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Subscription Orders | Saved Credit Card | Recurring Billing

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Take your store's functionality and shopping experience to the next level with a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, seamless software that increases revenue, conversion and retention by offering subscription plans and saved credit cards for future uses. Easily eliminate the most troublesome factor of a purchase (entering the credit card information) with "Rebillia: Saved Credit Card" and enjoy a 7% monthly increase (in average) in passive income with "Rebillia: Recurring Orders". With Rebillia, your shoppers will abandon less carts, shop bigger and shop more!

A recent study made by our analysts, confirmed by BigCommerce, has shown that Rebillia users of 3-5 months, giving it the time to assimilate in your store and have shoppers subscribe or return for the 2nd and 3rd purchases, see store averages of +27% Orders, +14% AOV, +14% Conversion Rate and +42.87% Revenue!

*As every store is different, results may vary. Rebillia offers more analytical information per business type and product spec.

Enhance your financial control - Reduce churn to maximize Revenue!

Along with our front-end integration, Rebillia introduces a revolutionary dual dashboard interface, bringing gateway functionality into your order management system. With an easy to use filtering system, you will be able to find and act on every order in your store with all the regular BigCommerce functionalities and our proprietary functionalities not available anywhere else, like:

  • Partially Refund orders and Rebillia will keep you updated with the remaining balance.
  • Track the history of any transaction made for any order.
  • Bulk Charge (for authorize-only users) your authorized orders, with the ability to partially charge each one as you wish.
  • Get full order information from a declined order AND determine the REASON for the decline. Convert lost revenue!
  • Void mistaken Refunds (available only before the Refund was settled).

"Rebillia: Saved Credit Card" main features:

  • Allow your customers to save their cards for future purchases.
  • Tools to understand and convert declines to revenue.
  • Easy manual & over-the-phone orders creation.
  • Full order/gateway control from your BigCommerce admin panel.
  • Add-on feature to allow shoppers to control and manage their payment information.

"Rebillia: Recurring Orders" main features:

  • Allow your customers to subscribe for any product on your store, on any frequency you want.
  • Create various types and styles of subscription plans, such as: ever ongoing, free trial subscription, box of the month, down payment subscription, pre-pay subscription and many more…
  • Full customer front-end control to manage their subscriptions, skip a specific order, put subscription on hold, change cards & addresses, cancel subscriptions and view upcoming deliveries.
  • Get inventory insights 6 months ahead of time to keep your stock available.

Rebillia Platform general features:

  • A PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Software – Utilizing our approved payment gateways. We currently serve Authorize.NET, PayPal powered by Braintree, Stripe, Cybersource, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) and PayPal Website Payments Pro.
  • Easy setup – A 5-step installation wizard, mostly copy/paste commands with instructional videos throughout the process. Setup fee applies with Recurring Orders only!
  • Seamless Integration – We embed our software directly in to your website's theme and style, with no URL redirections, no external accounts and no ads. Your shoppers will not even know you are using an external service!
  • Full synchronization with BigCommerce's Control Panel – Keeps your analytics in top notch performance. No change in your BigCommerce use.
  • Risk Free 14 Days Trial – Get the look and feel of our software risk-free, and get it setup correctly for 100% performance.
  • No Contract Needed! – Pay-as-you-go. We let our ROI do the "contracting".
  • High volume scalability that will never hold you back from making more money.
★ ★ ★ Partner Friendly ★ ★ ★

Get Rebillia for FREE on your sandbox/demo store to see if it is a good fit for your customers, or to try it yourself. Contact us at to get started.

Looking for more information?

  • Go to to schedule a demo with one of our experts and get all your questions answered live, with screen share capability and step-by-step instructions.
  • Visit our website at with LiveChat personnel to guide you through the website.
  • Call our office at (404) 900-6858 to talk with one of our trained representatives.

Thank you for your business,

The Rebillia Family.

