BigCommerce vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

BigCommerce gives you more freedom, faster innovation, and a simplified user experience (with no proprietary friction). Plus, do it all at a lower cost than Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Yeti Cycles saw a 49% increase in page views with BigCommerce

“We knew we had to move to a platform that would allow us to go to market faster and keep that premium brand, look, and feel that we wanted.”

Matt HicksDirector of Technology and Customer Experience, Yeti Cycles
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Black Diamond simplified global expansion with BigCommerce.

“Black Diamond was able to work with different payment processors and offer some of the merchandising a little bit differently. Things like that are really important to different types of markets. BigCommerce gave them an ecosystem to work globally.”

Penny PorterfieldVP, The ZaneRay Group
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Top 3 reasons to make the switch from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to BigCommerce.

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More composability

While Salesforce claims composability and “API first”, BigCommerce has always been an open and composable platform. We’re a leading member of the MACH Alliance, a recognized leader in headless ecommerce, and offer unparalleled freedom to build what you want, when you want with hosted low/no code, headless, or both.

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Lower cost

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, subscription costs are higher, and SFCC certification requirements can drive up agency costs as well. In contrast, we save you time, effort, and money. In fact, Forrester found merchants can see break even with BigCommerce in three months, over 200% ROI within 8 months, and 90% developer time savings by year three.

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Less complexity

Salesforce Commerce Cloud was built on an acquisition model, requiring merchants to build on and manage multiple platforms. At BigCommerce, we simplify complex ecommerce with freedom of choice, no proprietary friction, low maintenance, peak performance, and single point management of ecommerce stores, data, and operations.

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Common BigCommerce vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud questions

Are Demandware and CloudCraze the same as Salesforce Commerce Cloud? How do they compare to BigCommerce?

Like the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, the answer is complicated.

  • In 2016, Salesforce acquired Demandware for B2C and rebranded as Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • In 2018, Salesforce acquired CloudCraze for B2B and rebranded as Salesforce B2B Commerce

  • In 2020 Salesforce released B2B Commerce Lightning Experience, and added B2B2C Commerce for B2B merchants that want to add a direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel

  • To differentiate between B2B offerings, B2B Commerce was rebranded to B2B Commerce on Classic (or Visualforce)

How we compare is simple.

BigCommerce natively offers one composable platform for headless, B2B+B2C, Multi-Storefront, and more.

Can I use BigCommerce or Salesforce Commerce Cloud as part of a headless build?

According to Gartner, Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Cloud is still monolithic in nature, and companies pursuing composable commerce will find more flexibility in other platforms. They do offer a headless solution, but buyers beware.

In contrast, BigCommerce is recognized by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Paradigm B2B, and other leading analysts for our native composability, headless, and B2B capabilities — and we’re rated exceptional for lower total cost of ownership. (We’re also MACH Alliance pioneers and leading members.)

Almost all functionality of our hosted stores are accessible in headless builds using our open APIs. Additionally, we’ve pre-built connectors to leading CMSs, DXPs, custom front-end frameworks, critical back-end applications, and progressive web applications.

What options do Salesforce and BigCommerce offer for managing customer data, personalization, and business intelligence?

Salesforce offers solutions like Einstein for integrated, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and they own Tableau, a leader in business intelligence (BI). To achieve the ‘360 customer view’ they tout, customers must purchase multiple (if not all) Salesforce proprietary cloud solutions.

BigCommerce offers data warehouse, BI, CDP, personalization, and analytics through our Big Open Data Solutions. Data consolidation, augmentation, and transformation for omnichannel product and order data through BigCommerce’s Feedonomics.

We centralize data from all of the above, as well as Multi-Storefront, international, ERP, PIM, OMS, and more from a single BigCommerce account — with complete freedom of choice and no proprietary friction.

(You might even say we run circles around their 360.)

Do I need an agency to implement a BigCommerce or Salesforce store?

Given the complexity of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, either a third-party agency or consultant, or an experienced development team are advisable.

BigCommerce simplifies complex ecommerce and is loved by both developers and non-technical team members. Build experience differentiation with our hosted low/no code design suite with no developers required.

For headless and more complex builds, we encourage you to explore our ecosystem of agency and technical partners who are ready to serve, backed by BigCommerce’s industry leading service and support teams.

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This is modern, composable ecommerce.

“Unlike Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we take a modern composable commerce approach, which enables enterprises to customize their tech stacks and connect to critical systems with less cost and less hassle — since everything is connected through one unified back-end. Every essential component is available out-of-the-box and extensible for you to customize and build on top of.”

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