ReadyCloud CRM

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Grow your business with ReadyCloud CRM. Get to know your customers better. Find out what they are buying or returning, on what sales channels and how often.

ReadyCloud CRM is built for your e-commerce world.

Unlike other CRMs, there's no manual data entry or leads to create. ReadyCloud automatically consolidates your customer history across all your sales channels to connect you with your customers.

In just a few simple steps, ReadyCloud integrates with your BigCommerce store and marketplace accounts to create instant customer profiles. Make smarter marketing moves that are based on focused order details, purchase history and shipment tracking, all tied to user-friendly CRM tools for notes, calendar, reports and so much more!

ReadyCloud CRM helps you expand into new sales channels and support new marketing initiatives with a growing list of plugins that improve the way you work. Easily add support for shipping, product returns, marketing and marketplaces in just minutes.

  1. Easily connects CRM to your BigCommerce store.
  2. Connects all your sales channels.
  3. Automatically creates feature-rich customer profiles.
  4. Delivers real-time sales, shipping and tracking reports.
  5. Tackle your day with the color-coded calendar, customer-focused notes and more.
  6. Easily connect your sales and supports teams.
  7. Get FREE users when you refer a user.

Starts at just $19/month per user - no contracts.

$19 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (4)

I like it 8 months ago by
Great app for visibility 8 months ago by
easy to setup
Great Software 11 months ago by
Doesnt work 11 months ago by
I am very excited for an application to function as this one, but we cannot get it to load or work. Furthermore, the documentation isn't completed either. Would love to get this loaded and working!