BigCommerce Partner Summits

Our Partner Summits are one of the many ways we help our partners succeed.

BigCommerce is on a mission to help our partners succeed and build business. At our summits, you’ll experience a day of exclusive roundtables, training, and networking. Be the first to hear about upcoming releases and initiatives, get trained on the latest platform developments with our product engineers, and learn how to amplify your BigCommerce offering with our sales executives.

We attend the BigCommerce Partner Summit for a number of reasons. One of the primary benefits that we get is face-to-face interaction with our sales engineer, with our marketing team, and with our channel manager to whom we speak all the time on the phone and do video conferences with, but it’s nice to see them face to face. In addition to that, of course we learn so much about the product and the roadmap for what’s planned in the future so we can plan our business as we look towards the future.Tim Barr, Chief Operating Officer, Brand Labs

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