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About the app

Make your own quiz with Fyrebox, capture leads and increase your sales on your e-commerce website! Fyrebox makes easy to create an interactive competition or a product selection tool.

Simple to start and easy to use, create a quiz (or two or seven) that come with built-in analytics for you to record the players' answers and the statistics. You can export the leads automatically to your CRM or auto-responder.

Here is the list of the different quizzes you can create:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Scenario Quiz
  • True False Quiz
  • Open Ended Quiz
  • Mostly As

and 2 extra games just for fun!

  • Word Search Puzzle
  • Hangman Game

It supports 12 different languages including , Spanish, French, German, Russia, Vietnamese, Greek,...

Edit every piece of content within the quiz as well with our advanced look and feel editor. Change colors, move the buttons around, change their labels,...

The free plan comes with unlimited plays and unlimited games.

Example 1: Product Selection Tool

It lets your users answers a few questions and the quiz recommends one product. You can then redirect the players to the product page.

Example 2: Competition

It lets you create an interactive competition and collect the contact information of the players. You can then contact the winner and grow your mailing list!

Make your own quiz with Fyrebox and start collecting leads now!

Integrates seamlessly with Soundest, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor,...

App Features

Pick a beautiful theme or customize your own

Customize your quiz to match your branding

Choose from 6 different types of quizzes

Each quiz has a different use case. Use a mostly A quiz to create a personality quiz or a scenario quiz to create a product finder

Get statistics to see how your quiz is doing

Get the statistics in real time and turn your quiz into a powerful data analysis tool

Collect participants emails so you can stay in touch

Use your quiz as an engaging lead generation tool and grow your mailing list

Integrate with third party software

Send the leads directly to Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, ... or to more than 700 apps with Zapier

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  • Custom Price:
    Free & Premium Plans


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