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OrderCup is a web-based, innovative, easy to use order fulfillment and shipping application for eCommerce that integrates with the leading online platforms and shipping carriers, automating and streamlining operations so you can provide better customer service while saving time and money!

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based, web-accessible platform - ship from anywhere, anytime
  • Bi-directional integration with leading marketplaces and ecommerce platforms - Bigcommerce (of course!), Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Rakuten, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Woocommerce, many more ...
  • Multi-carrier integration with USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post
  • Aggressive shipping discounts with USPS, DHL, UPS without having to open third-party shipping accounts such as Stamps or Endicia
  • One-click shipping in batch or one at a time
  • User-defined filters, Automation rules and Shipping profiles to streamline your shipping
  • Returns processing, both on-demand or automatically with each shipment
  • Discounted shipping insurance both for domestic and international shipments
  • Pick Tickets, Invoices, Packing Slips - customizable too
  • Support for scales, scanners and printers (thermal, laser, inkjet)
  • Best in class support - don't take our word for it, experience it yourself!
  • Enterprise level hosting and availability

For more information on pricing plans, visit http://www.ordercup.com/products/pricing

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$20 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (18)

Orders Simplified! about 1 year ago by Beth Stern http://smokyjoesclothing.com
I finally found an simplified ordering system with label printing that saves me time and money$! Order Cup integrates beautifully with Big Commerce so when orders come in the steps to fulfillment are easy with a couple key strokes and wallah.....your label is printed. Thanks Order Cup for making my day a bit easier.
Simply great over 3 years ago by bru...com

If you're in Canada, this is the one for you!  I switched from another 'BIGGER' shipping app to this and in 45 minutes with their fantastic service had it up and running. The others would not return calls or questions for over 3 months; repeatedly, and I spent hours trying to get the first shipment out, hours to no avail.

It has now been 9 months and solid and easy.  Quite customizable if you require but very simple if you just need to get shipping.  Invoices from the carriers match what OrderCup said it was going to be if the courier does not reweigh or charge an additional fee in transit which no one has control over.

All and all, why they get 5 stars is not just the App works, but they fully understand and are focused on shipping and are always available, they listen, friendly and willing to help.

Extremely satisfied over 3 years ago by meg...com http://www.unhookedbooks.com

After copy/pasting addresses to Stamps.com, and later using the Endicia system set up within BigCommerce and experiencing mostly grief, in addition to not having the ability to utilize Media Mail (we're a book seller), we tried OrderCup. It took just minutes to realize we'd made a great decision. Set up was relatively easy. We left a voice mail and received a call within an hour. The representative was fully informed and walked us through the entire set-up process and stayed on the phone until we were fully functional. The system works seamlessly with BigCommerce and it's saved us at least an hour, maybe more, per day. Highly recommend OrderCup!

