Ecommerce Replatforming Guidebook

Use this step by step guide to help your clients turn a complicated process into a well-organized project.

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Become Your Clients’ Replatforming Expert

Switching to a new ecommerce platform is a massive undertaking involving many stakeholders.

This guide — written with the help of a migration expert who has helped hundreds of businesses to successfully replatform — will walk you through the process with clear actionable steps to take, checklists, and expert tips and advice.

With this roadmap, you can help businesses prepare for and execute an ecommerce replatform in a systematic and organized way.

This guide covers:

  • Making detailed audits of their current systems to determine if a replatform is necessary
  • Assessing their business needs and designing an RFP to find a platform that can meet those needs
  • Developing a pre-migration checklist to mitigate risk
  • Building and testing their project through best practices in data migration, integrations, and UX/UI design

Initially we were concerned with laundry-list of features Savannah Bee wanted to “knock-off” with their ambitious re-platform project and we took it as a challenge to find the right platform for the job. [BigCommerce] provided the platform for building a long-term solution geared towards the needs of an organization that was outgrowing their technology stack.
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