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    • Boost your Revenue and Sales on Mobile devices
    • No special configuration / technical knowledge required
    • Works with your existing website & payment gateway.


    Showcase your products on mobile – Display your products with high-resolution images and multiple images in a clean tile format

    No additional configuration required – Works with your existing site & payment gateway. No special configuration required!

    No coding required - You don't need any technical expertise to create your store, all you need is your store name and basic details and we will build your app!

    Cross platform - Get the mobile app for Android and iOS and reach out to customers on both platforms.

    Fast, intuitive and native - An app that works seamlessly on any platform or device and is truly native and fast.

    Analytics - Get valuable insights for your Mobile app by integrating Google / Flurry analytics for your mobile app and measure what matters!

    User Analytics - Get advanced information on which user does what within you app and then take appropriate actions based on your customers activity or inactivity

    Personalization - Clever Campaigns to let you send personalized messages to your users as they onboard & engage with your App

    Mobile Search & Sort – If your customer wishes to shop for a particular product within your mobile app they can simply explore the power of search and get the desired product in their cart. Empower your users to get the most out of your store with the search and sort feature!

    Social connect - Visitors on your app can directly call, email or drop a message to store merchants on social platforms regarding store or product related queries.

    Social Sharing - Enable your users to leverage this powerful option and by allowing them to quickly and effectively promote products in their circles.

    Favorites - Let your customers select and shortlist their favorite products among all the products in your store with the Favorites option!

    Pay as you go - Economical pricing plans with Zero setup fee.

    You can check out the demo app on the Apple app store at:

    View the Android app demo on the Google PlayStore at:

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    • Custom Price:
      Free - $99 / month


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