Combating Rising Customer Acquisition Costs

Content-led Solutions to Own Your Channels

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Customer acquisition costs are rising along with the costs of paid media. Discover how you can use content and SEO to drive organic traffic to your site.

This whitepaper shares strategies you can use to own your traffic channels and earn your audience.

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  • Why customer acquisition costs are on the rise
  • How content marketing can help
  • Content and SEO best practices
  • What innovative brands are doing to lower CACs
  • The advantages of headless commerce to support a content + commerce strategy

In one study by ProfitWell, CAC for both B2C and B2B companies has risen 50% in the past five years. This mirrors the response from executives and marketing managers surveyed in the Retail Dive survey sponsored by BigCommerce in which CAC has risen for 86% of those surveyed.

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