From $20/month, No Contract

Client Reviews (34)

Great Software + Outstanding Customer Service about 10 days ago by Jeff Stripp
I would start with service - these guys are amazingly responsive (and oftentimes funny). They have blown away our expectations on all levels of service. Since our company is built on "service and wowing customers" we are naturally inclined to do business with those that care about service as deeply as they do. As far as the features of Rebillia - since implementing we have decreased our churn rate and increased our overall retention rate substantially. Their subscription service is a game changer for those of us who need to keep up with the likes of Amazon. Offering a subscription service to our offering has not only delighted our customers but has helped us manage our business more effectively. You wont be disappointed!
Best Customer Service EVER 3 months ago by
I have seriously never experienced customer service like this. Rebillia's team of experts has created a solution that can grow with my business. These guys go above and beyond in every way. They are smart & great to work with! They are constantly working on new integrations and staying 1 step ahead of the ever-changing web. If I have a question or request I am always taken care of promptly. And when I say taken care of I mean- TAKEN CARE OF! If they think of anything that could benefit my business they make it happen! I was previously working with another company that were really dragging their feet. I found Rebillia and gave them a chance after reading their reviews. They are everything their reviews say about them and more.
Rebillia 3 months ago by
Excellent customer service. Really helped our website retain customers.
After my customers kept on asking for subscriptions over and over again, I rushed in to installing a subscription software as fast as possible. Starting with a different company, sadly - efficiency was not good and their customer support was almost non existent! While I kept this software on my store, to please my customers as much as possible, I found Rebillia and was very skeptical as to how different they could be from what I am using - BOY, WAS I WRONG!! - Their customer support is AMAZING and every functionality I needed and didn't have they just said "Yes, we can do that for you". The switch fast and painless and they got me up and running before the business day was over! A 5 star review is really an understatement for them - I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH REBILLIA! DAVID & MATT ARE THE BEST.
AMAZING 4 months ago by
This company has literally bent over backwards to help with my install!!! I literally killed my website and Rebellion brought it back to life . The functionality of the APP is beautiful . Here we are 24 hours in and reaping the benefits. Saved credit cards, recurring payments, flexibilty and discount rules work flawlessly. Recommend 100x over!!
AMAZING!!! 5 months ago by
It took me WAAAAY too long to write this review! This app and the team behind it are AMAZING! Not only is this app a MUST HAVE for every business, the customer service is awesome. This is one of the most effortless and useful apps we have on our store. GET THIS APP!!!
Great support 6 months ago by
Had some issues to begin with but through many calls and email, it has all been sorted. The software takes a little work for installation etc with the help of Rebillia and there are certain parts they are still developing. Will update again once it has been fully installed.
What BC lacks, Rebillia more than delivers with recurring subscription 8 months ago by Jason Lee
We've been a BC customer for more than 5 years. In that time, we've asked over and over for BC to develop a recurring subscription model. Their response, we'll refer you to the developers portal and you can request on the wish list. Unfortunately, business doesn't wait for a wish list. Enter Rebillia. Their current solution for recurring billing works phenomenally. We've used Recurly, Chargify, Stripe and hands down can only recommend Rebillia. We run an online wine club service. The option to have multiple bottles and multiple schedule is paramount. People can choose 2, 4, 6 or 12 bottles delivered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. The Rebillia service has saved us time and money from manually processing orders. Review 1-5 rating: 5* Product 5* Service 4* Ease of Use 4.5* Reporting 4.75* Overall
We love Rebilla. Great Support! 8 months ago by
Truly happy with our purchase. This team is awesome. Very responsive and helpful. They have been helping us with raising our website conversions thanks to the experience we are now able to provide our customers.
Words cannot describe how amazing! 8 months ago by
I cannot begin to describe how amazing these guys are. The accuracy and and speed with which they guided me through the setup. They showed me the capabilities of Rebillia with BigCommerce in more ways than I could have imagined. Their overall feature and functionality is to an A+, and the flexibility that the team provides with regards to customization is amazing. A+++++++++++ all the way.
nice addition 9 months ago by
super easy set up and great support.
Great App + Amazing Customer Service 9 months ago by
