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    % of refunds

About the app

Does your business use FedEx or UPS? Any domestic or express package (even ground) delivered even 60 seconds late entitles you to a full refund! Refund Retriever has been providing businesses with complete logistics visibility and savings through FedEx and UPS invoice auditing, reports and analytics, and contract negotiations since 2006.

Through Refund Retriever's sophisticated technology, shippers gain real-time insight when money is owed to their accounts – as well as clarity to their entire shipping spend. All programming and processing through Refund Retriever is done internally, allowing clients to confidently trust that no external parties will ever have access to their confidential information. We get refund credits on your account for the following:

Refund Retriever is strictly 100% performance based. That means you don't get charged for anything unless we confirm that you have refund credits on your FedEx or UPS accounts. Our only fee is a percentage of those confirmed refunds.

App Features

​Reports and Analytics
  • Damaged Package Reports
  • Lost or Undelivered Packages
  • Accessorial Fee Summaries
  • Zone and Weight Breakdown
  • Potential Overcharges
Lower your FedEx and UPS spend today
  • FedEx & UPS Late delivered packages
  • Incorrect fees and surcharges
  • Duplicate charges
  • Service Discount Rate Benchmarking (Free!!)
  • Carrier Agreement Negotiations
Carrier Contract Negotations
  • Compare your discount rates to similarly sized shippers
  • Find services with no discounts
  • Reduce residential surcharges
  • DIM divisor

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  • Custom Price:
    % of refunds


  • Last updated:August, 5 2022
  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
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