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Bigcommerce + ShippingEasy = the right combination for easy, fast, inexpensive shipping

Bigcommerce syncs automatically with ShippingEasy, downloading all your order details in seconds assigning shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No copy and paste. No manual updates. Order and tracking status is automatically sent back to Bigcommerce along with tracking confirmation emails sent to customers.

Get the lowest available rates on USPS postage

With ShippingEasy you will always get the lowest available rates from USPS (Commercial Plus Pricing), and sometimes even lower rates through our proprietary Flat Rate Green shipping service.

Savings example:

Priority Mail 2lb. Package to Zone 3 - Retail: $7.15 - Commercial Plus: $5.96

Medium Flat Rate Box - Retail: $13.45 - Commercial Plus: $11.60

Flat Rate Green vs Priority Mail, 4lb Package to Zone 5 –Commercial Plus: $10.34 – FRG: $7.98

Save time fulfilling orders

Simplify the painful shipping process and get orders fulfilled faster:

  • FREE plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month (free 30 day trial available for higher volume plans)
  • Immediate access to lowest available USPS postage rates
  • MULTI-CARRIER SHIPPING from a single screen: UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS labels generated within the app
  • Streamlined order fulfillment with BATCH processing and print functionality
  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS
  • REAL TIME UPDATES back to your Bigcommerce store, including shipping status and tracking numbers
  • 1 CLICK RETURNS using original shipment settings and PDF straight to your customer for easy print and send
  • Easy processing of NON-STORE ORDERS for those originating outside your store (eg markets, retail store)
  • Boost your customers' shopping experience
  • Robust shipping features give you more options for customers, including:
  • Automatically email your customer a tracking # when it's created
  • Offer pay-on-use labels that you can include in your shipment for simple returns that are only charged if used
  • Beautiful customized packing slips, branded and in color, or print packing slips on 4"x6" shipping labels
Inventory Management Tool Now Available

On top of offering best in class shipping fulfillment, ShippingEasy now offers an Inventory Management tool that will help manage the pain of managing stock across multiple selling platforms.

  • Two way stock syncing to your Bigcommerce store and other online selling platforms like Amazon
  • Create, send, update purchase orders. Auto-populate new purchase orders
  • Supplier management. Assign products to suppliers, manage contacts, payment terms, tax rates, and more.

ShippingEasy Support

We take support very seriously at ShippingEasy. We have our Austin based team ready to help with any problem and help you get set up.

  • Set-up and configuration for new paid accounts with a shipping specialist at a time convenient for you - no extra fee added
  • Unparalleled support from 7AM-7PM CST through email, phone, and chat for all paid accounts

Client Reviews (54)

Our company has been using this service and paying for the basic plan ($29 a month) but we get so many glitches and mistakes that it is not working anymore like it should. Due to the constant glitches our amazon account is getting dinged due to the fact that shippingeasy program fails to update the tracking info properly and on time. Poor customer service as well with no customer service or care.
Terrible experience about 1 month ago by
Had so much trying to understand it. And never did quite figure it out. Several times had charges from them that we shouldn't have had. But, because I didn't notice it withing 48hours, they refused to refund me. The most recent time there were multiple charges for an accounts that had been closed and they still didn't refund it. Small business, beware. Shippingeasy are literally crooks.
Huge Value to our Ecommerce Business about 1 year ago by
Shipping Easy has been a huge value to our business. It was fairly easy to integrate into our BC store, and they were helpful in getting us set up with our various sales channels and carrier accounts. Their customer service is off the charts! The control panel is user friendly. All orders from sales channels are in one place where we can easily print pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels. Shipping labels have the order number printed on it, which is very helpful in keeping things straight. You can even create custom shipments so we use Shipping Easy for all our shipping and mailings, not just orders. All customers that have supplied an email address are immediately notified with tracking info. You can even split orders into multiple shipments as needed. For USPS they partner with Endicia, who also has great customer service. With the savings on postage, Shipping Easy pretty much pays for itself.
VERY HAPPY! about 1 year ago by
We are very happy with this service. We have been using them for around a year now and it has streamlined our shipping process on both BigCommerce. But also Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. Will add more marketplaces as they come online. All in all its a wonderful addition to our handmade goat milk soap business.
Amazing App about 1 year ago by
Shipping easy has made shipping... easy! everything is automatically imported, and all that really needs to be done, is pay for postage. Hands down, my favorite shipping program!
No way to contact support about 1 year ago by
Tried to get back into my account but says it is canceled. Tried to create a new account, but says my email address is already in use (apparently on the canceled account). Tried to contact support, but it is just one circle of links that lead you back to your starting point. You never actually get to the point of being able to contact them. Please feel free to contact me at
Great Integration over 3 years ago by Nabeel Mulla

