Refund Retriever

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If you ship with UPS or FedEx you cannot afford to not use Refund Retriever. We are a full service small parcel and freight auditing company: we audit all of your packages for lateness and general billing mistakes. If any package (even ground) is delivered late, you should get a full refund for that package! We get you full refunds for late delivered packages, and we give insight into your discounts and shipping habits.

Get refunds and save money with:

  • Late delivered packages
  • Bogus address corrections
  • Incorrect surcharges
  • Duplicate charges, & much more
  • Small Parcel Benchmarking (Free!!)
  • Numerous Reports and Analytics (Cost Per Pound Shipped, 3rd Party Billing)

Let's say a package is scheduled to arrive on a Tuesday, but gets to the destination on Wednesday ... Refund Retriever gets you a full refund for that package. Our system is independent of any of your shipping software, all we need is access to invoices online. In addition to savings on your current invoices, our reporting features provide many money-saving insights into your shipping habits and discounts.

Our fee is strictly performance based, if we save you nothing we charge you nothing. There are no monthly fees or contract length; if you don't like our service just call or email and we discontinue our service.

Client Reviews (3)

Shipping 3 months ago by
Must have app if you ship FedEx and UPS, lowers your shipping costs immediately. No refunds, no charges. Great!
Everyone should have it! 3 months ago by Andy Lakatos
Had this app for couple years now. To be honest I forgot about it and it recently detected a mistake by fedex and saved us about $60. The app runs free in the background and only charges you when it's in action. I don't see why every store would not have this app! They answer emails quickly too so great service.
Good app, great service! over 2 years ago by Ari Franklin

We have had Refund Retriever installed on our store for about 6 months. Within minutes of sign up I had received a welcome and custom screenshot of my dashboard being set up. Every refund is worth hundreds of dollars and the best part is we don't need to do anything to get the refunds!

The few times we have reached out with questions or to troubleshoot we have gotten immediate, helpful responses.  It's clear they have a good team running the show and are very diligent and customer focused.  

It's virtually risk free and I would recommend any business with a shipping component to try Refund Retriever out.