Searchanise - Smart Search & Instant Search

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  • Search suggestions, live product previews, search autocomplete
  • Search through products, categories, and content pages, including blog posts
  • Live price and in-stock status
  • Spellcheck and typo correction
  • Mobile friendly

Full-Text Search Results

  • Results from products, collections, and pages
  • Unlimited number of customizable filters: price, availability, vendor, product type, tags and etc.
  • Filters by colours and sizes
  • Category-based filters
  • "Did you mean" suggestions if nothing is found
  • Modern design that fits in any storefront
  • Optimized for mobile devices


  • Customize with built-in style editor and raw CSS
  • Hide products by in-stock status or tag
  • Edit or translate labels
  • Add banners and custom HTML into the instant search widget

More than Just Search

  • Track campaign effectiveness
  • Keyword-based redirects
  • Synonym dictionary
  • See the value of suggested products
  • Product merchandising
  • Navigation through product collections

Cross-platform and multi-lingual

  • Optimized for desktops, phones, and tablets
  • Supports Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Cyrillic
  • Pure CSS and JS, no additional plugins required


  • One-click install, no need to edit templates
  • Real-time indexation to keep the search results up-to-date
  • Get detailed, visualized search history since the first day
  • Support for up to 100k products

Client Reviews (1)

Awesome search bar for a fair price! about 27 days ago by
I've actually been in contact with the developers for almost a year now begging them to bring this to bigcommerce after an awesome experience on a shopify based website. The main competitor for this product charges a ridiculous $250 or more for the same basic functionality... Smart Search & Instant Search (searchanise) support for both bigcommerce and shopify has always been very responsive and they always follow up a few days later to make sure everything is continuing to work as expected. If my opinion ever changes in the future you'd better believe I'll be updating my review but as of right now I couldn't be happier with Smart Search & Instant Search (better known as searchanise)! Bottom line - If you hate money, use the other guys. If you like saving money, switch to searchanise and never look back!