This is a fantastic way to ship from BigCommerce. It is like using without the monthly fee. This is the most useful BC integrated app.

LOVE THEM over 3 years ago by

I have been using this for almost a year. Fast customer service and consistent shipping! Also their insurance for packages works well too. 

Great product over 3 years ago by

We have been using Shipping Easy for a couple months and were are very pleased. We are using the free version and it still meets our needs. Would recommend for anyone starting out. As we grow we will likely upgrade to a paid version.

JUST WHAT I NEED over 3 years ago by

Great App! Easy to use and available for starter stores that ship less than 50 products per month!

No support over 3 years ago by

Added to my BigCommerce website and it does not bring in my orders.  I emailed them and they said they will not support me.

Love it! over 3 years ago by

I am using Shipping Easy with my Big Commerce store and I love it! It makes printing my orders 10x faster and it's easy to check order status from the shipment history page. I love that it also sends shipment notifications to my customers with the tracking #. The only issue I've encountered so far is the "order status" does not update when I change things manually on the Big Commerce side. Other than that it works perfectly!

Poor service over 3 years ago by

Was not able to set up account and no one was able to assist.   Very poor customer service and that is even before I was able to get started.    Will Check out other services like or just stay with

No Brainer by Jay
Prior to Shipping Easy, I was inputting all orders in manually. I don't know why I didn't sign up sooner. Not only has it greatly saved time, it is a lot easier to compare shipping rates between my carriers so I am always sure I am getting the lowest rates.
Great app and service by Jennifer
I have tried another shipping app for my wordpress site and it blows. I can't wait for shippingeasy to integrate with it. Shippingeasy makes shippingsoeasy, just open and it's self explanatory. Integrates with my bigcommerce store seamlessly. I have never had a problem with it. I love that it emails my customer a confirmation with tracking numbers too!!! This saves me sooooo much time and money. Love it!!! I also really love that it's free if you're just starting out. The free version has everything I need, I am expanding soon though and it's great they have so many plan options to upgrade. Customer service is excellent, they reply to my e-mails super fast!
The Best In The Business by Gary Martin
ShippingEasy is without question one of the best multi-carrier shipping tools on the market that integrates with your e-commerce store (We use BigCommerce). It has worked flawlessly since we installed it and provides direct support for all major shipping carriers and offers discounted postage rates right out of the gate. ShippingEasy plays an important role in the daily operation of the online portion of our businesses. It downloads our orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and seamlessly updates the online status of each order. It also allows manual orders to be added and returns are a snap. When we have run into a problem or have had a question regarding the use of the software this is where ShippingEasy excels above all others, the customer service/support is second to none it is probably the only company I have called were they actually talk to you when you call the first time and actually are willing to answer your questions and fix any problem you may have. If you are looking for a extremely feature rich, robust Shipping System than look no further because you have just found it. Take your e-commerce to the next level and get ShippingEasy. We did and we could not be happier. Just ask my shipping department!
Adding manual orders by Phil Burgess
Thanks for the improvements on the manual address order page. Much quicker and saving me a lots of time on our "call-in" orders and "mail orders". Shipping Easy is always helpful with any problems you may have. Keep up the Good Work!
Easy Shipping by Brad
Very impressed with using shippingeasy. The customer service has been great and the software works great with our needs. We had been using Stoneedge Order manager for years and had to manually update our big commerce order status one order at a time because that information was never linked. When I found out Shippingeasy automatically updated the order status in bigcommerce it was a game changer for us. It has enabled us to cut down on the amount of time we were spending shipping to focus on other areas of our business. I enjoy working with what seems to be a smaller company because they work hard for your business and roll out new features on a regular basis. I would give six stars for Shippingeasy if I could.
Fast and Easy. Incredible Customer Service. by James
