customer service team!
Shipping UPS to Canada 8 months ago by
I find ShipperHQ a little confusing trying to set up and make changes. I contacted support for their help. Quentin walked me through everything and took it upon himself to make the necessary changes we needed.
Shipping UPS to Canada 8 months ago by
I find ShipperHQ a little confusing trying to set up and make changes. I contacted support for their help. Quentin walked me through everything and took it upon himself to make the necessary changes we needed.
Expensive but very helpful. 8 months ago by Bob Koch
We've been in a constant battle trying to keep our shipping pricing up to date and fair for our customers for a long, long time. ShipperHQ takes away a ton of that time and effort spent and allows us to put that time to greater use. The only downside is the monthly cost. The setup is fairly easy as well but requires a good amount of setup on the users end, however once it's set up you're ready to go for the foreseeable future.
Complicated but worth it in the end 9 months ago by
Depending on your needs set up can be kind of complicated. I had some requirements that were easy to figure out but others were a little tougher. The Crew at ShipperHQ have been OUTSTANDING at helping guide me through what I needed the program to do for me. (My scenarios are probably more difficult then most shippers would require) If you do not fit into the basic Free shipping or Flat rate mold I would def. recommend giving them a try.
Frustrating for smaller business 9 months ago by
Rates are exorbitant, service is poor, setting up is very complicated, instructions are incomplete. They are currently a monopoly and are gouging their customers.
Complicated but worth it about 1 year ago by
We sell craft supplies, glass jars from 1 oz to 200 lb range. Our website couldn't calculate the shipping correctly. we installed ShipperHQ and very happy with it. Our customers happy because they pay the correct shipping cost and we're happy to give them the service they deserve.
Excellent Product / Excellent Support about 1 year ago by
This product is a must have for any eCommerce store. Our main reason for using this app was so we could integrate FedEx Smartpost. We didn't realize all the other valuable tools it would bring to our business. The support staff is amazing and are all so knowledgeable. Always willing to do what it takes to assist you. It is a must have to run your business.
Awesome support and great app! about 1 year ago by
Setting up the shipping for our store wasn't a simple task, but the great staff at ShipperHQ setup it up just how we wanted. The support staff is great, they always answer my questions promptly and are very nice. It is a must have!
Easy to use and excellent support about 1 year ago by
Our shopping cart can provide shipping options that simply were not available to us before. We also opted for the consultation service and their support is top notch; made set up so much easier.
Great App/Excellent Support about 1 year ago by
The app is great, it does what it says and we've had no problems with it in any way. It takes some effort to set up and isn't the easiest to change but after a bit of going through the Help Docs and experimentation it is fairly straight forward. We don't modify our shipping much so we are rarely making changes, this means we end up with Shipper HQ's support and they are absolutely wonderful. They know the product inside and out, they are fast and they follow through until a solution is found. I have yet to find any tech support that is as impressive as ShipperHQ's.
Excellent Program about 1 year ago by
We use shipperHQ to set custom delivery options based upon geographic location zones for our customers in NYC. I've had great experiences with the TX based ShipperHq team in helping me get different rules and zones setup. This has been a huge part of our business and we are definitely seeing the value in having our business run on ShipperHQ!
Great program about 1 year ago by
I used shipperHQ to set us custom shipping prices for our company. I was able to set up multiple carriers and give our clients options for shipping. When I screwed up part of the set up tech support was very helpful and helped me right away. Great app to use!
Very helpful! about 1 year ago by
This app does what Big Commerce can't. Charging different customer groups with a unique set of rules. Made our operations run much smoother! They have great customer service!
ShipperHQ - Great App about 1 year ago by
We are currently using this app on two of our sites. Set up is pretty straight forward as long as you have all your credentials and information readily at-hand. Any issues we've run into have been solved within a few hours by the ShipperHQ support team. Great app, convenient for our variety of freight carriers, and speedy support!
Very Advanced, A little difficult to setup, Support available about 1 year ago by
This has allowed me to offer flat rate shipping options by zone, and to use surcharges to encourage customers to use our preferred shipping options. This is fairly complicated to setup, but they do have good support. The only real complaint I have is that their support is not "live", only by email.
ShipperHQ for the WIN! about 1 year ago by Josh Jacobson
We just started using ShipperHQ at the beginning of this month, and it has proven to be awesome. I have very diverse membership nationally, and ShipperHQ allows me to dial in rates and service levels based on product prices, member locations, and more. The support I received was top notch, the team at Shipper HQ helped me through set-up and continue to help me out when I have questions via the Chat option. Great app for BigCommerce users, I recommend it over anything else out there. Josh Jacobson Catalog Sales & Operations Director National Ski Patrol
A MUST HAVE shipping app for growing BC stores about 1 year ago by
We’ve been a BC customer for almost two years and a ShipperHQ customer for one year. The out of the box BC shipping functionality is OK for basic needs. However, our requirements quickly grew, and we needed something more, included the ability to: ship using parcel carriers and LTL carriers; multiple freight pricing schemes- fixed, free, and live quotes for each carrier; multiple ship from origins; domestic and international shipping; ability to add special handling fees for oversized products; customer group specific shipping rules; product group specific shipping rules. ShipperHQ has been the solution we desperately needed. (So far I have not been able to invent a shipping scenario that ShipperHQ has not been able to help us with.) The setup can be intense, though that’s to be expected with the added functionality. The support is simply topnotch and responsive. The documentation was lacking when we first started using, but that seems to have been improved. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has outgrown the BC shipping functionality.
Shipping Rate Management is a MUST! about 1 year ago by
I have to say in the beginning it was frustrating as I had no clue how to get this account set up. We were not even sure what questions we needed to ask if that makes any sense. We have learned through trial and error to be persistent and dedicated at what we do through our journey as new business entrepreneurs of our E-Commerce Doggie Boutique Store. Anyhow, being persistent with my telephone calls to Anthony, he stepped up to the plate to help. We have since ended our 30 day FREE TRIAL and signed up to continue their shipping rate management services for the Standard Plan. Our account is set up just how we wanted it set up and cannot imagine not having this "Shipping Rate Management" service as it is a must have! Anthony and his team all pitched in to get it right and they did just that. Thank you! Like I said in the beginning, it may be difficult at first but being persistent in the struggle will eventually pay off for you in the long run. One word of advise that I would recommend Shipper HQ to do is when they have a potential customer in their hands, to at least offer them two choices in asking the customer how they would like to get their account set up? A) Through an organized set of prepared links to their how to's information so that the potential customer can take their own time to read through each step link or B) Take the Hands on approach in getting help one on one over the phone, like I needed. As I am not one that likes to spend hours and hours reading on how to get something done when someone can just simply tell me and show me right then and there. So don't be afraid to reach out to them and ask questions, that's what they are there for. We now have completed our FREE Trial and are now happy customers that can focus on other aspects within our company that need our attention. Thank you Anthony and Quinten for you expertise, we appreciated the time you spent with us getting our account all set up. Best of luck to you:)
Great Shipping Tool for Big Commerce about 1 year ago by
We ship with UPS and Motor Freight carriers and the connection tools to these third-party vendors for real-time freight quotes works great. We use several dimensional rules that help provide our customers with freight quotes that are an exact match. They walked us through the set-up and Quentin and their support team have been great at helping us get everything adjusted.
Great Support Staff about 1 year ago by
Out site's shipping needs required a complicated shipping set up and the team was great to help us get it implemented. Would highly recommend!
Amazing App-A Must Have!! over 2 years ago by

