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Trustpilot integrates with your BigCommerce store to automatically trigger review request emails to your customers after purchasing, and our library of beautiful widgets allows you to showcase them on your website to build trust and boost conversion rates.

You'll also find useful features to help you manage and respond to reviews, analyze trends and identify strengths and weaknesses in your service.

Your reviews are fed to search engines like Google and Bing to update your Google Seller Rating, which improves your visibility in search engines and online ads.

100,000+ businesses already use Trustpilot. Isn't it time you joined them?

Why Trustpilot?

  • It's free!
  • Automatic review invites save you time and money
  • Give visitors confidence by showing reviews
  • Turn confidence into customers - watch those visitors become sales!
  • Display your reviews on your site with Trustpilot's customisable widgets
  • Respond to your reviews to keep customers happy

Start collecting reviews right now, completely free!

Client Reviews (2)

Great Experience 4 months ago by
TrustPilot has worked phenomenally well for securing customer reviews, and allowing customers to give honest feedback. As a small company with limited transaction volume, reviews have come in faster than I anticipated. I was able to use a Trustpilot widget with the free version, contrary to other reviewers. After using the the free version for a couple of months, I switched to the paid. Yes it costs money, but it's competitively priced. Customer service was helpful in the setup process and haven't really needed help since because the control panel is very functional.
Surprise!! 12 months ago by
Signed up for TrustPilot because it said it was free, and I could invite customers to review my product and show those reviews. A bit misleading. Want to show those reviews on your website? Oh, THAT's not free. Change your mind about being a TrustPilot user after you read the fine print? Too bad, they won't delete your account. I thought at least I could just turn of the review invitations to your such luck. As far as I can tell, I'll need to keep logging in and cancelling invitations. NOT HAPPY. Make sure you REALLY REALLY want to use them before you sign up.