I have never used a shipping service before, and I just signed up a month ago with shippingeasy. What a huge time saver! It is really easy to use, and was equally easy to learn how to use. Customer service even called me and did a phone training to help me know the in's and out's. I wouldnt say it is a big money saver (because of their special rates (which are huge savings)) but it saves a ton of time, and therefore saves me money. I would suggest shippingeasy to anyone.
Seamless Integration, Outstanding Service - 5 Stars! by Nature's Happiness
ShippingEasy has helped us exceptionally well with our shipping fulfillment especially as our sales have increased, saving us time and money with the discounted shipping rates. Our account is seamlessly integrated with our website and multiple online marketplaces, cutting the time spent on processing shipments down by more than half. Allowing us much more time to spend catering to our own customers as they do for us. The customer service that we receive is outstanding and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, answering our questions in a matter of moments. Running an online store can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but ShippingEasy compares shipping providers and rates to make sure that we are always receiving the right kind of shipment at the lowest price possible. ShippingEasy also makes it incredibly simple to find and track orders, refund shipments, and even create customer return labels!
The Best! by Katie B.
I absolutely love using ShippingEasy for my shipping needs. It’s what the name says, easy! I’ve been with them for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. The program is super easy to use, saves me a ton of time processing all my orders, and is very easy to navigate. Support has been a pleasure to deal with and has always been very efficient in resolving any issues I’ve had. I’m a customer for life and I would highly recommend this company to others.
Worth every penny! by Brenda B.
We've been using ShippingEasy for over a year now and we absolutely love their service. We rarely need to contact Customer Support (because everything is always working fine) but in the rare instance that we do, their response times are excellent! And they always have the answer. They are always improving their services offered because they listen to their customers. In fact, they ask for, and then provide, our service requests. If only other companies would provide such amazing service. Thank you for all you do! You've made our lives a lot easier!
"Best Business Service Award" by Camille Apicella
Okay, so we have used Shipping Easy over a year now, and we can honestly say that they are by far our absolute favorite company to work with! Not just shipping management company, but ANY company that we use in conjunction with our business. Hands down easiest to use, integrate and they work on updates that actually helped us. So many times companies work on updates that we don't want! We just hear the word update and we cringe as business owners. However, Shipping Easy updates are the ones we actually need. Since our last review 8 months ago, they now manage ALL of our eCommerce platforms; Big Commerce, Amazon and now Etsy too! It took me all of 15 seconds, seriously, 15 seconds to integrate Shipping Easy with Etsy. We look forward to continue working with them ;-) P.S. Also awesome customer service too!
Great app by Lynn
The customer service is very good. The app has a multitude of positive points - from discounted postage and easily added tracking numbers to the reports available to be run.
Excellent Customer Service by Weldon
We had an issue with billing and the customer service team resolved it right away, in a very courteous and professional manner. They responded very quickly to our emails and gave us updates through the whole process until the problem was resolved.
Very easy to use. by Robert
I've been shipping on my ecommerce site for a few months now. I recently integrated my amazon to shipping easy and it made it so much easier! Before using shipping easy, printing out amazon labels took me hours. After less than 10 minutes. It's really amazing what a difference this makes. Not only that they offered me a same price I was paying before I integrated amazon.
I was attached to, but... by John Everett
I was reluctant to try another shipping service, we have been with for years, but we are very happy with ShippingEasy. We kept our account too, now we can both do postage at the same time, and get down to the post office before the neighborhood kids get out of school and clog up the roads. The software is intuitive and easy to use. It saves us time every day, but the better rates on many of our shipments also leaves us with a net savings on shipping every month. We only use USPS, we get good savings on Parcel and Priority, and especially express mail, we saved about nine bucks on one shipment recently. I recommend trying it for a few months and then crunching the numbers.
