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Brightpearl is an omnichannel retail management platform streamlining inventory management, order control and fulfilment, contact relationship management and accounting - all under one roof, delivering automation, lowering costs, and returning superior results.

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About Brightpearl

Brightpearl provides real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU, channel, customer purchase behaviour and more. Armed with these insights and the confidence that comes from knowing their core operations are under control, retail businesses can focus on what they love - merchandising and growing their business.Brightpearl helps retail businesses to grow, faster.Let us show you how to be better retailers.

Client Reviews (4)

Professional in Every way 7 months ago by
We cant work without Brightpearl now. Raising purchasing orders to accounting and dispatching ll under one roof now. We recommend Brightpearl to anyone who sell multi platform. Staff is very helpful on first setup and everything works great. We had no problem with server and system.
Easy Peasy integration 7 months ago by
We love Brightpearl, it has revolutionsed our stock control and day to day running of our business. The integration with Big Commerce was so easy and straight forward it was done in just a few clicks! The Brightpearl software is very easy to use, with everything you need. There are lots of useful "how to" You Tube clips if you need a hand. The telephone support is first class too. Recommended to all!! :)
Easy integration 8 months ago by http:///
BrightPearl is an easy to install, easy to use fulfillment solution that integrates well with BigCommerce. It supports multi-channel and multi-warehouse inventory, which is handy, and provides excellent customer support. They regularly engage with customers about developments to the software, and are clearly interested in developing their offering to support customers needs. Definitely recommend using, if you are not already!
Great Value 10 months ago by Erik Paulson