Great App. Easy to install. Their team will work with you to install correctly or you can do it simply yourself. The app itself is great. It frees up time for my busy customers who order from us often, since they can now just click on their saved card and hit submit! I cant stress enough how helpful their support team is. They have helped me fix issues that weren't even related to their Rebillia app. Their support is FAST too, every email was responded back to within just an hour or so and they will always let you know about their updates and how to apply them! Such a great team/company/app. I recommend to anyone who want to give their customers an easy checkout experience!
One of the best addition to our store about 1 year ago by
We believe number one reason people purchase online is the convenience. Because of the nature of products we sell we do have a lot of repeat customers. Asking the credit card number for each purchase was major inconvenience we were struggling with in our previous platform. Switching to Big Commerce give us great flexibility integrating with advance apps such as Rebillia. Thanks to Rebillia the checkout process become easier and more convenient for our customer and we believe Rebillia help our online revenue growth since we started to use it 8 months ago. Their support is super responsive and smooth. Our request are handles with minimum interruption to our business.
Great App / Service about 1 year ago by
It's really hard to find an app that actually works and the company has good customer service. This app has both. Rebillia is always quick to respond and help. The app is used by about half of my daily orders so it makes it a good investment.
Finding the Missing Piece about 1 year ago by
The Rebillia app was the missing piece for us as we were launching our subscription site. The ability for customers to securely save credit card information in their account was a critical component to the reoccurring billing process. The Rebillia team continues to focus on enhancements to the app. And if having an app with critical functionality wasn’t enough, the level of one-on-one support we have received has been reassuring.
Love Rebillia! about 1 year ago by
We had Rebiller installed just about a week ago, and I am amazed at the number of customers who have chosen to register and save a credit card. Many of our customers use mobile devices and it's obvious that they like the convenience of simply clicking to purchase as opposed to reaching for a card and typing in information on a small screen. Rebillia also adds a more sophisticated look to the checkout process which in turn appears to generate greater confidence in our site. (Customers can add and maintain multiple credit and debit cards.) The install went very smoothly with no interruption to business and support is simply excellent. We have many repeat buyers and I have no doubt that Rebillia will make purchasing faster and easier for them. Special kudos to Snir for his truly EXCELLENT customer service! Thank you all!
Great app! Customers love it! about 1 year ago by
Most of our customers order a couple times per month and they love being able to store credit card numbers. It was always a hassle when they called on the phone or tried to place their order online and had to enter their card each time. Especially for phone orders this is a lifesaver. The tech support guys are awesome also if you ever need anything.
Much needed feature, excellent, prompt service. about 1 year ago by
We've installed Rebillia and have been very impressed with the functionality of the app. It goes without saying that have a card securely stored for customers to checkout is a priceless feature. For regular customers or purposeful customers, being able to select a card with the click of a button is the peak of convenience and helps in retention, conversion, and LTV. In addition to the functionality it's added to our site, I have to take an extra moment to single out the customer service and tech support as exemplary, with prompt responses and amazingly swift development. Highly recommended.
Best App in the marketplace to increase revenue! about 1 year ago by
Just wanted to say thank you to all the Rebillia team! After years on BigCommerce, being mostly stuck on a steady income rate, trying a lot of different apps to help increase our numbers (optimized checkouts, reviews apps and much more) - this app really exceeded all my expectations! Not only my customers love the fact that they have their checkout process made fast and easy, but also it significantly increased my returning clientele, reduced abandoned carts and had shoppers buy more every time - after 3 months with Rebillia my AOV and Revenue started climbing and just didn't stop!! I am seeing now, after 6 months, increases of +25% in orders, +35% conversion, +15% AOV and +40% REVENUE since installing Rebillia!!.. Worth EVERY DIME! I recommend this app to everyone! This was the best decision i've made to upgrade my store!
Picks up where BigCommerce left off! about 1 year ago by
Rebillia is the app we have been waiting for! For many years our customers have been asking us to save Credit Card numbers, until now I had to say "Sorry, our website doesn't support that". But now, we can offer this service and do it seamlessly via Rebillia! I would recommend this app for any site that wants or has recurring customers. Service has been great, onboarding was simple and quick, and they just keep rolling out new features! -Jonathon Thompson