Awesome Service! by Kristie
I started using shipping easy the first part of August, and it has been amazing! User friendly. The customer service has been so great, every time I call I receive immediate help and always a friendly voice on the other end (Arielle). I use to have to type all my labels by hand now with a few clicks I have my label printed and ready! I also love the new UPS add on. Wonderful company and service. Couldn't be happier.
Simply.. Simple! by Caleb Porzio
Shippingeasy has saved me hours of work/day. It is easy to setup, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Also, their customer service is the best I've ever dealt with (seriously: no operator, no waits, no computer, ... Just real (normal) people!)
Perfect for a new store by Gabe
They offer the free plan and allow you to ship up to 50 shipments per month. This is perfect for our new ecommerce sites. It's easy to use and they're adding more features all the time. Customer service is not only easy to get a hold of but they call you and offer to answer any questions after you sign up.
Pointless if you shipping first class by Lauren
I was so excited to use this because I need a way to ship first class international from home but I didn't have enough international orders to go with , so I read this one could let me send up to 50 per month (I get maybe 0-1 international packages a month or sometimes none at all) .. the Starter Plan gives the illusion that you can use everything but you really can't.I saw my order and thought it was going to be easy like a Paypal label but it told me I need to add a sub so I added this Express1 which only provides Priority/Express Mail but no first class not even domestic. That makes it pointless because if I wanted to do priority/expressing I could still do that on Paypal or even the USPS website at a discounted rate (ex: 1.69 for 3oz package on Paypal vs. $2.75 if I went to the post office-- but I don't even care about getting a discounted rate I just wanted to not have to go the post office so much). And if I wanted Endicia then I would have just gone with Endicia. Whats worst is I read here and other places that they use to offer this for Starter Plans before some upgrade earlier this year that took away all first class options (without a subscription). So I will be cancelling my account.
Great Software with Great Customer Service by Brad
We have tried many apps using BigCommerce and this one is our favorite. We save time and money using Shipping Easy website. They have great customer service and are always eager to talk to me about improving their services. Thank you for making our life easier and with less mistakes, Shipping Easy. Brad
Customer Support by Phil Burgess
As Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty would say...I am Happy, Happy, Happy with shipping Easy. When calling for Technical Support, you don't have to push 1 to listen in Spanish, or 2 if you know your party's extension, or 3 to give them you Mother's maiden name. Just right to a REAL person to help you. Kudos to Samantha Caplan, you guys are the best. Just wish I had found you sooner!
Best Shipping Site EVER! by Jose Coira
I want to thank Shipping Easy for literally being the easiest and most productive user friendly shipping service there is. Let me start off by mentioning the agent that helped me, Arielle, she was so kind, professional and informative that it made my life so much simpler and easier. Best customer service agent I have ever dealt with in my many years in the industry. So MAJOR pros to her. The shipping app is super user friendly and almost reminds me of a mac based product, very simple to set up your shipping providers. Order process is swift and lets you group as batches if you have many similar shipments. I switched from Ship Station because your platform was better and easier! Again thank you Shipping Easy for saving me money, making my life simpler, and providing me with 5 star world class customer service!
Excellent Value and Very Responsive Customer Support! by BRenda
We've tried other shipping services but have been dissatisfied for one reason or another. When we heard about Shipping Easy, we were skeptical. I wish we wouldn't have waited so long to sign up. What we save in postage each month more than covers the fee. The time it saves pays for the service 10 times over. And if you have a question, a real, live person answers the phone and finds the answer - quickly! We couldn't be happier! Thank you! Your service is amazing!
Outstanding Company! by Amy
