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✓ Grow your social media following on any platform with eye-catching custom icons.

✓ Customize color, size, and shape of your social icons.

✓ Add effects to make your icons pop and generate more clicks.

Link to all of your social profiles, from to Facebook and Xing.

  • Official icons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and 50+ other social sites.
  • Fully customize the look of your icons: choose background and fill color, use square or round icons, adjust the size of icons, add hover effects, and display icons horizontally or vertically on your page.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.

Premium features:

  • Upload custom icons to link to any site.
  • Add animation effects to your icons to generate more clicks and grow your following more effectively.
  • Unlock premium features in other POWr apps, such as Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing page conversion. (Full list, here:

Why users love Social Media Icons:

"I like how many different options it gives you for platforms. Keep up the good work!" - Digital By Design

See Social Media Icons in action on a user site:

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If you have any questions or need help getting Social Media Icons up and running, we're here to help! Please visit our Help Center at for tips, support, and answers to common questions.

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