Understanding Monoliths and Microservices: Why Enterprise Businesses Are Evolving Their Tech Stacks

Determining the ecommerce platform to offer to your clients is important to your agency growth.

Lots of brands are supported by ecommerce platforms with monolith architectures — they’re the original self-sufficient, self-hosted, jack-of-all-trades systems. But as businesses get more complex, these systems can often be slow and burdensome to scale and update.

Microservice architecture offers a decentralized, decoupled approach for your clients. Instead of one solution that does everything, it separates different business requirements into different services which then communicate with each other. This means even as the business and its needs grow more complex, microservices can offer speed and flexibility.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How the shift from monolith to microservice helps you appeal to clients using WordPress and Drupal

  • The advantages and disadvantages of monolith and microservice architectures

  • How headless commerce creates flexible digital experiences

  • How microservices offer agencies a chance to upsell and position value-added services in addition to ecommerce

Learn more about the shift to microservices and how having the right ecommerce partner helps your agency grow.

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