Our fairly new online store started using Shipping Easy soon after they launched. Their customer service has always been great and I would highly recommend them for all your shipping needs. They always welcome input on how they can improve your shipping experience and are updating to great new features on a regular basis. Whenever I call and ask a question I am warmly greeted and they never get off the phone until they are sure all my questions and concerns are addressed and answered. We also save quite a bit of money with their commercial plus pricing which makes it even sweeter! I am very happy with Shipping Easy and want to say thank you to all the staff for making my life a bit easier every day. Amy
Saving time & Money by Kim
I had seen this app before, but it wasn't until I received a call from one of the reps that I took an interest. She was able to explain how everything worked and how I can save time and money. She was totally right on both counts. I already had an Endicia account and was printing labels from both Endicia and Pay*** depending on where the order came from. With the integration with Bigcommerce, it streamlined it even more since they export the addresses, then post the tracking number back to Bigcommerce once the label is printed. Soooo easy ... To give you an idea of their customer service level. The day I printed my first label, I realized the label type I had didn't match up with where the label printed. I called the customer service guy who set up my account and within 3 days, they had added my label type as a default. Now if that isn't customer service, I don't know what is. I'm not saying there haven't been bumps in the road. But for every problem, they have quickly and graciously jumped on it and solved my issue as fast as they possibly could. I have no plans to sever my relationship with ShippingEasy any time in the future. I'm excited for the plans they have upcoming in the near future and know they are a company worth doing business with. FYI: If you already have an Endicia account and decide to merge with your ShippingEasy account, make sure the ShippingEasy account rep shoots an email over to Endicia so they can change your account status to "ELS Label Server Customer". If not, Endicia will continue to charge you the monthly rate. Thanks ShippingEasy!
Awesome Shipping Manager! by Camille
I started using Shipping Easy about 6 months ago. I had tried a few other shipping systems but they were so hard to integrate. Shipping Easy was sooooo easy it automatically synced to our Big Commerce store and I was creating labels within minutes! Their customer service is wonderful. They even gave me their direct tech email which is constantly monitored. I gave them 5 stars because they deserve it, but there are two updates which I REALLY need. The first is integrating with Amazon Seller Central. The second is a scan sheet for our postal delivery person who has to manually scan each and every package instead of just 1 bar code scan for the entire daily shipment, so I end up driving to the PO myself. Hope to see these updates soon ;-)
Appropriately Named! by Nathan Reznicek
Before using ShippingEasy, we were bound to monotonously copying and pasting addresses from BigCommerce to another shipping program. Now we can do it all in one place. Synch to BigCommerce, print invoices, fill orders and print all labels...BAM...job done, Miller-time, lets have a cold one. We now breeze through one-hundred order days in a fraction of the time it use to take. I actually had a police officer drop by and ask me if I knew how fast I was going. Can you believe that? In conclusion, this is a great program, there are a few things that need to be changed but there is a very responsive staff behind this godsend and I have already received a hand-full of emails explaining additions and bug fixes that addressed some of the concerns I had. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves still using ShippingEasy years from now. Thanks guys and gals!
SImple, effective, saves us so much time!! by Alishaw Shaw
We've tried multiple shipping options and have finally found our shipping soul-mate in Shipping Easy!! They listen to all our needs and have implemented many of them in subsequent releases. We especially love how it talks to our Big Commerce store by updating order status, adding tracking numbers and then the big commerce system takes care of the rest by emailing our clients and keeping us on track. Shipping Easy's relationship with postal carriers has saved us money with every transaction. So we are saving time, money and headache because of Big Commerce and Shipping Easy.
A Great tool for Small Business by Scott Price
The ShippingEasy app has freed up shipping time and with the discounted postage rate has increased our margins. As a small, family-run business, we're always looking for tools that will help us compete in the marketplace; often, these tools are out of our price range. I'm happy to say ShippingEasy is a tool that solved a small business problem with a big business solution and did so affordably. I wish we had found it earlier.
