Achieving 2019 Holiday Success: Shipping and Fulfillment Guidelines For Ecommerce Brands

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In 2018, the five-day period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday accounted for $1 in every $5 of total online revenue throughout the holidays.

These five days hold a lot of weight for retail brands everywhere. When it comes to creating holiday campaigns, brands need to have all of the details sorted out before hitting “go” — after all, too much is on the line for you to run into logistical errors.

In this guide, we’ll dive into three of the most important facets of the post-purchase experience: shipping, fulfillment and packaging.

  • How can you package products to delight customers?
  • How can innovations in fulfillment get products to your customers faster?
  • How do you ship your items in time for holiday deadlines?

You’ll learn key takeaways and best practices from leading ecommerce experts and walk away with a defined view of what improvements you can make to your business — just in time for the 2019 holidays.

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