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About the app

Better marketplace results, in less time and with less hassle.

Zentail makes multichannel simple by equipping sellers with operational excellence. By leveraging automation to power product data, Zentail helps sellers achieve:

  • 3x faster sales growth
  • 10x greater profitability
  • 100 additional team hours per month

As former sellers, our software is built from a value-driven approach. This focus on only the highest-value features and channels ensures sellers are making the most of their time, energy and efforts.

  • Channels: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google Shopping, NewEgg and more...
  • Industry-leading SMART Types Multichannel Listing Tool
  • Orders and Inventory Management
  • Integrated Shipping Label Generation
  • FBA Multichannel Automation
  • Dynamic Repricing
  • Five-star-rated US-based Customer Support
Zentail is the trusted all-in-one multichannel management platform for high-growth sellers.

App Features

SMART Types Listing Tool

Zentail leads the industry with its AI-powered listing tool. Looking to expand your listings on multiple marketplace channels (including your BigCommerce listings)? Avoid the headaches with Zentail's SMART Types.

This unique tool will map your listings across channels within minutes, not hours. What's more is that they'll be automagically categorized and attributed for you, so you don't have to fish through the various requirements and categories for each product on each channel.

That's the power of Zentail: intelligent automation.

FBA Multichannel Automation

Automatically fulfill BigCommerce and other non-Amazon orders using your FBA inventory via Amazon's Multichannel Fulfillment program. Zentail will create the order in MCF, retrieve tracking from MCF and automatically update the order's channel when the order has shipped. In addition, Zentail merchants are automatically enrolled in Amazon's Blank Box program and all orders will be shipped in non-Amazon packaging when possible.

Case Studies

Seller Sees Big Growth for BigCommerce and Martketplace Channels

McCombs sees 600% BigCommerce sales increase plus expansion to Amazon, Walmart, Google and more to become a multi-million-dollar seller.

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