Quick and easy by Ben Piersma
I was looking for a shipping solution that would integrate with my BC store and shipping easy is the way to go! Excellent customer service and easy to use and learn...what more could you ask for!
Incredible customer service! by Shelly Ray
I have never worked with a company that has such great customer service and truly listens to what their customers say. It has been a pleasure working with them on this update. Usually companies don't want to hear what 's wrong with their program, these guys welcome feedback. Very easy to use and they have addressed all of the issues that I was having. Such a time saver for me. It has certainly made my 'shipping easy'!
Simply The Best by Herb
Don't waste time looking for other shipping solutions, Shipping Easy is fantastic. Our company changed over to them about 6 months ago and there is no looking back. Their features are state of the art, their menus are intuitive, but then comes the customer service, if you even need it! No long waits on the phone, untrained staff, and lack of answers. As a "non" techy, I must admit that I am a bit challenged, however the INCREDIBLE team at Shipping Easy has taught me so much, has been so patient, and I can't thank them enough!
Wow what a time savings by Pete
We recently transferred some of our shipping to Shipping Easy and wow what a time saving for our shipping departments. The training and customer service were excellent. Our team had several questions and these we answered quickly and the resolutions were explained in an easy to understand way. We are immediately benefiting from considerable time savings, previously we have had to manually enter shipping addresses in to our system. With the implementation of Shipping Easy this is unnecessary as is confirming in BC if an item is shipped. The system does this automatically. We look forward to the roll out of further updates and additional features. We have heard that these are being worked on. The program is MAC compatible too.
Best Shipping Service after trying Many!! by Ryan
We recently made the switch to ShippingEasy for our site and have really enjoyed the product. Since the update it has only gotten better! The new User Interface and beautiful design are perfect! The customer service is also top notch! When they launched the latest version, we received a call to see if everything was working correctly or if we had any questions. This is awesome!! We are very pleased with this service and would highly recommend to any other e-commerce store.
Easy Shipping with Super Customer Service by Paul
Came from Shipping Easy makes shipping very easy. Best customer service on the planet !
For people looking to save time, not money by Dissatisfied Shipping Dude
ShippingEasy is very easy to set up and very easy to use, just so long as you don't mind paying extra for shipping. When you first sign up there are, for example, First Class Mail options available without paying for another service but after a while the only first class mail options require paying a monthly service fee to Encidia or funding an Express1 account (which is another version of Encidia). I signed up for Shipping Easy because I wanted to be able to save money and ship First Class Mail packages. When ShippingEasy stopped offering me First Class Mail options I funded an Express1 account only to find that I can't use it to ship First Class either, so now I would have to sign up an pay for an Encidia account for First Class Mail. What is more I can save money shipping Priority Mail simply using BigCommerce accounts for a teeny tiny fraction of our sales; the rest come from other distribution channels so I am finding that ShippingEasy is not worth the hassle for us. However, some sellers may find that paying ShippingEasy and Encidia--not to mention Express1--is worthwhile for the streamlined ease of making labels as long as they don't mind being nickeled and dimed every time they turn around. I realize that they need to make their money somehow but I am not impressed. ---- Response from ShippingEasy: We are disappointed that we weren’t transparent enough in terms of the rates that we are able to share with our customers . The introduction of version 2 on April 8th seems to have caused some confusion and we apologize. The rates available through ShippingEasy for USPS are Commercial Base pricing and Commercial Plus pricing – which are granted by USPS to a select group of providers. We work with 2 such providers: Express1 and Endicia. Express 1 tends to have the best rates on all but a few service types (First Class Mail and International Flat rates boxes are two such exceptions) and is included FREE in all ShippingEasy plans. They do not charge us a monthly service fee so we pass on the full discounts to our customers. Endicia, on the other hand, charge us $15.95 per customer for access