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Beyond Simple Shipping! Teapplix automation software provides the most sophisticated and flexible shipping, inventory and QuickBooks integration functions for online sellers. Highly rated by thousands of customers! Save money with best USPS Discount rates.

Shipping Automation Features:

  • Remember Weights & Dimensions
  • Filters & Automation Rules
  • Single, Bulk and Scan Based Printing
  • Multiple Shipping Profiles
  • SmartMethod┬« Shop for Best Shipping Rates
  • Supports USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL (eCommerce, Express)
  • Best Possible USPS Discounts
  • DropShips & FBA, Customizable Template
  • Returns Management, Repots & API

MultiChannel Inventory Features:

  • Products with Location, Image & Custom References
  • Combo Product Management
  • Automatic Listings Download, Supports Item Mapping
  • 15 Minute Auto Quantity Sync to All Channels
  • Multi-Warehouses Support
  • QuickBooks or Teapplix as Inventory Master
  • Inventory Quantity Alerts
  • Profit & Loss Reporting

QuickBooks Integration Features:

  • Automatic Bi-directional sync with QuickBooks
  • Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Invoices
  • Customers, Items & Taxes Management
  • Inventory & Assemblies
  • Track Marketplace fees
  • Supports QuickBooks Desktop, POS & Online
  • Multi Currency, Multi Site
    $20 / month
    Free trial
    30 days

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