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Have you ever wished you could sit next to your customers as they browse your e-shop? Well now you can! With ContactPigeon you can watch as your customers proceed from shopping… to checkout… to purchase, all as it's happening in real time (you can even look back in time for each customer's past activity on your site).

Imagine the great boost in sales you'll experience when combining real time insights with the power of event-driven marketing that allows you to send emails based on what your customers do… all without ever having to lift a finger.

Now with ContactPigeon you can react based on pages your customers' visit, products added to their carts, or even items they've already purchased. Create automatic campaigns based on any and every possible variable you can think of!

Here are just a few suggestions for automatic campaigns:

  • Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Product reminders based on pages visited at least 2 times during the past 30 days
  • Category specific page views and purchases
  • Page visits to an item or item category previously purchased

Our built-in product selector tool turns the process of creating and sending product based campaigns into a fast and easy task.

Use our advanced segmentation tool and boost your e-shop business marketing even further! Create campaigns based on previous customer purchases, store visits within a specific time range, product pages viewed, or even customers who have responded to prior campaigns.

A few additional ContactPigeon features are:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-stage campaigns
  • Ability to show
  • Rich segmentation
  • Real-time, actionable insights

Exclusively for Bigcommerce customers with small stores: Υou can keep using the service (small stores plan) for FREE after the trial period expires.

Starting from $198 / month

Client Reviews (3)

Perfect for small businesses. 3 months ago by
Contactpigeon is one of those apps that I wish I knew existed long ago. I'm sure they work outside of Bigcommerce too. Extremely easy to set up and use. Perfect for all sorts of contact management automation. Great customer service too. The interface can use a bit of work but the functionality is definitely there!
Great potential, Great REAL Support about 1 year ago by Advanced Tachyon Technologies

We have been using contact pigeon for over a year. The support team is awesome! And that is so important with a program with this much power!

The fact is, they have set up each scenario and automation for me, with joy!

The program does so much, that it can be overwhelming.


But that is where they come in. Sophia simply asked and worked with me to get each process integrated and active.

I have used many programs from mail chimp to active campaign. And they have all been good, but limitations and higher prices.

Contact Pigeon far surpasses the functionality and at least for me, offers features the other guys just don't.

And as time goes on, they have continued to upgrade the feature list, and then directly assist in the implementation of the new feature.

I asked for automation at the customer group level to segment retail and wholesale. The did it and added features to the process I didn't yet know I wanted.

I highly recommend and suggest if you really want to get the most out of this, let these guys help you be successful! They really get and help us understand what we need to implement in order to increase sales.And did I say great support?

Ethan Berry
Thumbs Up over 2 years ago by Ulymar Rocha

We found ContactPigeon that streamlined our email marketing. Full featured and works like a chime. Customer support is highly responsive and George goes beyond the possibility to tailor the software to our need. With ContactPigeon you have a full featured marketing system at a very affordable price. I'd give more stars if there were.

Ulymar Rocha.