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About the app

Streamline Shipping, Accounting with QuickBooks, and Inventory management by connecting BigCommerce with ActionShip by Teapplix.

  • Automated & economic shipping for BigCommerce orders
  • Export BigCommerce orders to QuickBooks to simplify accounting
  • 15-minute inventory quantity sync across BigCommerce and other eCommerce channels

App Features

Simplify BigCommerce Order Processing with ActionShip
  • Automatic sync of orders, status and shipment tracking with BigCommerce.
  • Automation rules: place orders into queues, assign warehouses and set shipping method and weight. Automatically submit orders to 3pl for dropship.
  • Rate shop among all major shipping carriers for lowest rate based on weight, dimensions and delivery date.
  • Flexible shipping workflows: one at a time, batch label generation, or SKU / UPC scan based label generation.
  • Customize pick list and packing lists. User defined data and references on shipping labels.
  • Support multiple shipping profiles and warehouses.
Speed up Accounting with Automatic QuickBooks Sync
  • Export BigCommerce Orders as Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, or Invoices.
  • Flexible configuration, individual orders or daily summaries.
  • Map items, customers, accounts, classes.
  • Map sales taxes based on country and state.
  • Support individual inventory item as well as Inventory Assemblies. Automatically build Inventory Assembly when exporting orders.
  • Sync QuickBooks quantity back to BigCommerce.
Keep inventory up to date in BigCommerce with ActionShip InventoryAdvisor
  • Download listings and product details from BigCommerce.
  • Unify SKU names across BigCommerce and other e-commerce Channels.
  • Supports individual products as well as kits.
  • Allow you to manage warehouses and quantities. Automatically deduct quantity when you ship out orders.
  • Sync quantity across BigCommerce and other e-commerce Channels.
  • Reports, alerts and re-stocking calculations.

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $20.00/mo.


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