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Are you still using QuickBooks, or Excel, or even worse…. a word processor to send your customers quotes?

With Quote Ninja, you have real-time access to your BigCommerce product data, with the ability to generate discounted quotes in a matter of seconds.

★★ Designed by a BigCommerce Store Owner for BigCommerce Store Owners. ★★

Fully Integrated w/ BigCommerce

  • Customers can submit single or multi-product quote requests direct from your product or cart page
  • You can generate quotes from our dashboard using your BC products
  • Create custom products on the fly. (Can be used seamlessly in BC checkout)
  • Send a discounted quote with a link for customer to checkout

Single Click Quote to Order

  • Sales Reps can easily convert a quote to an order with the click of a button.
  • No need for double data entry.

Seamless Customer Checkout from Quote

  • Quotes are sent with optional checkout link to allow them to load quote and complete purchase through your shopping cart.

No Extra Merchant Account or Payment Integration Necessary

  • We pass all info to and from your store

All your quotes in one dashboard

  • Multi-user support
  • Track the status of your quotes
  • See if/when quotes are opened and or clicked, and by who.

PDF Quote Creation & File Attachments

  • Easily send HTML quote with copy of quote in .pdf format attached.
  • Download / Save / Print your quote as .pdf
  • Store attachments with quotes for your own records
  • Store and email only selected attachments with quote

Support for Advanced Product Types

  • We support product options and custom fields.
  • Ability to Quote Hidden Products

Time Sensitive Quotes

  • Set a date for quotes/discounts to expire

Quote Conversion Tracking

  • If a customer uses the link from your quote, we'll track the conversion for you automatically

Custom Quote Templates

  • Save Unlimited Quote Templates.
  • Easily manipulate quote templates using our extensive list of variables.

Custom Shipping Override module available

  • Set a custom shipping rate to bill a customer and override your cart shipping

Out of Stock / Unavailable to Purchase Quote Requests

  • Add Quote Buttons to out of stock items or items set as unavailable to purchase

Mobile Optimized

  • Send quotes on the go
  • No app necessary

Emailed Notifications of New Quotes

International Support

  • Our request quote form, supports international quote requests
  • Send international quotes
  • We auto-detect your stores default currency
Starts @ $49.95 / month

Client Reviews (7)

Life Saver...literally. about 1 month ago by inf...com https://www.gtechfitness.com
I ran a search months back looking for an app like this that didn't exist at the time. I recently tried another search and found this app, so I thought I would give it a shot. Wow, this is exactly what my business needed. We do a lot of quotes and they can be time consuming. I was using another quote system where I constantly had to import updates to products, manually populate fields, etc. A quote that would normally take me 15-20 minutes can me done in a matter of minutes or even seconds with Quote Ninja, once everything is set up. This has freed up a lot of time and it's what I mean by "Life Saver". You get a bit of your life back! The customer service is top notch, fast, responsive, professional and friendly.
Great App & Great Support 5 months ago by cohort https://cohort.ca
From the moment I signed up for the trial on the weekend and Micah instantly hopped on their support chat to help me get started installing and configuring the QN app I was sold. Both Micah and John have been so helpful and have gone above and beyond getting things configured and customized for us. With Quote Ninja we can produce professional and winning quotes and drive our customers back through our Bigcommerce web site to complete their purchase vs. producing quotes and invoices in Xero.
Fantastic Product 7 months ago by mat...com https://glmdisplays.com/modulate-30ft-kit-01/
John and the staff at Quote Ninja are amazing. Being in a B2B market with larger ticket items, this a great addition for our web store. Not only does this save us time sending out quotes, it makes it much easier and faster for customer to compile a list and request a quote. I can't say enough for the actual team too. Their support and follow up is fast and effective. I highly recommend!! Matt
Quote Ninja Solved a BIG problem for Fence Guru 9 months ago by dal....au https://www.fenceguru.com.au
Many of our customers need a quote (often to present to other parties) before they buy, or they would like me to work out what they need and request a quote in a traditional way. I can easily create a quote using all the items in my shop. I can also apply further discounts or create custom products on the go. Once a customer receives the emailed quote, they can load the quote into the shopping cart by clicking one button and then proceed to checkout. The other feature is adding a 'request a quote' button next to every product on the website and also on the checkout page, so if a customer has questions they can request a quote instead of checking out. This is a great app and I highly recommend it. Dale - Fence Guru
Long Awaited Feature 10 months ago by Erik Paulson
VERY happy with this app. We saw instant results. It works great for phone quotes as well...giving the customer the option to checkout at their convenience. The service.support we received was top notch. HIGHLY recommend!!!!
Amazing App! 10 months ago by sal...com https://www.displayoverstock.com/
We've been searching for a seamless quoting solution for ages and were about to resort to building one ourselves until we came across these guys. Not only does the app work incredibly well, but the developers are very responsive and have been willing to work with us on small changes and suggestions as they come up. This app has everything a typical quote system in QuickBooks or a CRM is lacking: push-cart feature, seamless integration of products and option sets, order tracking, and so on. You can even add products and orders to BigCommerce directly from the quotes you generate. Pretty amazing. Highly recommend!
Wildly Exceeds Expectations about 1 year ago by ste...com http://eod-gear.com
Quote Ninja wildly exceeded our expectations! I was a bit hesitant due to no other reviews but after running by my Ops Officer, we decided to give it a try...and thrilled we did. Most of our business requires us to submit quotes and Quote Ninja just made our lives easier and gets our quotes super quick. Before we were using a spreadsheet with our logo. Now with Quote Ninja, our logo looks great, the thumbnail image from the catalog shows up next to the description and pricing is easy to adjust from the listed retail price. One of the great features that helps us, is when we quote something that is not listed in our catalog, the quote system automatically imports it for us. All we need to do is drop in an image and fine tune the listing. If you're sending quotes, do yourself a huge favor and install Quote Ninja! PS: Customer Service is awesome. The owner and technician have always been available for us via phone and email.