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How much money are you losing to fraud?

We change that number to zero.

Eye4Fraud's powerful software allows you to accept

  • every single order
  • from anywhere in the world
  • with zero risk.

Too many ecommerce merchants lose thousands of dollars each month to chargebacks, declined good orders, or employees who spend *hours* on manual review.

We exist to eliminate all that — and we've done it successfully for over a decade.


  1. Your customer places an order.
  2. Our software — powered by sophisticated machine learning — instantly verifies it.
  3. If the order is flagged as suspicious, it gets bumped to a team specialist who does a manual review.

Nearly 100% of orders are approved instantly. The rest are manually verified within hours.

We made a mistake? It's on us. We take 100% responsibility. If you shipped an order and it was fraudulent, we pay for it.

This 100% guaranteed fraud protection means that you will

  • capture every good order
  • sell internationally without risk
  • never pay for a chargeback again.


  • Highest approval rate. No other fraud company approves more orders, period.
    • Our approval rate for low-risk items: 99.7%
    • Our approval rate for high-risk items: 98.6%
  • Oldest and most established. We are one of the nation's oldest and most trusted fraud detection firms. Since 2012, we've approved $300,000,000,000+ worth of orders for 3000+ ecommerce sellers, with a retention rate of 99%.
  • Dedicated account manager. You will never have to create a ticket, or talk to a bot. If you have a question, or need time-sensitive help, expect a same-day response from a (human) account manager who knows you personally.
  • Phone orders too. We verify and approve phone orders too, with a 90%+ approval rate.
  • $0.00 setup in 2 minutes or less. No setup fees, no headaches, no lengthy process.

Just a single-click integration with your BigCommerce shopping cart. Give it a test drive with a 21-day free trial.


Pricing works on a percentage model: we take a small percentage of the processing total. The exact percentage depends on your item list price & sales volume.


Scroll to the top of this page and click the GET APP button.

You'll be able to install the app and complete setup immediately.

If you have any questions, reach out to

A friendly human will contact you within 2 business hours (yep, hours ... not days).

You can also reach us instantly at (844) 298-2320.

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  • Custom Price:
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