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10 successful entrepreneurs share their favorite advice for selling online

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Are you launching a new store or trying to take your business to the next level? We recently asked some of our clients to share their best tips for fellow entrepreneurs on how to sell online — successfully. Here’s what 10 successful store owners had to say from optimization to data to social media.

1. Focus on these three fundamentals

wedding chicks banner

“Quality product, great imagery and good shop navigation.”

Amy Zawacki Squires, Wedding Chicks

2.  Optimize your design

“Work on a simple, clean and professional look that will be pleasing to your customers — make shopping with you an easy and pleasant experience.

Dan Bazis, CrunchDaddy Popcorn

3. Bring your products to life

fluff it marshmallows 2

“Well photographed images of your product make a huge impact on potential customers. Provide images that allow them to ‘experience’ your product online.”

Hazel Arce, Fluff It Marshmallows

4. Leverage data in your decisions

“Measure everything.”

Sean Dawes, Rocket Dove (pictured above)

5.  Build relationships with influencers

bic bands

“We really, really like bloggers for our niche store. So if you’ve got a niche product, don’t be afraid to reach out to the community of bloggers that suit your product. Offer them samples and let them know of your sales. They’ll get you free publicity, and their word will be a lot stronger with their readers than your own words ever will be!”

Sandy Pearson, BIC Bands

6. Ask for honest feedback

“Find a group of people who are going to tell you the truth.”

Jill Giuliano, Baby Gifts & Goodies

7. Connect with your customers

coastal playground

“Build a community around your products.”

Andrew Sneddon, Coastal Playground

8.  Always be selling

“Don’t get bogged down in social media… go out and talk to real people too!”

Greg McCarthy, National Engravers

9. Make buying easy

tortoise supply

“Streamline the purchasing process. Eliminate the barriers to entry and customer doubt.”

Tyler Stewart, Tortoise Supply

10. Enjoy the ride

“If you have fun your followers will have fun and will want to support you and your store. Make your sale about creating new relationships, not just making money or getting rid of extra inventory.”

Brad Irvin, Hippie Butter

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  • Thank you for sharing these great tips, about how to sell online. This blog post is very helpful for us.

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  • Thanks for the additional info Harry! To be fair, BigCommerce and out network of partners typically don’t recommend Magento. The cost of launching there is crazy high, as in ongoing development for customization. Here’s a quick calculator to help you visualize it:

  • harry Jack

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  • Anna

    easy to follow.. this is a great read.. we have a similar blog.. would you mind sharing ideas with me and exchange guest posts?email me:

  • Thank you Julie, that would be awesome. Feel free to contact us any time!

  • Such a generous offer Andrew, thank you! Also, love your store, hope we can feature Coastal Playground more in the future.

  • Don’t they look delicious? Finding awesome new stores is definitely a hazard of the job at Bigcommerce :)

  • Thanks for the feature guys, stoked! If anyone in the BC community has questions on how you “build a community around your products” feel free to contact me, would love to help!

  • Not only is this a great post. But I now have a new favorite online store. How did I live life not knowing about Fluff It marshmallows?!??!

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