Best BigCommerce App about 1 year ago by
We recently signed up for the service of Rebilla, as a plug in for BigCommerce. We had hoped for a app like this and waited patiently for it. When we loaded the app it was better that we expected. It was easy to load, the customer service was great, we we able to load it seamlessly with affecting customer experience. The best part is our customer experience, our customers immediately contacted us about the new feature and expressed that they were happy we finally made it easy for then to shop with us. All the other features that come with this app also make it easy to manage and organize our CRM, this app it truly the total package.
Excellent service great app! about 1 year ago by
The app itself was is a great app and offers a great service to your customers. I liked the app but wasn't sure if it was something that I wanted to offer to my customers just yet but I gave it a try and it worked just as it should. The best part for me is the customer service. I called there support line to ask a very simple question and the gentlemen on the phone was great. Not only did he answer my question but took the time to walk through and make sure that everything was setup correctly. He was very professional and polite and honestly treated me like a VIP. In my experience most companies now a days just want to take your money and give you the bare minimum in service but not rebillia. With service like that they have made my decision easy as this is the type of company that I like to do business with. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a credit card on file app!
Great Job accomplishing what BigCommerce should have done years ago about 1 year ago by
This is an easy to install app with the very helpful videos provided for those of us not familiar with rarely-messed-with back-end settings. All other stored solutions I'm aware of that have been offered previously were unacceptable as they took the customer off the website and required signing up for a paypal-like service (that no one ever heard of). This brilliant solution is something BigCommerce should have made available years ago (at least to the higher-priced packages), and certainly should have included after the recent & outrageous new pricing that resulted in our monthly fee more than quadrupling from $79.95 to $336.00 - without a single added feature. For that much of a monthly expense, features like Rebillia's card retention -and their upcoming recurring billing option- should be included features.
Much needed payment app about 1 year ago by
Updated: 2016/07/27 This data may not be the most accurate one but since our website didn't launch until July of 2015, we didn't have any exact figure to look at. Comparing between 05/01~07/27 and 01/01~04/30, we had 42.41% in increase in Revenue and 45.06 decrease in abandoned carts. The reason for the comparison is because we began using Rebillia around end of May. Review: May 2016 - Easy integration with instructions - Great customer support (Snir is fantastic and really looks at our account in detail. He has great knowledge and REALLY goes beyond to care for the businesses that's using the app) - Continuous improvements and updates - REALLY listens to suggestions I can't think of any reason NOT to use Rebillia at times when easy and convenient checkout is a MUST for all websites.
So Much Potential about 1 year ago by
As an enterprise account and having been with Bigcommerce for 6 years now, this is exactly what is needed to take this platform to the next level. What Rebillia has built so far and what they have in the queue is what ecommerce companies need in order to compete with giants like Amazon. This is a very valuable application with a very smart and helpful team of people behind it. Bigcommerce needs to fully welcome this and allow Rebillia full integration and access so that all improvements can be made. This application is the start of separating standard platform capabilities from excellent capabilities. I hope Bigcommerce reads this review and understands how important it is that they give Rebillia the key to the door and in turn this will help all of Bigcommerce customers be more successful selling online and retaining customers. If you are a customer of Bigcommerce, please voice your support for this application as it will help all of us. Thank You, Joel
Great App, Wonderful Customer Service about 1 year ago by
I installed Rebillia about a month ago and it was the easiest app I have ever installed. Yesterday, I redid my website and had to reinstall the app. I couldn't figure out where to go, so I called the Rebillia Support. Someone immediately answered, walked me through step by step and was an enormous help. I don't think I've ever had this great of customer service online! Thank you to Rebillia. If you are an ecommerce store, this is a must for customer satisfaction and ease of sale. I'm very excited!
Excellent Customer Service - app so far so good about 1 year ago by
