How to Maximize Holiday Gains, Avoid Holiday Losses

The 2018 Holiday Readiness Report and Checklist is your step-by-step guide to preparing for the best of holiday wins, and avoiding the worst of holiday campaigns.

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Surgeons, crisis volunteers and commercial pilots all use checklists to avoid disaster while preparing for the worst

The goal is to make sure every surgery, every crisis and every flight starts and ends with exceptionally well.

For retailers, the holidays can feel like a similar monumental event. Lives aren’t on the line, but revenue is.

In this guide, you’ll get a complete checklist to make sure your site is optimized, merchandised and ready for anything and everything that may come your way this holiday season.

This guide provides specific checklists for:

  • Search engine and conversion rate optimization to do right now

  • Campaigns and promotions to plan out, test and win more holiday revenue

  • Updating your merchandising strategy to engage new holiday visitors (and thrill repeat customers)

  • Tuning post-checkout nurture streams to build loyalty post holiday sales

  • Technical site readiness you can hand off to your developers

  • How to handle the 11th hour - i.e. your disaster plan

Download it now for immediate access, and print it off for the whole team, too.

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