Delivering on Amazon-Era Customer Expectations

With BigCommerce Fulfillment by ShipBob, 2-day fulfillment can be a reality for your business, too.

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Learn how to ship like you’re Amazon — you’ll boost conversion and win repeat business.

Amazon has radically changed customer expectations around fulfillment, and ecommerce sellers are still struggling to keep up. Fulfillment is more than just getting your products into a box and out the door, and can make or break whether a customer returns to shop from you again—and even whether they buy from you in the first place.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Key stats on the latest trends in fulfillment
  • How your fulfillment strategy supports the core KPIs of your business
  • What actionable steps you can take to improve your fulfillment today — and which businesses are a fit for which fulfillment models

Get the guide to start delivering on the ecommerce experiences your customers expect.

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