ReadyCloud CRM

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ReadyCloud CRM helps you improve your customer relationships like never before by making it possible to follow them across all your sales channels. Get to know your best customers better with integrated features like profiles, notes, calendar, order history and shipment tracking.

Connect with your customers in new ways that help shape future sales. Learn the seasonal patterns of your target base, and use this data to drive more conversions while improving loyalty and retention.

  • Instantly adds CRM to your online store.
  • Cross-platform integration connects all your sales channels.
  • Automatically creates feature-rich customer profiles.
  • Delivers real-time sales, shipping and returns visibility.
  • Better forecast sales with on-demand, real-time reports.
  • Tackle your day with the color-coded calendar, customer-focused notes and more.
  • Easily connect your sales and supports teams.
  • Get FREE users when you refer a user.

Starts at just $12/month per user - no contracts.

$15 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (2)

Great Software 2 months ago by
Doesnt work 3 months ago by
I am very excited for an application to function as this one, but we cannot get it to load or work. Furthermore, the documentation isn't completed either. Would love to get this loaded and working!