Best Customer Service by Kiralee
I've been using Ordercup for a few months now. It's very easy and convenient, everything works seamlessly. I love that I don't have to copy and paste in shipping info, and you can choose to automatically update and close an order after shipping. I can compare other shipping options (if I need to) on 1 page as well which is nice. Anytime I've had any questions, they have been super quick to answer my questions.
Great Apps and Great Customer Services! by Joyrich
If you use this app, you can save a lot of time. You don't need to write commercial invoice and handle all orders at one place. You don't even need to download special apps. It works both Mac and PC. Whenever I have questions, they reply me within 30 minutes. Great customer services!!! Highly recommended.
USB scale integration with auto weight population by Steve Grande
OrderCup's newly developed USB scale integration is definitely a great addition to what their app already offering us. As the weight of our package is automatically filled in by this new integration it has completely taken out the fear of typing wrong weight. Also, their scale integration works with most popular scales in the market including the two Stamps.com scales that we bought (for $50 each) when we were with them before switching over to OrderCup. Now with this great addition, we can use them and that alone saved us $100. A BIG Thank you. I highly recommend OrderCup app for shipping solutions. Steve
Exactly what my enterprise needed. No, really: EXACTLY! by Jason Beam
As an online merchant taking orders and shipping daily, I really needed some super streamlined order fulfillment help. I used to go from FedEx pages, Stamps.com, Amazon, Google Checkout, and my website to get the orders and deliver. Nothing integrated very well, and not everything would even work together if I wanted it to. I even tried Ordoro, and just did not like it for one reason after the next, so I quit it. I kept searching and trying until I finally decided to trial run, (for free, of course) OrderCup. It was so super simple to hook up into all my existing storefronts, and simple to figure out all the configurations of dealing with customer orders; the kind of logic and simplicity a small business owner dreams about! I fell in love with the way they handle orders, shipping, tracking, updating, and handling ALL back end procedures. It has been flawless with my customers orders, which is vital. When I did need help, I submitted a ticket and it always was responded to in a timely manner, but more importantly it was the depth of the help. OrderCup really cared! They walked me though anything I didn't understand, and mind you, I am not technologically savvy, so their patience, understanding, and professionalism are top-ranking. They even took complete control of my computer and worked on tough problems I was having with my own printing equipment. They are building a business successfully like I do: One customer at a time with whatever they need with care and respect. Things that sold me were: automatic pricing on actual orders fulfilled, large amounts USPS postage purchases (1000s of $$$), completely customizable dashboards, easy navigation, easy on the eyes, video tutorials, constant updates on issues, USPS regional rates, SUPER simplified USPS customs forms for the easiest international shipments ever, and custom box configuration. And, I'm told that if enough of us want something, they'll add it! This is a great time to get into an online business, and getting into OrderCup now can help shape the future of our business and theirs, and we can position ourselves for streamlined success. I save hours a day with OrderCup, and it has made me believe in myself as a great entrepreneur, sitting at his desk controlling the fate of his destiny with the help of a great product called OrderCup. I want you all to believe that your at a diner and shouting "ORDERCUUUUUP!!!". Or, just repeat "OrderCup, OrderCup, OrderCup", and feel the power of eCommerce at its best! That is how much I love this company for making my small business sing with the sweet sound of cha-ching!
Great app for e-commerce by Neil Lau
First off there is not much technical problems with Ordercup. And when there is a problem, they get back to me within 30 minutes. We are working on Mac and there is no problem with OrderCup, hooking up with the Zebra label printer is quite easy. So far I am happy with them.
Bigcommerce ain't complete without a GREAT shipping manager by Hooman S
We are a Canadian company doing over 95% of our shipping on Canada Post and OrderCup has been a lifesaver. We do a large number of shipments everyday and OrderCup handles it like butter. There were some rough patches on the road at the beginning but, their support team handled it like no other. They spent night and day troubleshooting it with us. OrderCup pulls your order information from Bigcommerce. Place your package on your USB shipping scale to automatically bring over the weight, press print and your label pops out. Confirm it on the screen and your Bigcommerce store is updated with the shipment information (tracking number) and sends your customer an email with that information. Simple as that! Their address verification is awesome - especially for Canadian customers. Our postal codes are a lot more complicated and if you're off by a single character, you be sure you're package is going to come back. OrderCup fixes that for you automatically. Again, I can't emphasize how their team went above and beyond what anyone can expect from support. GET HOOKED!
I would give it 20 stars if I could by Quinn
