AquaAPI - BigCommerce to CRM Connector

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Here's how it works…

After the initial set-up, all your existing Products and Accounts in BigCommerce are transferred to your CRM and mapped to corresponding fields.

On a daily basis, the system pulls up all the new Orders. Corresponding new Accounts, Contacts, Invoices and Payments are updated in your CRM system. Any new Products (SKUs) added during the last day are also synchronized.

Supported CRMs

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM

Things to know

  • 14 day unlimited free trial
  • Rate plans start from USD 5.00 per month
  • Setup takes just minutes.
  • Your data is completely secure.
  • We don't store any of your BigCommerce or CRM transactional data on our servers. API Authorization tokens are stored to run the process daily.
  • Product and Order sync (to Invoice) needs Zoho Professional, Enterprise or CRM Plus. Zoho Free version doesn't support these fields.
$5 / month - $20 / month. 14 Days FREE TRIAL

Client Reviews (0)

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