to their rates. We waive this fee in full for ALL of our paid plans. However, for the Starter account (FREE), we are unable to ignore the hard cost to our business and thus pass this on to accounts not paying for our solution. We do not add any fees to this charge whatsoever and simply facilitate an easy sign up for those customers that require certain services that Endicia specialize in. Many of our customers prefer Priority Mail flat rate and regional rates and thus do not require an Endicia account at all. We offer it for those that will benefit from Endicia’s rates – but unlike our competitors, we do not force it or bundle it. It’s your choice! Again, we’re terribly sorry about the confusion associated with the upgrade. We’re here to help and will happily work with you to help resolve the issue or recommend a provider that is better suited to your needs. Please go to to learn how to contact ShippingEasy - we're here to take your call and assist our customers with all their shipping needs.
Our experience with ShippingEasy by Shandor Collins
We started using ShippingEasy about a month ago and WOW what a difference. I thought that the only way to print our shipping labels was to use the horrid P***al service or Click N Ship. Integration into BigCommerce was a breeze and also integrating it into Ebay was easier. It is also an added benefit to get emails about updates and improvements to the service. We now use this for EVERYTHING from International First Class and Express to Regular USA mail. The cost is very minimal and the discounts are well worth it if you ship a lot of packages like we do. I cant wait until they add UPS and FedEx which is right around the corner! The biggest benefit for us was that we had an old Zebra LP-2844 which was incompatible with Click N Ship and P***al. But it works flawlessly with Shipping Easy WHOOOO! Don't delay any more and for goodness sake don't continue to print and hand tape your labels like we were. I highly recommend this product (make sure you buy a label printer) for any business that wants professional printed labels with discounted postage. Very happy so far and I would give it 10 stars if I could.
Great Customer Service by Myles Bergeron
I started using shipping easy a month or so ago and have been pleasantly surprised. They had a few small details that I would have liked to change, told them about it, and very shortly they called me back letting me know the changes had been made. I am still waiting on them to get UPS integrated with their system and they say it shouldn't be much longer. Overall I am very satisfied with this program and would recommend them to anyone.
Excellent App & Outstanding Customer Support by Justin Frechette
Prior to using BigCommerce, our e-commerce site was hand managed - all static pages, no shipping integration, all manual. When we decided to take our site to BigCommerce, having a shipping integration was a key feature. After finding ShippingEasy, we've never been happier! The integration with BigCommerce is flawless, the continuous updates is amazing, the support is readily available and outstanding. We are 110% satisfied using ShippingEasy for our shipping needs and look forward to mutual success!
Awsome by James Williams
I wanted to change my feedback to reflect more accurately my experience with shipping easy. I originally left negative feedback because when I tried my first shipment i had no access to First class options. So I cancelled it and left feedback sharing my experience. One day later a rep called me and walked me through a shipping transaction and I realized the company is GREAT and it was my errors that kept me from getting first class options. They are so helpful and nice,.
Amazing service ! by Rani
I just started using "shippingeasy" a week ago. So easy to use and very user friendly application. Over the phone they integrated my Bigcommerce store and my shipping process became so easy...They charges 9 dollars, but within two days I got that and more saving by using discounted USPS rates through their website. I really more cut and paste and making mistakes. They saved me a ton of time and money. Too bad they don't have the Amazon store integration yet. I am waiting for it... Very good customer support - they called me back promptly when I ran into a problem.... Thanks, For
Revised Review by Neil Quan
Shippingeasy is really responsive to input for its users. After I reviewed some of its pros and cons, an agent got in touch with me right away and informed me that they were going to implement new features that address my concerns. Now THAT'S service! Ive upgraded my review of their service by a star, because of how they address concerns and issues. These new changes have yet to be finished and go live, but if this kind of response is any indication of their overall service, it may signal a long relationship as my business grows.