I pay for T-hub and I love T-hub, but you can only use it from one computer. Order Cup can be used anywhere so I can process orders in my underwear if I want....and I do. I still use T-hub to put my orders into Quickbooks, but I use Order Cup to print my labels. I print the shipping label and packing list on the same page, my warehouse guy loves it. The RA feature is awesome. Also, the cost is almost nothing. Keep up the good work!
Great Updates! Follow-up Review. by Shivam Surve http://www.kidspartymall.com
This is our second review for the OrderCup app. We are very thankful to you for the recent great features that have been added to app and deserve a follow-up review. While there are many shipping solutions available to BigCommerce merchants, we chose OrderCup because of their great customer service, constant addition of new features and fine-tuning of the existing ones to make them more user-friendly and efficient. The latest additions of features like prevention of shipping to PO Boxes using UPS and FedEx, intelligent filtering on shipping address that auto select home vs business shipping services, etc. have been very useful. OrderCup’s address verification has saved us an incredible amount of hassles and address correction fees charged by shipping carriers. Every order that we ship out gives us that additional confidence. Thank you again. Keep up the good work!
Great Customer Service! by Cameron http://www.ravenandlily.com
OrderCup works really well for the most part- very few glitches, but whenever I have had technical issues their customer service is really great. They have always gotten back to me within a few hours, and it is usually with a personal call. I've been really happy with OrderCup and would definitely recommend it!
by Josh
I had written a previous review, rating this app at only 2 stars. Much of this was due to the fact that we are a small company and did not have the manpower to spend a lot of time on the phone working out bugs. Ordercup has been buggy at times, but not so much that I would not recommend it. I believe this app saves our shipping department 2-4 hours per day and I would highly recommend it. The one thing I would state is that if you have an issue, contact support right away and let them help deal with the problem. Do not sit around frustrated because if you are like us, you have other things to do. Great app and I have it integrated with both my BigCommerce store and our Volusion store. I will say that while it works decently with Volusion, BigCommerce has done a much better job than Volusion in making sure all parts work properly. Volusion will not read partial shipments, etc. where BigCommerce does.
by GlutenFree Products USA http://GlutenFreeProductsUSA.com
Configuration took longer than expected. But, works as promised. User support was very helpful via chat as well as phone. They called me and connected remotely to diagnosis the issue. Now everything works the way I expected. I would recommend if you need want to process shipping/labels outside BigCommerce.
by Darrin Miller http://www.pdostore.com
Not good. It seems like this is a small company and the software just isn't ready yet. I have had all kinds of issues including the following: 1. The batch feature does not work at all. 2. I received error messages telling me my USPS account had insufficient funds when it did have funds. I was forced to purchase more postage and now I have too much. 3. My Amazon orders to not update in the OrderCup software. I assume they updated properly in Amazon, however. 4. There is no way to specify trays in my HP printer for plain paper (packing slips) and labels. It looks like their solution is to use two printers, which is ridiculous. 5. The fetching feature is slow. 6. Customer support consists of basically nothing more than posting a problem and waiting for a reply. Mine was answered by another question. Maybe this is a good system, but it does not seem to be ready yet. It works better with my Big Commerce store, but I am not happy so far. I have a few more days remaining in my free trial. If it does not improve, I'm moving on.
by Allison J http://www.cinetics.com
Thank you, OrderCup! I shopped around trying several sites that could help me with order management and shipping for our company, and in the end OrderCup is the only one I would even consider. Their customer service is second to none, and I have yet to encounter a problem that someone did not happily help me through step by step. You can look through their online support forums for help or send a specific request and someone will always get back to you in a timely manner. The site is very user friendly and intuitive. And they are continually making updates to better the customer experience. Without OrderCup, the amount of time I would spend printing shipping labels would be double! With very few clicks, I have everything I need to ship out our daily orders in a very efficient manner. I am very appreciate of all their help and the service they have provided! I would definitely recommend!
by Shivam Surve http://www.kidspartymall.com
OrderCup has such an easy to use interface where everything is managed through the web browser (Amazon cloud based server) and nothing to download / install on your desktop PC. One of the greatest thing of many is it allows us to pre-configure the package info and shipping carrier which saves us a tremendous time as we do not have to enter it every time. We now process our orders with fewer clicks (sometimes even just a one), greater ease and efficiency which leaves us time to focus on growing our business. OrderCup's real-time integration with BigCommerce shopping cart transmits the order tracking details automatically to our store - Nothing to cut-n-paste! Great Shipping Solution!
by todd http://www.ironhorsehelmets.com
I just switched from another shipping software to Order Cup and I am extremely happy with them. Shipping is so much easier. The label and packing list can even print on the same page. I would recommend it to anyone shopping around!