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  • Gain control over your sales with line sheets, catalogs, flyers and line sheets that can be downloaded, printed, and shared digitally
  • Be recognized for your beautiful line sheets, catalogs, flyers.
  • Easy to use platform that requires no code
  • Now In Store is trusted by 20,000+ stores
  • Now In Store is the first and best line sheets, flyer, catalog & line sheet builder solution on BigCommerce ★★★★★

Now In Store's catalog builder is a tool which automatically creates a professional customizable line sheet of your BigCommerce listings that you can use to promote your new collections or send to your wholesale customers.

With a few clicks you can import all of your BigCommerce products into a beautiful drag and drop interface. You can then easily choose and organize each page of your catalog, customize your front and back covers and add a wholesale contract and order forms.

You can then either download it as a printable PDF or share it on social networks as a digital magazine. Your customers can click on each product and will be automatically directed to your store product page.

We are constantly adding new features to our app and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

14 days free trial - $198/half-year, $288/year

Client Reviews (4)

Loved this application !!!!! 5 months ago by
Wow, this made making a line sheet so easy for my winter sale. It takes everything from your bigcommerce store and converts it into easy templates that make for easy customization. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone who wants to save time and make a professional looking price list !
Faster. Simpler. Effective. 10 months ago by William K. Goebel
A simple solution to reduce a never ending amount of work: catalogs/line sheets. Enough features to be effective, not so much that it will overwhelm you. Could be stronger, but they're working it up. The people working on the other end of their "Chat" know what's going on. Reach out to them once you get going and they'll work with you. This app is saving me a ton of time and I would encourage you to give it a shot. William Goebel, Nitro USA, Inc.
Great for wholesale line sheets and catalogs for new collection 11 months ago by Kwaku
Ideal if you want to create a beautiful line sheet for your wholesale deals or if you need to create a new catalog for your collection.
Doesn't Work about 1 year ago by

Installed but won't launch.  Error message comes up.