Pixelpop - Popups & Banners with Exit-Intent

Client Reviews (33)

Pixelpop is an all-in-one popup maker by the ecommerce design team behind BigCommerce's most popular and successful Stencil themes. Collect email signups, advertise products, and promote special offers with beautiful popups that match the look and feel of your theme.

Grow Your Mailing List

Easily collect email signups and sync them directly to MailChimp or Conversio.

Promote Featured Products

Use popups to direct traffic to new and featured products, categories, content, and more.

Display Offers Like Free Shipping

Create popups and banners to let customers know about special offers.

Time Your Popups with Exit-Intent

Wait for the perfect moment before incentivizing customers with an exit-intent popup.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Pixelpop is supported by the ecommerce experts at Pixel Union, the same team behind BigCommerce's most popular and successful ecommerce themes.

7 Popup Types

  • Email Signup
  • Announcement
  • Page Promotion
  • Coupon Code
  • Custom Image
  • Social Follow
  • Cookie Disclaimer

4 Popup Shapes

  • Promo Bar
  • Card
  • Modal
  • Takeover

Full-Screen Editor & Live Preview

Easily create popups that complement the aesthetic of your brand and store.

Multiple Delay & Scheduling Options

Schedule your popups in advance and use an assortment of delays, including exit-intent, time on site, pages viewed, and page scroll.

Advanced Targeting Options

Fine-tune your popups based on your customers' location, the device they're using, their activity on your page, and where they're arriving from.

Handcrafted Popup Themes

Pixelpop includes an assortment of professionally designed popup themes by Pixel Union, the same team behind BigCommerce's most popular and successful ecommerce themes.

Add Your Own Custom CSS

Do you know CSS and want to add a little flair to your popups? Go right ahead.

No Code Changes—Takes Seconds to Install

Pixelpop takes two seconds to install and starts working in your store automatically.

Choose the Pricing Option that's Right for Your Store

Pixelpop is 100% free to use for up to 500 monthly popup views. Paid plans offer more views, plus premium features like exit-intent delays.

  • Basic (free) - 500 popup views/month
  • Starter ($12/month) - 10,000 popup views/month
  • Growth ($24/month) - 50,000 popup views/month
  • Pro ($48/month) - 300,000 popup views/month

Client Reviews (33)

