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(Last update: Jan. 2018)

What's New:

  1. Enjoy the brand-new Personalizer App, including:
  2. Real-time design & customization tool;
  3. Preview, Save and Publish options, and;
  4. Your monthly fee is waived if we drive less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee.

What Personalizer Does?

Make more money by turning shoppers into buyers. LimeSpot Personalizer AI increases your revenue by showing the right product, to the right shopper, at the right time.

  1. Choose different styles for your recommendation boxes:
      • Carousel
      • Grid
  2. Use one or multiple recommendation box on all pages
      • Most Popular Products
      • Related Products
      • You May Like
      • Frequently Bought Together
      • New Arrivals
      • Trending Products
      • Featured Collections
      • Recently Viewed
  3. Use Upsell and Cross-sell tools on Cart page
      • Check your performance with Real-time Analytics
      • Sales overview and details
      • Best performing Products, Collections and Recommendation Boxes
      • Shopper's locations and demographics (coming soon)
  4. Built-in Appearance (CSS) Customization
      • 100% responsive on tablets and smartphones
  5. Multiple websites
      • Publish your recommendation boxes from your store on your other websites

Built-in Box Designer:

  1. Customize Titles, Style and Number of products in each row of your recommendation boxes
  2. Customize Image Size, Spacing and Rounded Corners
  3. Customize Next/Previous Button Appearance Mode, Type and Auto Scroll Options
  4. Customize the Placement Disposition, CSS Class and Pagination Breakpoint.

Note: Our Popular and Trending Products Recommendation Boxes rely on real behavioral data from your store, which LimeSpot starts monitoring upon installation. It may take up to a week for LimeSpot to learn from behavior on your store and display products that are genuinely popular.


Our adaptive pricing ( is based on your BigCommerce Plan and the Additional Revenue that Personalizer drives for you:

  • Start for free and enjoy a 15 Day Free Trial
  • Your monthly fee is waived if we drive less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee.


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Client Reviews (8)

Support about 25 days ago by Jacquelyn McManus
OMG, where do i start, i had no earthly clue if what i was doing was correct or now,but i spoke with Leo the support person from LimeSpot and he was so helpful. I really could not say enough about the service i received. I'm so excited about the future sales I will be making as well as the partnership in working with LimeSpot. All my issues were resolved, and my boxes were customized perfectly. Kudo's to Leo on the tech support team, I could not have done this without you .
Fantastic Support 3 months ago by
I installed this App a few days ago. It's fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. I am now waiting to see what effect it has on sales. So far customer support has been outstanding with prompt replies (allowing for time difference between Australia & the US). All issues raised have been addressed and resolved. The tech team at LimeSpot even customized my boxes so they blend in with my BigCommerce theme. Very happy so far.
Does not work with Bigcommerce 7 months ago by
Does not currently work with my bigcommerce store. Not sure how to get it to work either.
Best Product Recommendation App! 7 months ago by
Limespot is an amazing products recommendation app. It integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce store, and has lots of customizations to tailor it to your own store. It is easy to use, and even when you have an issue with the app, the customer support is really outstanding and they resolve it very quickly and always to your satisfaction. Try this app, you will sure love it!!
App Won't Load about 1 year ago by
The app seems to have potential, but after the first use, the app won't load at all.
Love it! about 1 year ago by
Great app with lots of customization and excellent customer support. Very beneficial for our store and for our customers. Totally recommend it.
Great Recommendations at an affordable price about 1 year ago by
Support from the team made this a super easy app to setup. Get some really targeted personalised recommendations for each person. The perfect way to increase sales and average order value. Thanks!
Great app to increase your sales. about 1 year ago by
This app has improved the look and feel of our site and has driven sales. LimeSpot is easy to setup and customize and their customer support has been excellent. I would definitely recommend LimeSpot to anyone looking to improve their e-commerce site.