Pixelpop - Popups & Banners with Exit-Intent

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Pixelpop is an all-in-one popup maker by the ecommerce design team behind BigCommerce's most popular and successful Stencil themes. Collect email signups, advertise products, and promote special offers with beautiful popups that match the look and feel of your theme.

Grow Your Mailing List

Easily collect email signups and sync them directly to MailChimp or Conversio.

Promote Featured Products

Use popups to direct traffic to new and featured products, categories, content, and more.

Display Offers Like Free Shipping

Create popups and banners to let customers know about special offers.

Time Your Popups with Exit-Intent

Wait for the perfect moment before incentivizing customers with an exit-intent popup.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Pixelpop is supported by the ecommerce experts at Pixel Union, the same team behind all of BigCommerce's Stencil themes.

7 Popup Types

  • Email Signup
  • Announcement
  • Page Promotion
  • Coupon Code
  • Custom Image
  • Social Follow
  • Cookie Disclaimer

4 Popup Shapes

  • Promo Bar
  • Card
  • Modal
  • Takeover

Full-Screen Editor & Live Preview

Easily create popups that complement the aesthetic of your brand and store.

Multiple Delay & Scheduling Options

Schedule your popups in advance and use an assortment of delays, including exit-intent, time on site, pages viewed, and page scroll.

Advanced Targeting Options

Fine-tune your poups based on your customers' location, their activity on your page, and where they're arriving from.

Handcrafted Popup Themes

Pixelpop is designed and developed by Pixel Union, exclusive provider of BigCommerce's premium Stencil themes.

Add Your Own Custom CSS

Do you know CSS and want to add a little flair to your popups? Go right ahead.

No Code Changes—Takes Seconds to Install

Pixelpop takes two seconds to install and starts working in your store automatically.

Choose the Pricing Option that's Right for Your Store

Pixelpop is 100% free to use for up to 500 monthly popup views. Paid plans offer more views, plus premium features like exit-intent delays.

  • Basic (free) - 500 popup views/month
  • Starter ($12/month) - 10,000 popup views/month
  • Growth ($24/month) - 50,000 popup views/month
  • Pro ($48/month) - 300,000 popup views/month

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