Easy to use! about 18 days ago by may...com http://www.mayawear.com
Just created my first pop-up! Easy to use! Looking forward to some great results. Thanks! :)
Easy to use! about 18 days ago by may...com http://www.mayawear.com
Just created my first pop-up! Easy to use! Looking forward to some great results. Thanks! :)
Great Popup App! about 18 days ago by sto...com http://store.revivesalonsf.com
This has been an incredible app, definitely worth paying for the exposure! There is much more to do with this app than with MailChimp.
Great app for managing pop ups! about 25 days ago by bar...com
Super easy to use. Great customer service. Quick install and full featured. I love it when things just work!
So easy to use about 1 month ago by gar...com
Pixelpop was super easy to install, deploy, and use. I definitely plan on using it for my store. Their customer service is great and I don't have to second guess what I need to do. Setting up exit intent is always important for a store owner to try to retain customers. However, it's also important to be able to publish a wide variety of messages. This tool does that and more.
Easy to use! about 1 month ago by des...com http://www.dessertcafeonline.com
Exactly what we were looking for! Has the simple features we need, easy to use, AND the ability to test and within in minutes. Literally minutes. Thanks Pixelpop
Great interface! about 1 month ago by mar...com http://clearad-clothing9.mybigcommerce.com/
Pixelpop has a great user interface that makes customizing popups extremely easy and fun. I'm a new eCommerce store owner and was told to always try apps to make the entire shopping experience better. All of these apps help make my store better and best of all, without needing to learn how to code. Pixelpop is a great and no-brainer add to any store.
Brilliant about 1 month ago by guy....uk
Easy to use, helpful customer service
Works Great about 1 month ago by sar...com http://selininy.com
This is a great and functional app. Everything is use to understand and use.
great product 3 months ago by don...com http://www.gotwhatchaneed.com
great products. So easy to use and navigate. Thank you again
Great 3 months ago by inf...com http://www.taumart.com
Excellent work..
Smart App and So Easy To Use 4 months ago by dan...net https://www.sterlingminerals.com
Looked at at lot of apps for creating popups for marketing while the customer visits and this has got to be the easiest app I have ever used. Technical issues are addressed pretty quickly. Had a touch and go issue right before Cyber Monday, but their staff worked quickly to resolve. And they needed to fix a display issue for IPhones. Again addressed quickly and got it working. Customer service is excellent and the app is not only easy, but fun to use. Simple is the name of the game since I don't have time to deal with issues. That's what my web designer is for. Great price, affordable and I look forward to the expansion of the app as they introduce new features. Purchased a plan since the free one doesn't provide the type of marketing needed for super performance. Highly recommend for those wanting marketing to be fast and simple. Thanks for creating an app that works and doesn't make me pull my hair out.
App is a waste of money 4 months ago by eyp...com
Pricing is based on the number of impressions, and regardless of the settings used, your ad will popup many times for the same user after they click on the X to stop the popup regardless of the settings you choose. So if you choose the 500 impression level, you alone, in setting up the popup will use up the entire month's 500 allotment. The 50,000 impression level is about +/- 10,000 actual impressions considering the popup keeps popping up for the same user in the same page session. And I'm waiting to hear why I was charged $35.87 when I signed up for $24/month level. No explanation of why an excess $11.87 was charged. This is not a good company to deal with in my experience.
Excellent App 5 months ago by vm@...com
Very versatile, many options far better than the previous one I was using- highly recommend
Pixelpop 5 months ago by sta...com https://naughtonbraun.com/
Just checked my Google Analytics and Pixelpop is driving traffic to my Website. It is easy to use and intuitive. The customer support is really helpful and they respond typically within 24 hours or less. I like the amount of personalization that you can add to your exit banners and the choices for hoe the banners appear. It was a seem-less integration with Bigcommerce.
Great Marketing Tool 5 months ago by adm...com https://www.foxcreekleather.com/
We have been using this app for awhile now. Great features with many options and easy to use. Excellent customer service and support as well. The developers are always making improvements to an already awesome app. Highly recommended.
Email Sign-Up 6 months ago by sal....uk https://risk-assessment-products.co.uk/
A great ecommerce app for acquiring your customer data. Easy to integrate, design and apply to your store. Great find.
Just Starting Out 6 months ago by bri...com http://briggsgameshop.com
I have tried several of the different apps to set up pop-up. My interest was newsletters primarily, and most have been hard to set up, Pixel-pop seems to be much more functional for a beginner so I am looking forward to developing some great customer conversions as I move forward
Pixel Pop Rocks 6 months ago by lyn...com http://htpp://www.damselflyfishing.com
Easy to set up and create custom pop ups. Excited to take advantage of pop ups during the holiday season.
Great APP! 6 months ago by dav...com https://taylorstreetfavors.com
I love this app. We use it all the time. Very easy to use. Feature requests: Quick calendar to view when all running and future events, quick edit to add dates to event, ability to add a simple countdown to sales banners to encourage urgency, and have pop ups become a tab when "X"ed out by customer. I recommend this app 100% and customer service has been amazing. - David
Love it! 6 months ago by bel...com
So far so good! Love the custom banners I can do for each page, instead of for all customers. It captures leads and the pops up just in time with my adjusts on the back end. I like the sleek look and its looks more personal and custom for my website then traditional coupon pop ups.
Simple and effective 7 months ago by yar...com https://www.golflandwarehouse.com/
Easy integration with MailChimp, super easy pop-up setup and so far we've seen good results from the exit intent popup and email subscription popup. Recommend 100% for BigCommerce shops.
Worked fine 1st time - BUT! 7 months ago by rog...biz http://giftx.biz
I installed and ran for a while then moved to the beginners plan - no problem. After a while I went back to the free plan. After a week I changed my mind and tried to go back to the beginners plan - could not do it as pixel pop would not allow it! I have tried enough times now and am uninstalling.
GREAT NEW APP 7 months ago by chr....ca
Easy to use !
I'm please 8 months ago by lav...com http://www.owlwaterfountain.com
I'm just learning how too design and put them on my website. thank you.
Very User-Friendly and Works Great! 8 months ago by ben...com https://julbie.com/
After testing a few other Apps to implement pop-ups in my store, I found that Pixelpop was by far the easiest and best to work with. I was having difficulties with the other popup apps, but once I switched to Pixelpop it was seamless. I was amazed at how easy it was. Thanks!
Pixel Pop 8 months ago by ang...com http://www.decoupagedesignsusa.com
This is perfect! Exactly what I have been wanting for my website! I don't think if I hadn't switched to BigCommerce that this great app would've ever been available to me. Thank you! Love how easy it is to work with Pixel Pop! :-)
Pixelpop 8 months ago by zem...com http://zembrush.com
Good app. Works flawlessly with BC. Easy to manage. Fair price.
Engaging pop ups 8 months ago by joe...com https://summitcigars.com
I have found great benefit to working with Pixelpop. The product and their team have been great and I recommend them to anyone who is trying to drive and retain business on their ecommerce site.
Simple and powerful app 9 months ago by nir...com https://www.wholesalefashioncouture.com/
Thank you
needs more features 10 months ago by bil...com http://budgetvapors.com
Great app but missing some features, Social media should have a join facebook group button and should have feature that this pop up can ONLY be displayed on the homepage
Lacking a lot of features 10 months ago by inf...com
While the pricing is good and the design interface isn't terrible, it's lacking a lot of features, especially in the targeting capabilities. You can target specific pages, but you can't block specific pages, like the cart and checkout pages. You can't even limit the number of times it shows to the same customer. Until these basic features are added, we won't be subscribing.
Love this app!! 10 months ago by Nikki Nunnari https://www.thenorthpoleshoppe.com.au
Gosh, why do I love this app. Because it's easy to install and easy to navigate, but most of all because it works and provides instant results. Pixelpop is efficient and effective, which is what you'd expect from Pixel Union!