Amazing product and amazing support. I've worked with both Daniel and Quentin and they have spent extensive time with me explaining how to use their wonderful product. The features and abilities are endless and a must for anyone who needs advanced shipping methods or situations.

Little, to no, support over 2 years ago by

I installed ShipperHQ with the assumption that they would be more than willing to help set up. I contacted their support, and they told me to contact Big Commerce. I contacted Big Commerce, and they told me to contact ShipperHQ. After a couple of days, Big Commerce stepped up to the plate to help me out. I finally got it set up, but I am still having multiple issues. Very little support material. And, I really mean none. The support materials is very broad and not at all specific to what you are trying to figure out. If you ask ShipperHQ for support, they generally send you to their documentation, so don't expect a welcoming hand from them. 

So far, not good over 3 years ago by

I too am having issues with Shipper HQ. I want to be able to give customers an option of USPS for 5.95 on certain products. I have gone through and labeled all the products that I want to offer, but if I test it out, it will either give me a 5.25 shipping total, or most of the times it gives an error, so the customer can't complete the order. I understand it's still in the testing stage, but it really isn't ready yet. Definitely not worth the $50 a month. I de-activated the account yesterday and spoke to Big Commerce, it seems this is the only way to go for what I want to do, so I just reactivated it and saw others comments, and realized it's not just me doing something wrong. I will de-activate again, and look for other options.

Potential to solve all BC's Shipping issues over 3 years ago by Henry Maia

UPDATE: After spending a lot of time playing with all features (Origins, Shipping Groups, Merging Carriers, Rules etc.), I can tell you this is a fantastic app! It is capable of doing pretty much everything in terms of shipping. Their support is REAL! Absolutely amazing people! They can do so much, but BIGCOMMERCE can't. That's the issue. BC is very slow of making any improvement/adjustment. 

For example, you can't set different origin and shipping group to a product variation(option as BC calls it). If you sell a Polo Shirt in multiple colors, and those colors are stocked in different warehouses, the system will calculate shipping based on the origin of the main product.

I would love to continue to use this app, however without the ability to treat product variations differently, It doesn't justify. 

Old Review:

I've been playing with the app for a few days and so far it shows promise! I find the rules a little bit complicated to set up at first, but maybe my business doesn't require too much, and I am just overthinking. I've contacted their support and got a reply for a walk-thru the app, which will definetely be very helpful.

Customer Service has been exceptional since my first review over 3 years ago by

Previously, I posted pertaining to ShipperHQ. I initially encountered issues with getting customer service and integration issues.  I have since spoken with them, and they have been more than wonderful in providing feedback on issues and for listening to my concerns.  Since then, they have implemented several changes that have addressed major concerns.

For example, creating a rule that charges shipping per box: create a dimensional box, then create a rule that states 'pack individually'.

Another example for creating a $5.95 per box: simply create a rule that states that a particular category is $5.95. There's no ellaborate coding required.


I have since deleted the app as it was not working.

Just trying it out... over 3 years ago by

Just started the beta today, but so far LOVING IT!  This is everything BigCommerce needed SO badly.