NoFraud Fraud Prevention

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  • Reduce Cost: NoFraud offers zero fraud liability, has the lowest chargeback protection rates and eliminates the overhead costs of maintaining an in-house fraud prevention solution.
  • Add Revenue: NoFraud has the capability of accepting orders that other solutions reject on suspicions of fraud with its Cardholder Verification feature.
  • Increase Efficiency: NoFraud eliminates manual review and decreases customer friction by providing instant decisions.

About NoFraud

Online fraud is a big concern for every eCommerce merchant. With NoFraud, you can rest easy that your business is safe from fraud & you can wash your hands of all fraud prevention tasks that occupy hours of your staff's time including fraud score analyzing, fraud rule building and manual review.

NoFraud offers eCommerce fraud prevention through real-time virtual identity verification. We deliver individual, real-time decisions for each transaction using thousands of data points and virtually every fraud detection technology available.

The solution is fully automated and managed by in-house experts, requiring no input from the merchants, not even manual review - cardholder verification is done internally by NoFraud. Experts are available by phone to answer any questions on a NoFraud decision.

NoFraud never requires any commitments, monthly minimums or integration fees. We make fraud prevention as easy and price effective as possible.

How NoFraud Works

When the NoFraud extension is enabled, transactions will be sent to the NoFraud application for validation after the customer's transaction has been approved.

NoFraud gives you actionable responses you can rely on: Pass or Fail. There are no scores to analyze or rules to configure.

For transactions where a Pass or Fail decision is not available, NoFraud contacts the cardholder for verification (less than 0.5% of transactions). Once completed, you will receive an email with the transaction's updated status.

Chargeback Protection: NoFraud offers zero fraud liability. Should you get a fraud chargeback on an order NoFraud passed, NoFraud will reimburse you for the full chargeback amount.

Packed with Tons of Technology

NoFraud uses a blend of intelligent technology, machine learning and human intelligence to keep up to date with the complex, ever-evolving face of fraud.


    NoFraud charges the lowest rates in the industry: starting at 0.45%. Additional billing options are available - please contact NoFraud for more information.


    Please reach out to us with any questions at or visit us online at

    *Free 14-day Trial Available

    Client Reviews (1)

    NoFraud = NoHeadache 6 months ago by
    NoFraud has been a great partner in combating fraud on my website. They are adept at pinpointing fraud and have excellent customer service. I highly recommend this service.