Such an important feature to have on my store! I can only imagine how much business i've lost from customers who intend to return later with their credit card # but never do. Can't wait to see how my customers loves this. Customer service was A+++. Snir (I think he is the owner/creator?)followed up with me until my successful installation was complete and were very kind and friendly. I would urge everyone with an e-commerce store to use this app!
Excellent App! about 1 year ago by
Want to step up your game and look more professional? Want to make it just that much easier for your customer to complete a purchase? This app gets it done. The set-up steps are clear--easy to follow. I had it set-up and humming along in a matter of minutes. The support team may be great, but I didn't need to contact anyone it installed so easily. And it works. I think what I like best is how seamlessly it integrates with BC. Customers don't have to leave their account on our website to manage this new capability--awesome! Now if we could just get BigCommerce to create a subscription billing feature; or, maybe a quality group like Rebillia here could create such an app that doesn't require customers to leave our website to make a purchase (like all the other app solutions), all my chopping cart check-out dreams will have come true.
Practically Perfect! Why this isn't part of a professional level BC account is beyond me? about 1 year ago by
Finally a truly professional checkout feature. It integrates beautifully and works flawlessly. Only question is why this isn't included for an Enterprise account on BC? Seems like a feature that should be part of an Enterprise experience, not an add-on app. At least Rebillia has been able to step up and execute this so well as a third party.
Awesome!! about 1 year ago by dave brautigan
This saved credit card app is the real thing. The installation was super easy and Snir was available for questions and his team did a great job with on-boarding. There really is not that much help needed though to be honest as they put so much time into awesome how to videos and the setup process really does take less than 5 min's. The app works well and I have already had multiple customers thank me and start using it to save credit cards. This is a game changer and anyone on Bigcommerce needs this. It is one more step closer to single click checkout which we all know is where things need to go. I can't speak highly enough about this product and am happy to share my experience with anyone that is on the fence.
Great App! about 1 year ago by
Love this app! It was super easy to install and works perfectly.
Awesome addition about 1 year ago by
This App is great! It does exactly what it is supposed to… Saves customer’s credit cards so they don’t have to type them in for future purchases. Easy to install, and looks great!
Very easy to set up and easy to use! about 1 year ago by
We were able to get the app up in running in 5 to 10 minutes without any obstruction to our customers. We use the card on file portion of this app and our customers love it. They've been begging us for something like this for awhile now and for it to be finally here it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. The app does something none of the competitors do which is keep you on page so you're not leaving your domain to collect payment which was very important to us as it confuses customers sometimes when they are forced to go somewhere else to pay. I'm extremely happy with the performance of this app and the developers are always listening to suggestions to make it better and more stream line.
Finally! The APP EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR about 1 year ago by
Finally! Now there is saved credit card info on BigCommerce!! WooHoo!! Honestly- The number one pain-point during checkout is having to type in cumbersome cc info. Rebillia eliminates this pain-point with style! Their seamless solution works on your url with your checkout page. The customer always has a consistent experience on a secure page(no redirects,no popups). A major pain-point for Store-Owners is when they have to leave BigCommerce Control Panel, and go to a third-party website to login to their CC processor to Void/Refund a credit card purchase. The Rebillia App solves this problem too. It is integrated with BigCommerce through the “Apps” portal, and you can void or refund a credit card within the rebillia app console. This is a huge feature that is truly game-changing for back-end efficiency. Lastly- The installation COULDN’T HAVE BEEN EASIER. They have streamlined the process so that a blind monkey could do it. If you can watch a 1minute youtube video of how to configure your settings, you can do it. Additionally- I have spoken with the owner and creator of the app several times. He is extremely helpful and thorough. I am a relatively small-volume customer but he has been very attentive and available while I was researching the app. This guy is genuine and has really filled a gap with Rebillia. Thank you Snir Avidan; every BigCommerce Store Owner thanks you!! I am not a paid-spokesman. I am not a fake bot. My name is Brandon Raffensperger and My stores are and and I use Rebillia on both. I have over 20 apps through BigCommerce and this is the first I have ever reviewed. It is that good!!