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About the app

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Site Traffic and Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Build and Increase Social Fans
  • One Click Installation – Very Easy to Manage
  • More power to Marketing and sales team
  • No Coding required

Neowauk is free to install. Please visit to understand our pricing policy

Neowauk team works non-stop to provide e-tailers and retailers with the best toolkit to increase site traffic, convert visits into sales, increase customer retention and social media fans.

Our team's research and dedication to the World wide e-commerce market has resulted in this unique product, that provides you with affordable tools all under one, easy-to-manage, Neowauk Admin portal. Neowauk does not just provide static coupons - its 'stand out' feature is its ability to allow clients to host, design and completely control their own promotional events. You are able to create events specific to your needs by modifying a variety of features, such as; number of participants, loyalty specific participation, number of winners, types of prizes, probability of winning, etc.

Check out the video for a quick walk-through of how Neowauk helped Debbie, an e-commerce store owner.

Key Features:

  • Auto pop-up dynamic marketing events
  • Host various types of events – random selection events, customer loyalty events, question/answer type events, image recognition type events, survey events,quiz,product finder,trivia etc.
  • E-mail campaign manager
  • Define and manage business rules for each event
  • Easy to manage social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Intuitive and easy to use admin portal
  • And much, much more…….

Please, take a tour of Neowauk Events. With one click installation we offer plans that will fit your business needs. Our goal at Neowauk is to be the service provider that will help each and every e-tailer to reach the next level by helping with all your sales and marketing needs at a very low cost.

App Features

Email Subscribe Pop up

Create quick email subscribe pops with the click of a button.Emails can be synced to your mailchimp account as well

Discount Count down Pops

Create a sense of urgency using pop ups with timer clocks.

Survey Pop Ups

Create Pop ups with logical surveys .Get thoughts from your customers

Trivia Pop Us

Make shopping experience a fun filled one.Create trivias that can entertain your customers, while they shop

Pop Store

Make use of our frequenty refreshed Pop up store. Import ready to use pop ups with the click of a button.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free to install


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